Holiday Decorating Ideas

Holiday Decorating Ideas

modern holiday decoration ideas for the home

Put a cheery tone on with inspirational holiday decorating ideas drawn from the wisdom of decorating aid decorators to make your season as unique as you and your home. From a newly configured lighting scheme to modern mantelpiece ideas, here is everything you need to consider at the start of the Christmas party.

Go neutral + high shine

stylish decoration ideas for the vacation

Sure, traditional red and green colorways are a tried and tested and safe bet, but an all-white Christmas decor looks all the fresher and goes well with the more minimalist decorating style that’s been popular for at least a decade.

First, make nude and white tones your base color and emphasize the neutral color scheme with gold, high-gloss elements to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Working decor around your lifestyle

custom holiday decoration ideas

Let your personality shine to make your vacation decorating ideas feel authentic, and stick to the design direction of your home for a consistent feel. The best way to do this is to add just a few decorative touches from room to room rather than going for a persistent, comprehensive approach.

Add rustic charm with vintage elements

modern holiday decoration ideas

For ultimate warm holiday decorating ideas, you can bring vintage, contemporary and rustic elements to your vacation areas for an authentic take on the seasonal decor.

Take a personalized approach

personalized holiday decoration ideas

Go a step further and make your guests feel all the more welcome by creating personalized and monogrammed takes that will serve as charming keepsakes long after the season ends.

Dress up your table

rustic holiday decoration ideas

Create great table landscapes with dramatic stripes of garlands, candles in different heights and perfectly coordinated tablecloths for a rich and versatile feeling.

Spread the cheers

inspiring decoration ideas for the holidays

Let your holiday decor flow through your home with wreaths, fairy lights and decorative accessories that instantly give a spirited finish and are easy to store away after the season ends.

Bring modern ornaments + robe

modern Christmas holiday decoration ideas

While there is nothing wrong with traditional Christmas ornaments and décor items if they are beautifully finished, there are plenty of modern updates that will highlight your holiday decorating ideas.

Take Lanvin’s decoupage look ornament pictured above, for example. Although it has a classic silhouette and a red grosgrain bow, its sassy graphics add a whimsical touch to any setup.

Source Stylish Games

stylish vacation games

Keep your vacation events playful with elevated games and a beautifully illustrated card game. We love this minimal marble bowling pin placemat set with ball because it looks stylish in any home all year round – even when it’s not in use.

Add playful surprises

trendy christmas decoration ideas

Add unexpected elements to your traditional decor scheme to act as conversation starters as you usher in the season in an extremely chic style. There’s no need to bother with items that you’ll only be using for a month or less.

Instead, look for whimsical decorative figures, pillows, throws, and prints that have a charming appeal and aren’t just for a short-lived season.

Rethink lighting

Christmas lights ideas

Rethink your lighting design to perfectly change the mood for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To maintain the look, numerous traditional candles can inexpensively alter the atmosphere while providing a positively warm and radiant lighting scheme.

Redesign your coat + shelves

modern christmas coat ideas

While you don’t need to completely remove your shelf and mantelpiece surfaces, we recommend a quick edit to keep the seasonal feel consistent and intriguing. Add a simple but dramatic garland, some extra long tapered candle holders, and a number of decorative items at varying heights to add visual interest.

Bring fresh candles

Christmas candle holiday decoration ideas

Since scented candles are an essential part of Christmas decorations, adding scented candles throughout your home will add to the mood for the season. Our interior designers often lean towards Dyptique candles, and more often than not, Byredo’s luminous bibliothéque does the cut thanks to its calming sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the famous halls of a vintage library.

Get creative outside too

creative holiday decoration ideas

Even if you’re limited on outdoor space, take advantage of the small area available and introduce elements that are reminiscent of the season, like a minimal wreath, simple garland, and regular white Christmas lights.

After all, who says that just because you have a small space, you won’t be able to install beautifully realized holiday decorating ideas.

Consider a cell phone

modern Christmas mobile

Surprise your guests with more than a regular mistletoe and spring, or create your own festive cell phone that is sure to delight you. The key here is to keep the overall picture simple and straightforward to avoid making it look too smart.

Give decor a seasonal makeover

Guide to Christmas decorating ideas

While it sounds like a lot of extra work and organization, add joy by adding holiday decorating ideas in even the smallest of doses around your house. Again, you don’t have to reserve space for an ultra-specific Christmas decor as variations of it do the trick.

Think of fresh decorative extras in red, white and gold, as well as cheerful bed linen and throws to keep the mood constant.

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