Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Cool Furniture

Cool Furniture

With the influx of people into the cities, the residential area becomes scarce and expensive. So people have to deal with the space available. Gone are the sprawling homes with large living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms etc. Now it is the age of the studio apartments or the all-in-one rooms. The designers have risen to the occasion by providing cool multifunctional furniture that is not only practical but also stylish.

New from old

You don't have the heart to throw the old well-used study table handed over to the generations but jute doesn't have room to accommodate it. Do not worry. You can still keep it by having it rebuilt. Designers rebuild old tables to form new functional furniture without getting away from their beauty. The table can be converted into a compact table with the shelves being developed to form chairs! Large dining tables can be converted to form kitchen cabinets with the dining table built into it so that it can expand or be pulled out when needed.


The Ottoman can hold a bed in it and can be converted into a bed or a sofa according to the need of the hour. The latest transformer on the block is the modular kitchen called "Stealth Kitchen", which is really a kitchen in a box and is easy to start. It looks like just a wardrobe, but opens out into a fully equipped kitchen that can keep everything from the hob to the fridge to the dishwasher. How cool is that!!