Teen Bedroom Ideas

Teen Bedroom Ideas

inspiring teen bedroom ideas

Knowing that it is not easy for most parents to find the ideal teenage bedroom ideas to keep all parties happy so you can start creating the perfect, inspirational bedroom for your young adults, we’re pulling decorating advice considered to instill a sense of life and style in their daily life.

The best way to start brainstorming teen bedroom ideas is to think about the things your teen really loves. Put yourself in your teen’s shoes and see their bedroom and world from their perspective.

Teenagers tend to have different views than adults. Hence, you shouldn’t expect them to instantly like the bedroom ideas you came up with. So explore the options with them in a way that will encourage them to approach the decor at a young age. You also need to remember that your child’s bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a place where they study and relax after a hard day at school. Check out these fascinating teen bedroom ideas from the Décor Aid team for inspiration on decorating your teen’s bedroom.

Beach view

Beach teen bedroom ideas

A beach theme evokes the ultimate feeling of relaxation, making it a viable option when thinking of the best bedroom ideas to use for your teen’s bedroom. This is also perfect for teenagers who like to go to the beach often. Start by painting the wall in turquoise, powder blue, and white to encourage beach relaxation.

Equip with decorative seashells, surfboards and other coastal-themed extras. There is also beach-inspired wallcovering in case your child doesn’t want neutral walls for their bedroom.

Everyday glamor

modern fashion teen bedroom ideas

Since most teenagers are obsessed with pop stars and glamorous acts, consider adding hints of Hollywood glamor in their teen bedroom ideas. However, this topic is not just about decorating with pin-ups or photos of their favorite pop stars.

Bring bold colors to your bedroom and let them decorate their walls with poppies with posters and wall hangings that evoke their ever-changing tastes. And encourage your teen to come up with their own room decorating ideas to bring this theme to life.

Boho bedroom

Boho teen bedroom ideas

Most teenagers love the bohemian lifestyle and would prefer to use the same look for their bedroom. In fact, the bohemian theme is one of the most popular girls room ideas that we should often think of. And since boho themes are rich in colors, we recommend bringing brightly colored and patterned bedding, curtains, rugs, and vibrant pillows.

Furnishing in a boho bedroom usually consists of rattan ottomans and distressed pieces for luxurious and multi-layered room decor ideas.

Happy sounds

colorful teen bedroom ideas

Another smart approach to decorating your teen’s bedroom is to consider favorite colors. If your child loves a shade of yellow, a cherry yellow might be a good guide, and while it is gender neutral, it works well for bedroom ideas for girls too. However, we recommend exercising caution when choosing over saturated tones for your child’s bedroom.

Overdoing the use of yellow or any light shade can spoil the overall feel of the room and make you tired more quickly. Cut down on light colors by painting the bottom third of your walls white for eye-catching contrast and adding extra accent colors over curtains, bedding, and decor.

Colorful and functional

colorful teen bedroom ideas

Girls often demand a variety of vibrant colors for their bedroom. So if you are looking for girls room ideas to get inspiration, make it colorful and functional. If you go for bold colors, consider pairing them with white beds, furniture, and accessories that will provide your teenage girl with a chic and cozy retreat where she can feel comfortable.

There are also clever ways to add functionality to the kid’s room without sacrificing style. Our designers suggest hanging a wall-mounted television that blends into a gallery wall for a functional and stylish look.

Do not skip memory

Memory teen bedroom ideas

Most parents would agree that teenagers and decent rooms are a rare combination. A great solution to this is to include smart storage options for your teen’s room decorating ideas. And you don’t have to invest in expensive bedroom furniture.

The key is to have places to keep all of your teen’s belongings, even if it’s as simple as a chest or drawer to put their things in.

Pattern plays

patterned teen bedroom ideas

Flowers and interesting graphic patterns have recently become one of the most popular ideas for girls’ rooms. Most teenage girls prefer brightly colored and pastel floral designs for their bedroom. To cope with this, use bold flowers and patterns, and opt for delicate decor too.

However, keep floral designs in moderation to avoid a crowded, overly romantic look. For example, if your pillows are patterned, opt for plain-colored bed linen. And balance all of the elements used in this teen room decor for a visually pleasing and comforting bedroom that your child may love.

For the brave and versatile teenager

versatile teen bedroom ideas

Bold and eclectic teen bedroom ideas often consist of dark color palettes combined with fashion-inspired fabrications and vintage pieces.

You can also use multi-colored bedding, colorful carpets, and patterned wallpaper to bring these bedroom ideas to life.

Fun cottage style

Cottage style teen bedroom ideas

The cottage style may not be the most popular teen bedroom idea today, but if your teen loves the refined and simple charm of cottage decor, consider this decorating style for their bedroom.

You don’t have to stick to the country style interior decorating rules when incorporating a country style look into the kid’s room. Make it fun and colorful by adding charming floral bedding.

Denim look

Bedding for teen bedroom ideas

Most teenagers love jeans. So if you’re looking for teen bedroom ideas, a jeans look might be a good place to start. Since denim is a versatile fabric, this look should also be easy to incorporate. Look for denim fabrications and denim extras.

Hanging beds

Bed styles teen bedroom ideas

If your kids are sharing a bedroom with limited space, using space-saving bunk beds and hanging alternatives is one of the most unique bedroom ideas to get inspiration from

There are tons of resources online to help you with this DIY project. First and foremost, consider the safety of your teens when using hanging beds for your teen’s room ideas.

Hit the wall with bold design

minimal teen bedroom ideas

While most adults would prefer their rooms to be quiet and low-key, most teen room ideas are colorful and full of energy. Focus on walls for a bold and vibrant look as this is usually the largest area in your room.

Hang in individually printed wall decorations, colorful wall tattoos or, if you or your child is artistically gifted, your own works of art.

Keep it casual

inspirational boys teen bedroom ideas

For bedroom ideas for boys, a casual look might prove to be a better idea than looking over the top. If your teen enjoys reading, allocate a corner of their room to create a cozy reading nook. Put a bookcase in one corner, a comfortable lounge chair and table in the other.

Make sure the furniture is simple for a casual look. Choose colors and patterns that make you feel comfortable. You can always change it at a later time if your teen changes their preferences.

Lush and glamorous

glam young adult teen bedroom ideas

Fashionable girls love simple sophistication and glamor. A luscious and glamorous look is one of the most popular teen girl bedroom ideas for chic young women. This look requires the use of luxurious fabrics and furniture.

Invest in ultra-glamorous accessories to complete the look. For example, instead of a traditional table lamp that is common in most teenagers’ bedrooms, you can hang a stylized pendant for a touch of everyday sophistication.

multipurpose room

Multipurpose teen bedroom ideas

Your teen’s bedroom is more than just a sleeping area. When they start exploring their independence, they need a place where they can study, relax, and hang out with friends. For multipurpose bedroom ideas, add a work area and room for your child to lounge around with their friends.

If space in the bedroom is limited, there are plenty of creative room decorating ideas on this address challenge. For example, you can have a vertical work area or place a small bench against the bed where you can lounge with friends.

White Out

white teen bedroom ideas

Who says teen bedroom ideas shouldn’t go all white? If your teen is someone who is great at organizing their room, then an all-white bedroom will inspire timeless girl room ideas. And the great thing about an all white bedroom is that it helps make the room look bigger and brighter.

If your girl’s room is a little tight, all-white bedroom ideas work all the better. To make this look stand out, add a mix of textures and metallic accessories to avoid making the room appear dull and dull.

Keep it neutral

neutral boys teen bedroom ideas

If your teen’s preferred color palette is neutral, start decorating their bedroom with a neutral color. With these boy’s room ideas, focus on using gray, beige, white, and brown. But don’t limit yourself to these colors. And make these bedroom ideas fun and lively by adding a touch of neon and metallic.

The best thing about the neutral colors is that they are not gender specific, which means that neutral colors are one of the bedroom themes that are suitable for both boys and teenage girls.

Preppy prints

preppy teen bedroom ideas

One of the most popular bedroom themes for bedroom ideas for girls is the use of preppy prints. Most teenage girls appreciate fun and colorful prints on their sheets, curtains, and walls.

Start with a saturated color or two like navy blue and deep magenta. You can pair the look with crisp white linens and accent pieces with a fun chevron print.

Timeless pieces

timeless teen bedroom ideas

Your child may disapprove of the idea of ​​decorating with timeless pieces. However, there are many timeless pieces with youthful accents that blend well with the decor of teenage rooms. The best thing about timeless pieces is that you can use them over and over while you breathe new life into the room.

A good example of a timeless piece that goes well for your teen’s bedroom is a classic bed frame painted a natural shade. As your child grows up and you want the room to mature, the bed can simply be painted and designed differently.

Keep it simple and cute

simple teen bedroom ideas

Not all teenagers prefer bright colors and vibrant teen bedroom ideas. Often times, it’s best to keep everything cute and simple. You can equip with fabrications and add-ons that are characterized by a relaxed, uncomplicated design.

If your teen prefers a calming and well-organized environment, invest in smart storage solutions to keep the bedroom aesthetically clean and neat with floating shelves and hooks or a three-tier bedside table.

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