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Top Interior Designers New York City

Top Interior Designers New York City

Top NYC interior designer Drake Anderson

As an interior design company  based in New York City, we are constantly inspired by the city’s restless energy, chic residents, and vibrant design scene. And while it’s no secret that our city is home to the best interior designers the money can get, how do you find the right interior designers for your particular project?

To make your review process easier, we’ve compiled a handy list of New York City Interior Designers and Interior Designers so you can start your project in style. Because when it comes to hiring the best interior designer or decorator for your project, NYC has an overwhelming range of options from high to low.

Decor aid

best New York interior designers decor help

Décor Aid has modernized the art of interior design. As one of the leading interior design firms in the country, Décor Aid has transformed the industry by making luxury design effortless and accessible to all budgets.

Starting with an initial free personal consultation, a Décor Aid interior designer will help you define your needs and provide guidance on how to move forward with a detailed offer with no minimum order quantity. Their world-class team of interior designers has been selected from among the most respected firms in the country and brings an unparalleled level of expertise and personalization to each project.

Customers get full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive retail discounts, which are up to 50% off the retail price. These cost savings often exceed our design fees.

Décor Aid’s incredible renovations have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Magazine, and others.

Drake + Anderson

Top NYC interior designer Drake Anderson

When interior designers Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson decided to start their company Drake and Anderson, we knew that as the best interior designers they would create something special, taking into account the design highlights of the past as well as the new. From clients like Madonna to Michael Bloomberg, Jamie Drake is one of the most recognizable faces in the world of interior design. Caleb Anderson, a former Drake protégé and a rising design star, represents a new wave of interior designers who are breaking an unfamiliar path for the field by incorporating cutting-edge designs with a deep historical knowledge of interiors.

In addition to being featured frequently on Architectural Digest’s AD100 list, the interior designers were featured in House Beautiful, Cottages & Gardens, and Lonny. 

Vicente Wolf

Top NYC interior designer Vicente Wolf

Vicente Wolf is considered one of the best interior designers  and has been changing residential and commercial spaces in New York City for over three decades. The designer recently even opened his own furniture design studio VW Home by Vicente Wolf.

From living spaces in Connecticut to townhouses in New York City, the interior designers at his eponymous firm are known for a wide range of luxurious design styles. Wolf and his interior designers have been featured at New York Cottages & Gardens, New York Spaces, Architectural Digest, Victoria Magazine, New York Magazine, House Beautiful, Casa Vogue, and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens. 

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Top NYC interior designer Jeffrey Bilhuber

As one of America’s best-known interior designers  , Jeffrey Bilhuber brings over 30 years of experience to his versatile design plans. Bilhuber is the author of four books including Effrey Bilhuber’s Design Basics, Definition of Luxury: The Qualities of Home Life , The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty, and American Masters: Notes on Style and Substance .

Last year he founded the Heritage Home Group, which will include a unique collection of furniture, lighting and accessories. Huber’s designs have also been featured in a variety of publications including Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, and Vogue as interior designers.

As with any aspect of New York City life, there are interior designers who are priced high and low for all budgets. From the very best interior designers who are sure to have a 5+ character design fee to affordable interior designers in NYC, it’s all about partnering with the best talent you can afford.

Brad Ford

New York interior designer collection


New York interior designer Brad Ford is a fine interior designer for many of Manhattan’s chicest and boldest names, including the Lauder family. He has a firm grasp of what makes a room sing and has been at the forefront of the national design scene since its inception.Brad Ford has been one of New York’s premier interior design firms since its inception and continues to keep the pulse pounding with decadent, well-appointed homes full of inspiration the interior fashion.

When looking for affordable interior designers in New York, remember that good design that is both functional and fascinating is money well spent.

Carrier and company

Top NYC Interior Designer Carrier Company

Carrier and Company is run by married couple Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller. From chic bohemian lofts to elegant and traditional properties, they have collectively cemented their position as one of the best interior designers in the region with projects covering a variety of locations including New York City, the Hamptons, New Canaan, Greenwich, Salisbury, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. 

Anna Winter, a client of this interior designer in New York, said of her interiors: “Every interior here embodies a real sense of personal charm. These are houses whose high style comes from a very human feeling of warmth and joy. Her designs have been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, The World of Interiors, Vogue, City and Country, House Beautiful, Luxe, Domino, Oprah, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as the best interior designers of their generation.

AERO studios

Top NYC Interior Designers Aero

Thomas O’Brien founded Aero Studios in 1992 and has set himself the task of offering customers luxurious, sophisticated home designs. His studio spans three different disciplines: architecture, interior design and product design. The result is an interior designer in New York who understands every aspect of a home redesign.

From SoHo lofts to Hamptons beach houses, O’Brien’s team of interior designers brings a fresh, modern, and luxurious feel to any space. The company’s designs have been featured in a variety of publications including Architectural Digest, the Wall Street Journal, Veranda, Town & Country, The New York Times’ Style and Design Division, House & Gardens, Elle Decor, and Domino. While you’re sure to find interior designers in New York with a fair share of high-profile press coverage, a quick look at O’Brien’s portfolio reveals what makes him such a standout design star. 

Victoria Hagan

top interior designer victoria hagan

For the past 25 years, Victoria Hagan’s New American Classic look has been hugely influential to interior designers. Her firm of 26 works on a variety of luxury design projects, from sprawling Connecticut estates to apartments right on Central Park. When looking for the best interior designers in your area, it’s important to work with a designer who understands the complexities and nuances of projects large and small.

The luxury design firm has been widely recognized by publications such as Town & Country, The New York Times, Elle Decor, Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, Vogue, Veranda, and most importantly, Architectural Digest’s AD100 list – a great, if not uncommon, honor for such a small team of NYC interior designers.

Mark Cunningham

Top NYC interior designers highlight Cunningham

Mark Cunningham and his team of interior designers are known for their sophisticated and unique luxury design projects and are often referred to as the best interior designers of their time. Cunningham worked for Ralph Lauren as Creative Executive for over 15 years before starting his design company of the same name. 

From luxury apartments at 50 United Nations Plaza to country estates on Long Island, the breadth and breadth of Cunningham’s designs knows no bounds. He is frequently listed as a top NYC interior designer on Architectural Digest’s AD 100 list, and his designs have also been featured in New York Times Style Magazine, Vogue, Elle Decor, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Mark Hampton

Top NYC interior designer Alexa Hampton

This New York interior design firm is owned and operated by Alexa Hampton. She creates stately and luxurious interiors for a wide range of clients. NYC interior designer Alexa Hampton has taken the reins of her father Mark Hampton and has since designed a wide range of properties, from Long Island mansions to TriBeCa apartments. 

Alexa Hampton’s interior designers have both credentials and expertise recognized by a variety of publications including Architectural Digest’s AD100 List, House Beautiful’s Top Designer List, Elle Decor’s A List, and many other. 

Thad Hayes

NYC interior designers

Thad Hayes’ accomplished interior designers have been hailed for creating functional, livable spaces with timeless relevance that incorporate the use of high quality materials and sophisticated color schemes. They have a solid portfolio that highlights their position as one of the top New York interior design firms. With their often elegant, luxurious, and daring designs, they continue to be a major force in the design community.

When looking for affordable interior designers in NYC, it is important that their portfolio not only shows work that is focused on functionality, but beauty as a personal measure of good taste prevents your space from looking contemporary while being perfectly timeless in style acts executed. When looking for an interior designer in New York, it’s important that your work illustrates spaces that will age wonderfully over time.

Shawn Henderson

Top NYC interior designer Shawn Henderson

Shawn Henderson is a one-of-a-kind interior designer with a bright, colorful, and bold sense of style. From homes in the West Village to modern mid-century ski retreats in Aspen, Henderson believes that designs should never focus on a single object or color, but rather should create a compelling and structured space that stands out feels coherent. Henderson, based in New York City, is considered to be one of the best interior designers in the country as an interior designer who can approach almost any project with vigor and drive.

The interior designers behind this firm’s designs have been featured and noted as interior designers in NYC in Architectural Digest, Veranda, Elle Decor, Luxe, House Beautiful, The New York Times, and NY Spaces. 

Thom Filicia

top nyc interior designer thom filicia

Thom Filicia started his own interior design company with the goal of creating ultra-modern, yet exquisitely traditional homes and spaces. Hisfirm interior designers have created a variety of living spaces and designed commercial spaces for W Hotels and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. 

Filicia recently opened his own design studio, Sedgwick & Brattle, which exclusively makes housewares and curates vintage pieces for the Thom Filicia Home Collection.  As is often the case with the best interior designers, Felicia is also the author of two books, including Thom Filicia Style and American Beauty: Renovating & Decorating a Beloved Retreat . His designs have been featured in a variety of publications including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Design NJ, and the Washington Post.  

Mariette Himes Gomez

how to find the best interior designer nyc

Gomez has been creating beautifully realized, open and charming spaces since 1975 and is one of New York’s leading interior designers for good reason. Practical, functional, and highly stylized, they’re probably one of New York’s top interior designers for homes that have a homely, comfortable, yet contracted quality.

While your budget may not expand to include the best of the best interior designers, when looking for affordable interior designers in New York, look for decorators who can achieve similar results regardless of the size of your project.

Bella Mancini

best New York interior designers

Founded in 2000, interior designers at interior design firm Bella Mancini in New York City create bold, chic spaces for their clients that are full of life and subtle conversation starters that are unique to their clients’ lifestyles.

Your glamorous, but atmospheric and always eye-catching rooms are characterized by high-quality design, attention to detail and a skillful hand in combining modern and traditional styles.