Interior Design Stylecontemporary Style

Interior Design Stylecontemporary Style

Defined contemporary interior design styles

Whether you’re looking for a simple room freshener or starting from scratch, there is something to be said in finding the best decorating style that fits your home, lifestyle and tastes. To help you get started in the right direction, we’ve made a point of defining what makes each feature stand out, taking into account the merits of contemporary style for your home, and what it takes to master the look with ease.

Since we define contemporary style from room to room, highlighting details from color to texture to window treatments and contemporary home decor, we encourage you to bookmark this page as a source of inspiration.

What does contemporary style mean?

contemporary interior design trend

At some point there was likely a time when we all confused modern interior design with contemporary style, and while they share similarities, contemporary home decor stands all on its own.

The contemporary decorating style is classic, but still current and timeless, thanks to a light, economical decoration to ensure it never feels out of date.

While modern decor feels cold, restrictive, and too minimal, the contemporary style is calming and serene, focusing on architectural elements, decorative details, attention to bold scales, and a succinct color palette to create warm space with ease and sophistication.

Simplicity, clean lines, textures and a calm drama are fundamental to creating a perfectly balanced contemporary style home.

Why will you love contemporary style?

  • The contemporary style is great for minimalists who want to steer clear of fussy prints, a heady mix of eras, and for those who want to create a simple but thoroughly realized harmony between different elements while focusing on the architectural elements of one Focus in space.
  • There’s joy in a beautifully curated, modern living room that offers a mix of high-gloss, contemporary home décor that provides conversation starters that stand on their own in a sea of ​​neutrals.
  • Since contemporary decorating style is timeless and defined by a classic approach to bringing a space together through luxurious simplicity, it is a design movement that is well worth the effort and investment as it never goes out of style and is easy to update.

How do you create contemporary style?

Contemporary style interior design

Here’s a quick rundown of the architectural details you’d like to highlight in order to add contemporary interior design to your home with ease:

  • For a modern living room, keep the floor simple with a classic wooden floor and simple carpets with simple patterns and carpets with a low pile with geometric shapes.
  • Source lighting that is simple yet effective to showcase contemporary home decor and architectural features.
  • A mixture of metal, stone and opaque or clear glass.
  • Use structural elements like moldings and exposed brick walls and pipes for extra character in an otherwise simple space.

Contemporary style colors

contemporary style interior design colors

When looking at contemporary interior design, neutral colors as well as gray, black and white are a signature of the design style and are used to define and ground a space.

Think of a neutral environment as a good starting point for creating hues and a foundation for expressive artwork and objects with more personality. By choosing the right neutrals for a contemporary living room, you can achieve smaller splashes of color that you can easily switch depending on your mood.

But if you want to put color in the limelight, e.g. For example, an entire wall, we recommend that you design your cladding, ceilings and floor coverings in such a way that they complement contemporary decorative styles with flair.

Contemporary style furniture

Contemporary style furniture

When it comes to contemporary interior design, less is always more. Choose modern-style furnishings that are meaningful as conversation starters while remaining pared down, with smooth, clean, geometric silhouettes and straight lines. Think of solid colors and surfaces, natural materials and unadorned surfaces.

For upholstery in a modern living room, go for neutral colors in textured natural materials such as wool, cotton, linen, silk and jute, and use dabs of color and pillows for dabs of color that stay away from noisy patterns as this is clean and concise mood, that you should be fixated on.

Contemporary style textiles

Home textiles in contemporary style

Since contemporary interior design demands clean lines and studied simplicity, textiles are an easy way to avoid a cold contemporary style home by playing textures, tone patterns, and concise color combinations.

Stick to small amounts of neutrals, stripes, and geometric prints to add personality and compliment a well-designed contemporary living room with a touch of unexpected but considerate play.

Contemporary style accessories

Home accessories in contemporary style

While decorating takes a minimal approach, decorative accessories can get creative if you’re looking for a contemporary home decor.

From lamps to decorative objects to works of art, the best approaches to contemporary interior design sometimes depend on the extras you bring into a room after sourcing furniture that you have committed to.

For modern living room ideas, use small elements that act as unique conversation starters and add depth and personality to an otherwise minimal space.

Contemporary style window treatments

Modern style window treatments

If you are blessed with oversized windows and great unobstructed views, we recommend keeping modern style window treatments minimal and easily retractable for a clean, flawless look.

That said, sometimes the best inspiration for contemporary interior design is the unexpected, and window treatments are a great way to bring in contrasting elements.

You can keep the look natural with wooden blinds in a dark shade, or opt for sheer white floor-to-ceiling curtains that add a polished drama to a decidedly modern living room or dining room.

Contemporary style of decoration room by room:

Now that we’ve covered the basics that make contemporary style interior design so compelling and timeless, here is a brief description of the approaches to bring style into your home with ease.

Contemporary style kitchen:

Interior design kitchen in contemporary style

Again, contemporary interior design is all about an economical, minimal approach that stays away from the clinic. A color scheme of calming grays, neutrals, and whites is a classic fail-safe option that will stand the test of time and always appear clean.

In combination with traditional floors made of natural materials, you can discover modern furniture with high-gloss or matt surfaces in order to achieve a subtle yet elegant juxtaposition. Look for storage options that will keep the surfaces free of clutter.

Contemporary style dining room:

Dining room contemporary interior design styles

This space is all about a large table, structured seating, and symmetry. Opt for a contrasting oversized table with a glass or stone top, matching chairs, and a console to tie everything together. Note that while the space above is simple, it is far from clinical thanks to just four add-ons.

Here, the green reflective hanging acts as a simple but unique statement maker, while the gold-plated pendant light and textured vase in small cans add an organic touch.

Contemporary style living room:

Contemporary style interior design

Remember that a contemporary style home will be remembered with a strong commitment to modern simplicity, attention to lines and spaces, geometric shapes and a strict but well thought-out color palette that is easy on the eye. However, since your living room is often the best place to showcase your tastes and feel, add character to your most frequently used meeting room with decorative extras and artwork that will make your home stand out.

Think expressive works of art, two-tone rugs, pillows and throws, and sculptural lamps and vases for added decadence.

Contemporary style bedroom:

Interior design bed in contemporary style

Do for your bedroom just like you would in any room in your home, using clean, straight lines that convey a sense of richness through flawless design and adding tonal textures through bedding, rugs, and accessories added warmth and comfort create a calm feeling of glamor pulled together.

Avoid embellishments, tassels, bed skirts, and in general anything that is too cute or gender-specific.

Contemporary style bathroom:

Interior design bathroom in contemporary style

If you’re looking for inspiration for a modern style bathroom, stick with the concept of a clean, serene oasis. Think white, bright and flooded with light. For personal benefit, we recommend sourcing bespoke or unique fittings that will create an unforgettable effect for guests.

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