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Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Everyone is aware that Egyptian cotton linens are the finest in terms of quality and experience. But not everyone is aware of the dynamics involved when buying Egyptian cotton bedding. To get the ultimate level of comfort, luxury and quality, you need some tips to guide you in the right direction. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when buying Egyptian cotton bedding.

Thread count

The thread count in a piece of fabric determines the durability and quality of the piece. Genuine Egyptian cotton fibers are known to be long and easily compatible with woven fabrics. Any wire count would do as long as it gives a silky finish. The quality linen starts from a thread count of 180. The luxury thread number starts from 300. The finest and most luxurious linens have a thread count of 1000 to the thumb.


Apart from the number of threads, the finish line on many Egyptian cotton linens and covers is important to consider. While Percale and standard colors are the average choice, you can also lower themselves from the norm and opt for a soft finish or sate for a silky finish. Crease is also distinctive due to its diagonal weave and its resistant to folding. Patterned choices are also not a new choice and since Egyptian cotton is very absorbent, many designs and color choices can be implemented. Plush and luxurious, this is the type of material that everyone should own to enjoy.