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Art Deco Furniture Ideas

Art Deco Furniture Ideas

Art deco furniture ideas

In the 1920s, Art Deco furniture and interior design flourished in the US and across Europe as the defining style of the time. Propagated through fashion and lifestyle updates and a newfound freedom of self-expression, it became one of the most exciting decorative styles of the century. Although its popularity experienced a quiet in the area in later decades, the Art Deco style has had a huge impact on contemporary geometric designs. To this day, Art Deco furniture ideas and decorative geometric patterns thrive both with Décor Aid interior designers and with our customers.

Art Deco rose to fame in America around 1925 and was a source of artistic inspiration for many prominent fashion and interior designers and eventually dominated much of the world as the definitive design style of the time. Nowadays, one of the most stylish modern ways to decorate any space in your room is by adding a touch of Art Deco touches and some nifty details. This is how you give a room a discreet yet polished look that is full of personality, along with sleek materials and a rich mix of colors to make it look perfectly equipped with the best of Art Deco interior styles.

In 2019, Art Deco interior enthusiasts redefined the feel and look of this influential and visual art and design movement. So, if you love the resurgence of this calming decorating style for your home and are looking for the most affordable ways to bring in Art Deco furniture to give your home a retro-inspired look, consider these design cues as a starting point . Whether for your living room, bedroom or kitchen, Art Deco furniture patterns are a beauty that you can see in every room of your home. Here are some tips to help you fine-tune your Art Deco decor style so that you can get inspiration from these Art Deco furniture ideas .

Display as many works of art and sculptures as possible

Art deco furniture ideas decorative style

Emphasize a rich and indulgent feeling by highlighting your Art Deco furniture ideas with bold, meaningful oil paintings, intricately designed accessories, and sculptural elements like busts and decorative table lamps. These are, in fact, typical interior design calling cards of the 1920s and 1930s, and they continue to add a layered feel to any home. The best way to create an instant Art Deco feel in your home is to combine the design and furniture styles of the time with modern materials for an updated and bespoke Art Deco decorating style.

Lush, symmetrical art as well as graphic prints and patterns take center stage. Art Deco furniture ideas 2019 give a room an exhilarating feeling of elegant flair.

Design your modern renovations with Art Deco furniture

Art deco furniture ideas for the home

Just because the look is very luxurious and ornate doesn’t mean you can’t use cheap art deco style furniture to freshen up a room in your home with a sense of original charm and glamor. And the Art Deco look isn’t just for older homes, as newer homes can also be updated with a refreshing retro look inspired by the roaring 1920s. The key to getting the look right is finding the best materials and decorative elements that will create a modern and sophisticated look while also revealing the exuberant spirit of the Art Deco style.

When considering Art Deco furniture on a budget , consider modern but proven materials to create and evoke the allure of the Art Deco era. A mix of retro Art Deco styles and Hollywood Regency styles alongside contemporary designs only makes your home look unique and well-judged.

Art Deco furniture materials

Art deco furniture ideas and materials

In the 1920s, classic high-end Art Deco furniture was made from hardwoods such as ebony, maple, walnut, and ash. In the late 1920s, exotic woods became scarce as the war demanded strict rations, and then graphic zebra wood became a popular Art Deco material for most modern furniture. Today, Art Deco materials are made from fine woods such as calamander and palm wood.

These woods are often highly glossy to give them a more brilliant and reflective appearance than those used in the early 1920s. In addition, these types of wood are very durable and, since they are often dark, they are also great for hiding daily wear and tear. Marble is also another elegant and durable material that is widely used as a surface for Art Deco furniture.

Elegant art deco furniture

elegant Art Deco furniture ideas

Your ideas for art deco furnitureshould offer a touch of beautiful quality design that reproduces the joy of contemporary art with a handcrafted feel. The best way to do this is to use the right colors with a color scheme that includes black, white, gray, and metallics like gold, silver, and copper. Contemporary art deco furniture designs also use a deep burgundy and brown tone that should get you thinking along the lines of wood and metal textures to create a luxurious feel. These infinitely appealing materials will help you to design your living spaces with a sophisticated feel. Think of furniture and accessories made of chromed metal, silver and black lacquered wood. The best way to see all the different art deco furniture ideas and the different items

Crystal, glass, and reflective finishes are also essential, and even better is the fact that you can easily find Art Deco-inspired mirrored furniture that is characterized by an angular silhouette.

Opt for smooth veneer structures and furniture

Entrance Art Deco Furniture Ideas

Much of the inspiration for Art Deco interior design comes from very different eras, including the Renaissance and even the Colonial Era, for a look that flutes the transition to a mix that’s full of visual interests and intriguing appeal. Over the past century, only minor updates and a refreshing attention to detail, along with new technology and clearly new ways to appreciate Art Deco decor, have helped modernize the look and feel. And when it comes to texture, you can’t go wrong with Art Deco furniture ideas that feature a Macassar veneer texture with a black and bronze-colored finish and intricate detailing. Even if you can’t afford an expensive bronze-covered mahogany chair,

Your Art Deco furniture ideas should be eye-catching enough to get your guests’ attention and admiration while also providing them with plenty of comfort. The intended impact of this luxurious interior design style period that comes with a relative cost when going for some Art Deco Furniture Ideas 2019 . And it’s worth your money, because Art Deco furniture never goes out of style and can even grow in value as a future heirloom that will be in your family for generations to come.

Choose the right floor

Art deco furniture ideas flooring

The flooring you work with gives any room a heady sense of Art Deco character, even if your preferences and budget shouldn’t be overlooked. Take a cue from this period and consider a striking direction for black and white marble or stone floors. Cork tiles with wooden mosaics also reflect an old European sense of everyday elegance and flawless workmanship. Just like a graphic herringbone pattern and parquet. And while today the emphasis is on timeless and more subtle, cheap Art Deco furniture;; It would be wise to invest in quality flooring as it will only help add to the potential resale value of your home as Art Deco inspired floors will never go out of style regardless of the fad or trend of the time.

But if refreshed floors aren’t in your budget or even on your agenda, you can add some memorable artistic character to an office, bedroom, and almost every room in your home with decadent rugs and carpets that have a low pile and a silky feel to them at. Just avoid making a monotonous impression by using a geometric floor pattern in a room. Gorgeous Persian rugs were all the rage in the 20s too, and you can get the right look with lush fur and sheepskin rugs too. Let your creativity and ingenuity shine as you explore the best ways to bring Art Deco furniture ideas and interior decorating tips to your home,

Don’t underestimate the lighting

Art deco furniture ideas for the home

In the 1920s, intricate lighting units began to be used as a dramatic accent and source of great visual interest, so when options and routes were considered when shopping, Art Deco furniture design that is cutting edge and affordable to boot. You can easily get inexpensive lighting that really makes a room-defining statement. And with the rich and ornate feel of Art Deco furniture design that finally changes the course of history and the use of high gloss light reflective materials, lighting styles have never looked better. Alabaster-shaped and chrome-plated bronze lighting units are relevant to this day, although original designer pieces and found items can fetch up to hundreds of thousands of dollars at mega auctions.

The contemporary spirit of Art Deco design calls for brass, crystal and marble for a look that is decidedly elegant and slightly moody. So opt for large-format lighting units that serve as conversation starters and create a surreal ambience. And use these materials in a room while creating a luxurious feeling of light in your home, as subtle additions don’t really convey the bold message you should be looking for. And best of all, you can easily find lighting units that add a rich feel when you are the only one who knows you were looking for Art Deco furniture on a budget . After all, as the saying goes, “Fake it until you can do it.”

Cabinets and sideboard

Art deco furniture ideas lighting

Consider cabinets and sideboards a must-have for getting the right look while adding more storage units to any room. Even better if you use classic deep mahogany or cedar products with symmetrical mother-of-pearl inlays and details. If you are aware of your budget, using a synthetic case texture like pearlloids (a synthetic mother-of-pearl) is definitely recommended as a viable alternative.

Of course, don’t forget to create a mix of dramatic colors to suit your tastes and preferences. An Art Deco period cabinet and chest of drawers are usually made of high-gloss metallic silver and wood painted black. And you can’t go wrong with sourcing cabinets and sideboards that have some teak patterns on the surface. For an even richer look, look for units finished with a gold-plastered leaf and other natural elements to add a touch of nobility. If you can, take advantage of the grandiose mother-of-pearl in shades of red and brown to pop your cabinet with an intoxicating and dramatic sense of everyday glamor, and voila, you are already on the right track.

Unless you’re considering cheap art deco furniture, deciding on an affordable DIY project doesn’t mean you have to worry too much about art deco furniture materials. However, you need these art deco furniture ideas to transform your home reminding you of the timeless art deco era of the 1920s. We bet you’ll find all of the ideas discussed here useful regardless of how you approach your home decor design.

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