Top Charlotte Interior Design Firms

Top Charlotte Interior Design Firms

modern interior designer from Charlotte NC

Here’s a look at Charlotte’s top interior designers, who do both residential and commercial design throughout the subway to help you find the best local design talent for your project.


best kbn Charlotte NC interior designers

KBN Interiors’ senior interior designer and founder, Kimberly Brewer Nawn, brings over 30 years of experience in the interior design and interior design industries. Her award-winning view on interior design is aimed at architecture, function, and interior design.

KBN patiently works with homeowners to further their vision of interior design and works to create meaningful spaces that enhance and enhance their clients’ daily lives. Nawn guides her clients through every step of the interior design process and detail, from hardware to textiles, to create inspiring and beautiful functional spaces.

A design team in Charlotte, Nawn and KBN Interiors received 3rd place in the Regional Sub-Zero Kitchen Design Award and the Remodeling Award “Best at the Lake”, which recognizes KBN as one of the best interior design firms in Charlotte.

Decor aid

best interior designer charlotte decor help

Since launching in 2014, interior design firm Décor Aid has revolutionized interior design across Charlotte by taking a practical and straightforward approach to luxury interior design while working on commercial and residential projects.

As one of the leading interior designers in the country, Décor Aid’s mission is to make luxury interior design seamless and accessible. Décor Aid works with the best interior designers in Charlotte who come from the most prestigious schools and interior designers in the country.

Every project begins with a free personal consultation from an interior designer who will walk you through your needs and consider how best to move forward. From there you will receive a comprehensive proposal with no minimum hourly requirements.

Customers in Charlotte also get full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive interior design discounts that can save you up to 50% off the retail price of furniture and accessories.

Décor Aid’s dramatic changes have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Magazine, and others, among others. Because of this, Décor Aid was quickly recognized as one of the best interior designers in Charlotte for your next project.

Amy Vermillion

Av best Charlotte NC interior designers

Charlotte-based interior designer Amy Vermillion runs one of the best interior design firms in southeast Charlotte and basks in the collaborative spirit between her and her clients. She views her role as an interior designer as the link between creativity and leadership, while considering every aspect of her lifestyle and tastes.

Vermillion has a knack for great design and creates a unique and fresh take on interior design. A renowned expert on color, texture and scalability, she brings a unique ability to work with her clients’ existing furniture, unlike others who practice luxury Charlotte interior design.

As one of the best interior designers Charlotte, she has a handle on all design styles, from minimal to maximal. thoughtful to create beautiful, inspiring spaces. Vermillion also works with the best renovation and construction professionals in Charlotte from concept to construction to furnishings. This makes your company a point of contact for design solutions.

Vermillion is a must-have talent to consider for your next project.

Georgia Street Design

Georgia named Charlotte NC's best interior designer

When Meredith Cline Beregovski, the founder of one of the premier interior design firms in Charlotte, Georgia Street Design, wanted to start an event planning company while turning an old warehouse into an inspiring event space, she quickly realized that interior design was her calling card and decided to put her toes in the Tap world of interior design Charlotte.

From then on, she was inspired to introduce her own design style with the vision of her potential clients and started Georgia Street Design in 2010. Since then, she has done everything from simple living room renovations to kitchen renovations to home remodeling, while adding the very best in luxurious Charlotte interior design to every room.

Georgia Street Design creates invigorating spaces that are both timeless in spirit and full of inspiring accents of modern Charlotte interior design.

Traci Zeller

tz Charlotte NC interior designer

Traci Zeller grew up wandering about when her early childhood was spent in Okinawa, Japan. She has traveled extensively around the world, which in turn informed her about the luxurious interior design of Charlotte. After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law, Zeller served on the Eleventh Court of Appeals and served as a management consultant at McKinsey and Company.

It wasn’t until she was designing her family’s home in 2004 that she realized that her creative drive and keen analytical and problem-solving skills were powerful tools that led her to found Traci Zeller Interiors, one of Charlotte’s leading interior designers.

Since then, her work has been featured in shelter publications such as Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, Cottages and Bungalows, and Southern Cottage. Her work has also been featured on the covers of Southern Style, Charlotte Home + Garden, SouthPark, Lake Norman and Charlotte Home Design and Décor magazines.

And if that wasn’t enough, Zeller was named one of Charlotte’s most stylish people three years in a row and is consistently considered one of Charlotte’s best interior designers.

Zeller can master both commercial interior design Charlotte and residential interior design Charlotte.

New South Home

nsh Charlotte NC Interior Designers

Chief Interior Designer Melissa Lee’s passion began at a young age in her family’s colonial home, which led her to study interior design at the New York Institute of Art and Design. In 2011 she founded her own interior design company New South Home, which specializes in residential interior design Charlotte.

Since introducing New South Home, Lee has worked on numerous projects ranging from a simple but effective room freshening up to home renovations. After initially cutting her teeth in the fashion industry, Lee has a knack for finding the right balance between upcoming trends and classic style.

Her projects have been featured in the Charlotte Observer as one of the best Charlotte interior designers and have received her numerous awards from her clients and colleagues. New South Home has been awarded “Best of Houzz” for 5 years based on sensational reviews from its customers.

New South Home has everything from a strong mastery of commercial interior design in Charlotte to interior design in residential Charlotte areas.

Ashley Delapp

Best Charlotte Interior Designers for Home AD

Ashley Delapp is a Charlotte-based architect and one of Charlotte’s finest interior designers who began her career at WGM Design Inc. in 1999. After spending 10 years in the commercial space, she started Evaru Design in 2009 to work on more residential projects, and in 2017 she renamed the company under the name Ashley DeLapp Interior Design to do the Charlotte residential interior design .

With a signature that fuses a transitional mix of old and new furniture alike, Delapp’s work has been and has been featured in Charlotte Home & Garden, Southpark, Better Homes and Gardens DIY, Better Homes and Gardens Flea Market Style, Charlotte Interior Design, and Décor Shelter magazines presented on the HGTV Pro Network and the Food Network Channel.

Jacy painter Kelly

best interior designers from Charlotte NC

With a self-proclaimed take on interior design that is both relaxed and forward-looking, Jacy Painter Kelly’s work is characterized by a minimal spirit that is peppered with layered texture. Like many of the leading interior designers in Charlotte, she designs spaces that reflect the personality of her clients to meet their needs in style.

She is also familiar with pre-build design and has experience with both new builds and life-enhancing renovations for the best in luxury Charlotte interior design. A quick look at her portfolio reveals an inspiring view of Charlotte’s modern interior design.

Mary Tobias Miller

2019 best Charlotte interior designer

With almost 40 years of experience in interior design, M.ary Tobias Miller began designing interiors in 1983. After studying art history and design at Hollins College, she moved to New York City, attended the New York School of Design’s Entree program, and received her AAS degrees from Parsons School of Design and New School.

Miller was talented and lucky enough to work for the famous interior designer, celebrity and friend of Andy Warhol, Suzie Frankfurt. There she worked on decorating a variety of homes for discerning New Yorkers and numerous celebrities.

Miller added commercial interior design to her resume through employment with Tom Lee Ltd, run by Sarah Lee, before starting her own company in 1986 while practicing interior design Charlotte. Her work is full of splendid size and speaks volumes about the joys of timeless and thoughtful design.

The Redesign Company

Top interior designers from Charlotte NC

After Tim and Christina Lewis realized that keeping up with the Joneses wasn’t inspiring or full, they headed south for a new life and career.

Together they founded The Redesign Company, long considered one of Charlotte’s top interior designers, and their work has since received awards from HGTV, among others. Your approach Interior design is about making everyday life even better as it is about making a home work best for you and your family.

The team can also accommodate the Charlotte home office interior design to increase productivity.

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