Bathroom Flowers

Bathroom Flowers

Bathroom flowers ideas

Flowers are an element that can beautify a room of any size, design, or purpose. They are fresh, aromatic and lively. On the other hand, bathroom decor is often an area that many struggle with. If you hit a wall with bathroom decor, there is still a great opportunity to brighten up the room with flowers. Creating flower arrangements for the bathroom doesn’t mean just throwing flowers in a vase, however. Decorating with bathroom flowers in mind is a little more difficult, but the end result is a much simpler, glamorous bathroom.

The challenges of the room itself do not always lend themselves to the growth of floral decor; Bathrooms don’t often get enough natural light for many popular plants, and the high humidity and warm temperatures that come with frequent hot water consumption make choosing the right bathroom flowers an investment. Fortunately, our designers have done their research and know firsthand what makes the perfect floral decor for bathroom. We asked our interior designers to look for clues that would make bathroom flowers effortless to upgrade a bathroom and for inspiration for visualizing bathroom flower decor ideas.


Orchid bathroom flowers

When peers mention bathroom flower ideas, chances are you’ll hear the orchids mentioned. Orchids often top the list of popular bathroom flowers for good reason. These vivid flowers have a tropical flair and, often found on luxury spas, they will make you feel like you’ve checked in on a luxury day.

Because of its long, elegant stems, an orchid is perfect for those looking to add modern bathroom flowers to add a little more contemporary feel to their space. And humid, warm conditions are the ideal environment for these fresh blooms to flourish as bathroom flowers. Our designers also suggest choosing varieties of orchids that are easiest to care for, such as Dendrobium, Paphiopedilums, and Phalaenopsis.


Begonia bathroom flowers

Begonias are another popular choice for modern bathroom flowers that our designers attribute to their vibrant colors. These seditious blooms thrive in most climates and enjoy bathing in sunlight when placed near a window. One problem some encounter when choosing bathroom flowers is choosing a flower that can tolerate copious amounts of sunlight without withering. This makes them the perfect choice for your bathroom floral decor.

Begonias actually hibernate in some climates, which means they enjoy the high humidity that often reigns in a bathroom. Since begonias come in a range of warm hues, our designers recommend creating flower arrangements for the bathroom to bring out the bright spectrum of colors to their fullest.

Peace lily

Peace Lily Bathroom Flowers

If you have a keen eye, you will find that most bathroom floral arrangements in hotels, spas, and other high-end areas often include the peace lily. Also for good reason – because the eye-catching white flower and the shiny leaves of the peace lily give every room an incomparable degree of elegance. Follow the lead of these luxury pioneers in sourcing options for your bathroom floral d├ęcor.

The peace lily is also an air purifier. Established by NASA, the peace lily not only acts as a floral decor for the bathroom, it can also purify the air in your room by filtering harmful toxins. Your guests will be fascinated by the gleaming white leaves of your bathroom flowers when you incorporate the peace lily, but they will also be confident that your bathroom is clean and hygienic. If you are thinking of bathroom flower ideas and are looking for a multipurpose plant, the peace lily may be the ideal choice for your bathroom flowers.


Azalea bathroom flowers

Its gorgeous color makes the azalea a popular choice for bathroom floral arrangements. This plant is the epitome of blooming, colorful blooms, and you can choose these bathroom flowers for a modern, stylish powder room.

But be aware that these dainty flowers require a little more care and attention. Make sure your bathroom flowers are watered regularly and live in a room that receives plenty of natural light. Azaleas also thrive in areas with high humidity, so you can take as many showers as you want.

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus bathroom flowers

With its prickly pleated look and growing popularity with millennials, each cactus is perfect for your bathroom floral decor, but it’s the Christmas cactus that can take your bathroom to another level of glamor. This type of cactus produces colorful blooms and can certainly add a unique, eclectic touch to your modern bathroom flowers.

As the name suggests, these bathroom flowers usually bloom around Christmas. Hence, when choosing your bathroom floral decor, you need to consider the time of year. When autumn comes, keep your Christmas cactus plant in a cool and sunny place until you see flower buds start to bloom.

Crown of thorns

Crown of thorns bathroom flowers

If you prefer a plant with minimal care when looking for bathroom floral decor ideas, the crown of thorns is the ideal option. These bathroom flowers can thrive on their own, making them a top choice for bathroom flower ideas that relate to a guest bathroom or a bathroom that is rarely used.

As long as you provide a crown of thorns with intense light and place it in a dry place, it can live with minimal effort. If you’re looking to spice up a guest bathroom that is rarely used, this is the place to go for a crown of thorns. It’s also easy to care for, and its brightly colored flowers will stay in full bloom for several weeks regardless of care.

Brazilian fireworks

brazilian fireworks bathroom flowers

The Brazilian fireworks display is another eye-catching choice for colorful floral decor ideas for bathrooms. Its memorable name comes from the lifespan of its flowers; In late spring and summer, the plant produces deep red flowers that soon turn to lavender. This creates a vivid explosion of colors.

As the flowers fade, it shoots its little black seeds across the room, just like the fireworks it shares its namesake with. For bathroom flowers, these are a visual marvel, even when flowering is slow, as their leaves – interrupted by silver markings – stay on all year round.

Cape primrose

Bathroom flowers decoration ideas

The Cape Primrose, also called Streptocarpus, blooms profusely and almost continuously as long as it is in the right conditions. These modern bathroom flowers come in over a hundred different varieties and colors, from lavender to pink and red, often with contrasting shades of yellow or white.

These beautiful flowers are often used in bathroom floral arrangements, just like their cousin, the African violet.


Gloxinia bathroom flowers

Gloxinia blooms in late winter or early spring. The plant’s 3 inch wide variegated flowers make them a great addition to bathroom floral arrangements. These bathroom flowers prefer high humidity and warm temperatures, making them the perfect choice for your bathroom.

They also don’t require a lot of care and maintenance, but they do try to keep water off the foliage to prevent stains from developing on their leaves.

Lipstick plant

Lipstick plant bathroom flowers

If you need inspiration for flowers in the bathroom, our designers recommend hanging a lipstick plant in a stylish holder. This plant is known for its arched stems with bright red, showy flowers that dangle from the branch.

The tubular flowers can easily make your bathroom stand out. And since these bathroom flowers bloom sporadically all year round, you can leave them hanging regardless of the season.

Ivy plant

Ivy bathroom flowers

Ivy’s are another plant recommended by NASA for their air-purifying properties. Although they don’t produce flowers, you can add them along with other brightly colored flowers to make beautiful flower arrangements for the bathroom. In addition to purifying the air, the ivy plant also helps keep your bathroom hygienic and clean by preventing mold from growing.

If your bathroom has limited space, our designers recommend placing the plant on a ledge. You can also grow ivy in a hanging basket that allows the leaves to run down elegantly. This is a great idea for bathroom wall decor flowers.


Bathroom flowers

If you prefer the unique flair of a tropical houseplant, the philodendron is a great choice for modern bathroom flowers. This plant has healthy green leaves, making it the first choice for those looking for bathroom floral decor ideas.

Because these plants thrive in locations with moderate light intensity, the leaves of the philodendron will turn yellow when the light becomes too intense. And while this sturdy plant won’t produce flowers, you can combine it with other brightly colored flowers for an adorable bathroom flower decor. Place the plant in places in your bathroom that are frequently splashed with water, as high humidity can encourage the lush and shiny foliage to grow.

Easier management of alternatives

If the bathroom flower ideas pictured above aren’t what you want, or if they’re too difficult to manage, we’ve also considered the best alternatives that are easier to maintain, yet beautiful to boot. Discover these clever alternatives, from placing artificial plants in a vase of flowers in the bathroom to succulents that require virtually little to no maintenance.


Bathroom flowers eucalyptus

With a uniform coloration and easily adjustable stems, eucalyptus stems are fragrant and require little to no maintenance and dry nicely when alternative bathroom flower ideas are considered.

We love that this abbreviated wreath is small enough to fit into even the tiniest nooks and crannies of a bathroom. Plus, almost all species of eucalyptus have evergreen properties, making them an obvious contender for the best bathroom flower alternatives.


Bathroom flowers lavender

While researching bathroom flowers, we were surprised to see little recommendation on what we consider essential – lavender. Why? Because lavender looks great even when dried, has a subtle scent, and requires almost no maintenance.


Bathroom flowers jasmine

Jasmine plants are widely known for the characteristic scent of their flowers. Jasmine plants make great bathroom flower ideas when filling a bathroom or room in a house with a feminine, floral scent and pretty, dainty white flowers.


Bathroom flowers aloe

Aloe plants are a quick fix for minor injuries when torn at the ends for use as an ointment. They’re also a smart alternative to flowers in the bathroom as they add a graphic visual impact to even a small area with little maintenance.


Bathroom flowers wheat

Bushels of wheat are another stylish take on the easy-care ideas for bathroom flowers. They can easily add a pastoral feel to drama and are reasonably inexpensive. All you need is a fancy bathroom flower vase to put them in and the rest is done.


Bathroom flower topiaries

As an art form, many view topiary as a kind of living sculpture. The term topiary is derived from the horticultural practice of pruning perennial plants by shaping their foliage in such a way that clearly defined silhouettes are created and maintained, whether geometrically or fully stylized. Since the only care is to water them about once a month, stylized, manicured topiaries are an inexpensive way to add old-school elegance with a graphic punch unlike any other bathroom flower.


Bathroom blooms succulents

Succulents are also great as an alternative to bathroom flower ideas because they require almost no maintenance, look great, fit anywhere, and can be purchased for less than five dollars.


Bathroom flowers terrarium

A terrarium refers to a lockable glass container that holds soil and plants and can be opened for easy maintenance to gain access to the mixture of plants inside. Terrariums are more fascinating than any other flower in the bathroom. They are a wonderful way to inspire guests and add beautiful natural elements to your bathroom. Just make sure there is at least one small hole for steam control and keep in mind that these will require a little more attention than the other alternatives presented here.

Artificial flowers in the bathroom

Bathroom artificial flowers

You might be surprised to hear that we recommend artificial flowers in the bathroom, but the truth is, they have come a long way in terms of design, realistic features, and detail, and are virtually the only option you never have to maintain other than pollinate all of them now and then.

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