Contemporary Furniture Design

Contemporary Furniture Design

If you are interested in modern furniture design, there are plenty of places where you can go into collecting all the knowledge you need. In fact, now with the internet as the main source of information and education, there are several leading furniture design experts who post blogs and articles that educate the public about modern furniture design. Below are some of the blogs you need to follow to increase your knowledge of furniture design.

Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors blog is run by leading furniture designer Amber Lewis. Her blog explores her creations and ventures from her studio based in Los Angeles. Not only does she give insight and information about interior design, but she also gives insider views on the industry.

Coco Kelley

You can gain insight into Cassandra Lavall's glamorous, modern furniture design lifestyle. From travel to food to furniture to interior decoration, her blog is a great place to start if you are looking at renovating spaces in a snap.


Athena Calderone's blog is one that will take you breath. She is the absolute master of chic tablescapes. Her blog is an immediate solution for anyone looking to master the modern furniture fabric.

Old Brand New

Dabito not only has a good eye for interior design, but he is also a wonderful photographer. By combining both of these talents, he takes his blog to share ideas that match creativity and uniqueness.