New Years Eve Decoration Ideas

New Years Eve Decoration Ideas

New Year decoration

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2017 is almost over, which means New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Whether you want to celebrate the past 12 months or forget about throwing a party is a great way to start the new year. Ditch glitter or anything else that is hard to clean and hopefully you don’t have to mop up too much when 2018 rolls around.

Store your bar

Walnut wood house bar

You don’t want to spend all evening refilling other people’s champagne glasses. Reserve your house bar in advance so that your guests can prepare a cocktail or pour themselves a glass of wine.

Check out the walnut bar we built into this Upper East Side brownstone.


Decorating with balloons New Years Eve

Take a cue from Andy Warhol’s play “Balloon Room” and fill your room with as many balloons as possible. It will add a festive vibe that is a lot easier to clean than glitter.

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Bust out the gold

Gold home decor

Gold accessories are a classic for New Years Eve, but they can easily conflict with your existing furniture. Add a few accents to your dining table for an easy way to incorporate gold into your New Years Eve party. It’s a great way to add a celebratory torch without one color taking over the entire house.

A good place to start is with this Painted Metallic Table Runner from West Elm.

Or go for Chrome

Chrome foyer accents

If gold isn’t quite what you want, you can always add chrome accents. For a little inspiration, check out the chrome accents we placed in the foyer of this luxury Upper East Side apartment.

Get the fire goin ‘

Fireplace New Years Eve

Hopefully, if you have a working fireplace, you have swept your chimney by now. As the clock nears midnight and this year comes to an end, make sure the fire roars just like your party.

Check out the fireplace we built into the living room of this SoHo maisonette.

Countdown decor

Decorating with clocks New Years Eve

A little bit of international flare is always fun for a New Year’s party. If you have quests that are from other parts of the world, consider adding some clocks with time zones for global cities. You and your guests can celebrate when the clock keeps striking twelve.

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Decorating with candles New Years Eve

Candles, candles, candles everywhere. On the coat, on the shelf, in the fireplace: make sure that every available inch of space has candles. For a sleek, modern feel, choose a monochrome look with one type of candle. Mix it up if you’re looking for something a little shabbier chic.

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Have everyone else bring drinks

Guests bring drinks

You can take care of the food, but let your guests bring a few bottles of wine and champagne. Ask each person to bring as much alcohol as they would like to drink, then provide a few extra bottles of sparkling wine, just in case.

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Graduated trays

tiered food trays

If you’re trying to have a New Years Eve party in a room that is challenging for two, consider serving food on tiered trays. It saves space for more important things like champagne.

Image via buzzfeed.

If all else fails, just stay in

how to stay on New Year's Eve

Having guests can be a great time, but it can also be a hassle. After that past year, no one will judge you for staying alone on New Year’s Eve. Take a few bottles with a close friend or other person and pray together that 2018 will bring us all better happiness.

Image via Elle Decor.