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Best Interior Designer Toronto

Best Interior Designer Toronto

Decor Aid interior designer Toronto Loft

In order to bring you the best of personalized, local interior design services, we are always on the lookout for world class design talent from coast to coast to meet any requirement and budget of our clients.

Whether you’re doing a simple upgrade to a room in your home or planning a drastic gut renovation, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of the top 15  Toronto interior designers as a handy resource for your next home decor project.

But first, let’s go through the useful updates Toronto interior designers can bring to your home or business park to improve your daily life. The best professional designers in Toronto will consider your tastes and lifestyle, as well as any furniture you have, to narrow down which design style will work best for you, while keeping function and practicality in mind.

It really boils down to the involvement you want from them during the design process. We have had dozens of clients across Toronto who needed something that was as quick as a simple room freshening up for those who were just getting a makeover and that gave them visionary insights into exactly what their space should look and feel like. But mostly our designers in Toronto had to start from scratch as the subway region saw a huge increase in newly built structures that are often boring and generic.From there, the interior design firm you work with will once again meet your specific needs including layout, storage, organization, choice of materials, flooring and furniture, and ultimately curate everything to complement each other seamlessly. And depending on the scope of your project

Do your research and explore the design directions before meeting with a local interior designer or interior designer in Toronto. Narrow your budget and what your goals are to get the most out of your space. Ask yourself what your space should be and what it will be used for. Take into account what you really need help with, what is important, and what you don’t like or want to see.

Before you meet them, ask the local designers in Toronto about these pointers:

  • It is important to pick up the work that you have successfully completed. Therefore, ask for recommendations as they will make all the difference in making you feel comfortable with your decision.
  • Always ask for an independent interior designer or a company’s portfolio to get a better sense of their tastes and the design options they can offer for your project. Ask yourself, “Would you like to live or work in one of the completed rooms?” And choose an interior designer who has a similar taste to you.
  • Familiarize yourself with a handy schedule to avoid a project that just takes too long.
  • Finally, ask how the fee system works. Is it hourly, flat rate, or task based?

After thinking about what an interior designer can do for you and what to ask beforehand, let’s take a look at the best local decorators for your space. 

Elizabeth Metcalfe

Best Interior Designer Toronto Elizabeth Metcalf

With a respect for quality and awe for thoughtful, luxurious design, Elizabeth Metcalfe touches every interior design project with her award-winning expertise to create sumptuous and memorable residences across the Toronto area.

Each of their projects has been celebrated for seamlessly devising interiors that combine classic style with modern, luxurious elements.

Decor aid

Decor Aid Interior Designer Toronto Services

Décor Aid modernizes the ancient art of interior design. As one of the leading interior design firms in the country, Décor Aid is transforming the industry by making luxury design effortless and accessible.

During your free personal consultation, your designer will help you define your needs and provide guidance on how to move forward with a detailed quote with no minimum order quantity. Our world-class team of interior designers has been selected from among the most respected firms in the country and brings an unprecedented level of expertise and personalization to every project.

Customers get full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive retail discounts, which are up to 50% off the retail price. These cost savings often exceed our design fees.

Décor Aid’s incredible renovations have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Magazine, and others.

II From IV

Best Interior Designer Toronto 2 out of 5

II by IV has a portfolio that exemplifies their unmatched modern approach to a wide range of interior design projects from hospitality to residential and business services. It draws inspiration from art, architecture, fashion, theater and culture and creates spaces that are dramatically ahead of their time.

The portfolio is based on future-oriented design and a passion for the concept. It often stimulates the imagination.

Mason Studio

Best Interior Designer Toronto Mason Studio

This award-winning, multidisciplinary design studio based in Toronto is dedicated to creating fascinating environments, offering new perspectives for everyday commercial spaces and much more.

Carey Mudford

Best Interior Designer Toronto Casey Mudford

The portfolio of CMI Designs ranges from contemporary to traditional and reflects Toronto’s multifaceted and diverse residents. It has a skilled sense of striking colors, a sense of contrast and optimal functionality. Think urban and rationalized with just the right amount of quirkiness for cool, subtle sophistication.

Cicconi Simone

Best Interior Designer Toronto Cicconi Simone

Cicconi Simone is committed to elevating the world through beautiful design and is passionate about bringing thoughtful design to the broadest possible audience.

From apartment buildings to single-family homes, her work provides a thorough understanding of human interaction in well-designed spaces and their authority over a variety of aesthetic directions. 

Kate + Amanda

Best Interior Designer Toronto Kate and Amanda

Kate + Amanda, long-time interior designer friends before their union, share a light and relaxed, but highly stylized aesthetic. Feminine without being too sugar-sweet, trendy enough without sacrificing tradition, the interior designers are experts in finding just the right balance to decorate chic and comfortable rooms.

If you are considering hiring the local Toronto interior designer, we recommend hiring an interior designer who can design a living space for you that offers a similar take on the new and the tried and tested.

Allan + Chandon

Best Interior Designer Toronto Allan Chandon

They specialize in interiors that highlight transitional and contemporary design. If you quickly scroll through the couple’s Instagram, you can quickly see their penchant for symmetry and clean, graphic lines that keep the eye moving.

Leventhal Vermaat

Best Interior Designer Toronto Leventhal Vermaat

Leventhal Vermaat, a self-proclaimed one-stop shop for handcrafted, bespoke furniture and interior design on a smaller scale, was started by a couple whose work lives up to the mantra “Good Design is Forever”. Together they offer an understanding of the calming effect of soft accent tones and geometric wallpaper, which are balanced out by simple, uncomplicated furniture and unadorned extras – everything perfectly placed.

Handcrafted furniture for your home is a great way to celebrate beautiful Canadian craftsmanship while sourcing it direct from a Toronto interior designer who knows exactly what features and aesthetics will work for you, and where they should be placed. 


Best Interior Designer Toronto Palmertson

Unlike old-school interior designers who are on a single aesthetic path, Palmerston’s most refreshing aspect may just be the instruction to intentionally deviate from a certain style. An overview of their work provides a variety of impressive commercial and residential spaces with interior design practices that emphasize the needs and lifestyles of their clients.

If you work with an interior designer in Toronto who will beautify your home with thoughtful interior design to your liking, rather than the other way around, you will find it easier to update aspects of your home yourself.  

Harrison Fae

Best Interior Designer Toronto Harrison Fae

The small group of interior designers at Harrison Fae are modern, bold, and close to the wild.

If you are considering upgrading a room of any kind with an interior design upgrade, be sure to seek out a skilled Toronto interior designer who will insist on providing you with a space to live in, not nearby.

Laura Stein

Best Interior Designer Toronto Laura Stein

Laura Stein has been a design expert for over a decade, dedicated to decorating spaces that evoke timeless charm and visionary inspiration.

It creates rooms with an enviable character and a clean, comfortable look. To get the most out of your home, look for a Toronto interior designer whose portfolio reflects a real understanding of modern luxury and savoir faire. 

Douglas design

Best Interior Designer Toronto Douglas Design

The multi-award-winning design firm Douglas Design, founded by Jeffrey Douglas in the mid-1990s, is best known for perfecting a mix of antique furniture and modern pieces for rooms that exude a thoroughly regal atmosphere.

We recommend an interior designer in Toronto with a proven track record in interior design, where formality is as important as functionality. 

JacFlash rooms

Best Interior Designer Toronto Jac Flash

Spaces by JacFlash is a full-service luxury design firm that goes beyond the world of interior design to include full architectural planning, staging, merchandising and even closet organization so you can get the most out of every space.

As you peruse their extensive catalog of works, expect bright white, calming, light-flooded rooms that feel both refined and inviting. A similar understanding of the architectural details that make each space unique will allow your Toronto interior designer to use unexpected methods that a novice simply couldn’t come up with. 


Best Interior Designer Toronto Qanuk

Qanuk Interiors has been described as a master at balancing a mixture of eclectic sophistication and a nod to their Canadian roots. It has perfected the art of creating unique interiors tailored to their clients’ lives.

A quick look through the portfolio, which specializes in residential and boutique commercial space, shows that they have an eye for clean lines and warm minimalism, and use just the right amount of bold, saturated colors. This is why they are closing our list for the best Toronto interior designer to consider.

After looking at some of Toronto’s best interior designers, let’s quickly address décor mistakes that we see all too often and that you should avoid as much as possible when working with your designer. 

The wrong scale

Whether you’re working with a micro-space or a huge area, setting the standard for furnishings and fittings can be a lot harder than people often think, and you can end up feeling uninspired if you are neglected. Ask your Toronto interior designer to consider scalability when choosing furniture and finishes so that each piece brought in will work in unison.

Don’t do your research until you’ve set a budget

Research fees and costs on everything from a designer fee in Toronto to the cost of each individual item, so you can figure out exactly what your vision should cost you – and when you can afford it without thinking about budget . From vases to construction, you know and understand how much everything costs so that you are aware and equipped beforehand.

Honest opinions are important

Sure, seasoned and acclaimed Toronto interior designers should have an almost intuitive quality when choosing the elements for your project – but that doesn’t mean you like or want to like every single decision they make. Instead, get second opinions from friends and family members whose tastes and vision you trust and value to help you make the best decisions about your home and feel safe while doing so.

Placement of decorative items

Just as decorating a home overnight is a challenge, art and decorative placement shouldn’t be a snap. Instead, you and your interior designer should work together to find the best placement solutions for all of your new finds. Experiment and play with options, as sometimes the best home styling tricks can come from unexpected mistakes that actually work all too well.

Paint first

We’ve seen this all too many times with novice and seasoned decorators. Never paint a room before you’ve chosen textiles and upholstery as you’ll likely change your mind once you find a print or textile that really inspires you.

Save personality

Let your personality and taste shine, not your decorators. Since you should view the interior design process with a decorator as a collaboration, take their opinions into account but make sure that you are reflected in the space as you are the one who lives there, not them.

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