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Mismatched Furniture Placement Ideas

Mismatched Furniture Placement Ideas

intelligent mismatched furniture placement ideas

Whether you are decorating with hand-downs, moving in with a partner or roommate, or want to bring dynamic transitional interior design to your home, placing mismatched furniture is an art that must be mastered.

But how can you properly and easily place mismatched furniture? Ultimately, we were all challenged by decorating with different elements. That is why we reached out to D├ęcor Aid interior designers for their wisdom and help you achieve mismatched furniture placement to create an unforgettable rich mix of furniture and accessories.

Understand the joy of transition

Inconsistent furniture placement

When it comes to mismatched furniture placement, choose a heady transitional mix from the start. But what exactly does the transition design include? For the layman, transition design is simply a mix of different styles combined for a rich, layered look that gives you more freedom.

Although your new furnishing mix may seem challenging from the start, the key to establishing a transitional decorating style is creating a common ground that connects everything with elements that evoke your spirit and lifestyle.

To complete the look, create a considered mix of contemporary, modern and vintage furniture and accessories with details that together highlight the art of brilliant combinations. With the transition design, the freedom it offers is sure to make your home feel unique and there really is no wrong or right way to get it right. Just follow your instincts and trust what you think works well.

Keep the palette as neutral as possible

inconsistent instructions on how to place furniture

When placing furniture with a heady mix of elements and design styles, start with a neutral color palette to keep the look light and straightforward. Stick to no more than four colors and three patterns to avoid getting so persistent with a visually noisy mix.

Get creative with statement makers

Statement that makes mismatched furniture placement

Find a new place for conversational tunes so you can highlight their unique beauty and charm. From a mirrored plinth to a stylish console table, consider these unique pieces as art that deserves to be displayed.

Update the decor and finishing

Learn the mismatched placement of furniture

Make the off-piece all the more consistent with the rest of your decor by combining it with pieces that either share a common thread or scale to keep the eye moving and free of confusion.

Include the mismatched

how to mismatch the placement of furniture

The key to making the transition is to keep an eye on materials, finishes, and patterns to keep everything consistent. Just because a piece of furniture or an accessory doesn’t completely fit its surroundings doesn’t mean it should be treated as an eyesore.

Instead, think of it as an extra finishing touch that will stand out in any room in your home. For each room, try to bring in at least three to four of the same materials, finishes, and patterns to ensure consistency.

Reinventing sentimental pieces

Dining room mismatched furniture placement ideas

Give cherished heirloom favorites a fresh context with intelligently crafted, mismatched furniture placement that highlights their value to you. From your grandmother’s quilt to a rare antique that has been passed down through generations, make it your own by giving her a new home in your life with a twist that makes it special for you while you are have it.

If it doesn’t work – slipcover it

Sofa mismatched furniture placement ideas

When it comes to reupholstering upholstered furniture, managing it can be a costly investment. So opt for a cheaper way to get your free find by simply transferring it to a manufactory that’s right for you to get a shabby-chic touch in your home.

Bring in new storage ideas

Bedroom mismatched furniture placement ideas

While it’s impossible to travel with historical tribes these days, use a hand-me-down suitcase to thoughtfully store items that you don’t use daily to instill a wanderlust spirit. In most cases, working with mismatched furniture also has the benefit of bringing the required practicality.

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