White Marble

Marble sink and breakfast bar

On the way to the office to write this post, I stopped a lady in front of Dean and Deluca to ask where their marble-printed silk top came from. The answer? “Sweden.” I should have guessed. From the masterpieces by da Vinci to its resurgence in modern Scandinavian decor, marble goes nowhere. The rock is easy to carve and also terribly resistant to time. He is (literally) embedded in our culture. The following summary shows how you can create that scandalous feeling without calling a contractor. Though, in the end, you’ll probably want to.

Marble Lazy Susan

Marble lazy susan

Crate & Barrels French Cuisine Lazy Susan

Marble coffee table

designed objects on marble

DIY marble lamp

DIY marble base lamp

Marble hanging planter

hanging marble planter

Marble table lamps

Marble table lamp exposed light bulb

Marble bedside table

Vintage iron and marble bedside table

Marble side table

thin side table made of iron and marble

Marble laptop sticker

Marble laptop sticker

Marbled paper sticker

Marble paper sticker DIY project

Marble accent wall

Marble accent wall bar cart

Marble pot

small marble pot succulents

Marble iPhone case

Marble iPhone case

Marble Nike sneakers

Marble Nike sneaker design

Marble fashion look

Women's clothing made of black and white marble

Marble runway fashion

black and white marble trousers and bag

Marble wall pins

black and white marble wall pins

Marble knife handle

Marble knife handle

Marble object

Marble triangle object

Marble cheese board

rectangular marble and wood cheese board

Marble Hex Tile

Hex marble mosaic tile

Marble bathroom floor

White marble bathroom floor

Marble bathroom vanity

Marble pedestal sink bathroom vanity

Black marble bathroom walls

Black marble bathroom walls

All marble bathrooms

Marble bathtub bathroom ceiling skylight

Marble kitchen countertops

Marble kitchen countertops open shelves

Marble kitchen island

all marble kitchen island wooden stools

Marble kitchen backsplash

cantilevered marble kitchen counter

Marble sink counter

Marble mosaic kitchen backsplash

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