Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Carpet size

Despite being one of the top home purchases, carpets are often overlooked when redesigning. And with all the options out there, settling for the second can be easy. So don’t go alone. Our skilled designers consider how to choose a rug.


Carpet size

One of the most important aspects of an area rug is its size. Think of a rug as a demarcation for every part of the house. Your carpet should be at least a foot from the wall, and all of your large pieces of furniture should be snug around the perimeter. Check out how we did it in this chic apartment on the Upper East Side.


Cowhide leather carpet

Carpets are a great way to demarcate different areas of the home. To separate the reading area in this loft in Sag Harbor, we upholstered a gray cowhide rug from Design Within Reach to complement the existing sophisticated, rustic and masculine design of the loft.

Color and hue

Carpet color

When sourcing a rug, color is an obvious difficulty. Try to choose a rug that will go with other colors and hues in the room. We love the rug in this mid-century house because it goes perfectly with the colors of the bold painting that adorns the living room.


Area carpet shine

One aspect of carpets that is often overlooked is the sheen of the fabric. A high gloss fabric gives you a luxurious feel of space and can even help brighten the room. This family living room on the Upper West Side lacked natural light, so we got a high-gloss rug from ABC Home.


Carpet material

An area rug is a great way to create a buffer between complementary or different materials. In this Westchester family home, the customer wanted to install a wooden dining table but didn’t want the table to collide with the wooden floors. That’s why we sourced a gray area rug from Restoration Hardware to prevent the different wood materials from colliding.


Carpet pattern

Geometric patterns are a great way to make a statement when choosing an area rug. We love the geometrically patterned rug in this chic TriBeCa loft because it contains all the different colors and tones in the house while making a bold, graphic statement.


Carpet pile area

When buying an area rug, consider the pile of pile (for laypeople, the pile corresponds to the carpet thickness). Low-pile carpets are best for high-traffic areas of the home because they can withstand more wear and tear and are also easier to clean. While a deep pile rug is wonderful for areas without too much pedestrian traffic. In the bedroom of this penthouse in Central Park West we have covered a white, soft, deep-pile carpet.