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Rustic Industrial Living Room

Rustic Industrial Living Room

rustic industrial living room ideas

It’s no surprise that the high-low charm of rustic industrial living rooms has taken interior design by storm. From structural elements and exposed surfaces to industrial-inspired furniture and lighting, there’s no doubt that the rustic industrial interior design is sure to stay here. Bringing back a centuries-old design concept that focuses on mechanical ingenuity and manufacturing while incorporating unfinished interiors and exposed beams is one of the best ways to: a rustic industrial living room to start with.

If you’ve admired the rustic look and want to pursue the same concept for your living room, our senior designers at Décor Aid have shared 8 ways to achieve a rustic industrial living room mood.

Let yourself be inspired by buildings with a historical past

modern rustic industrial living room

To know the kind of industrial details you want for your rustic industrial living room, our interior designers recommend visiting and getting inspiration from these old buildings with a historic past. These buildings could reveal some creative ideas to you that can help you get started with your rustic industrial interior design. Wooden roof trusses, exposed brick walls, and steel pillars are some of the most common elements in ancient buildings that you can use for your own home. Take the time to explore your downtown area and see if there are any old buildings to use for inspiration.

Choose industrially inspired furniture with minimal details

rustic industrial living room furniture

Thanks to the popularity of rustic industrial houses, there are now a large number of furniture manufacturers who have committed themselves to the rustic industrial concept and have produced living room furniture that has a rustic look. Most of these pieces of furniture are made from simple materials with minimal details. Wrought iron chairs can be made more beautiful by adorning them with attractive cushions and throw pillows. Combining lighting fixtures with similar designs and implementing monochromatic colors are some of the best ways to bring the rustic industrial interior design into your living space. If you’re trying to create a gray industrial living room, you can invest in furniture with a monochrome gray theme.

Add your favorite rustic metals

Rustic industrial living room interior design

In times when iron and steel making has become very popular in the US and some other places around the world, the use of rustic metals in lighting and plumbing has played a prominent role. Rustic metals have also been used in the fittings and structural elements of a building. One way to achieve a rustic feel is to use wrought iron and other rustic metals to furnish your industrial living room. These metals would look great in a modern and modern industrial living room too. In addition to wrought iron, other rustic metals such as cast iron, brushed nickel, and copper should also be considered. Again, the key to an elegant rustic industrial living room lies in the mix of unexpected materials.

Uncover the mechanical details of your living room

modern rustic industrial interior design

One of the most famous ideas and designs for rustic industrial style living rooms are mechanical details. For example, you can make your small industrial living room stand out by hanging scissors accordion sconces and pulley-inspired lighting on the walls. The mechanical details of these lights are completely exposed and leave nothing to be desired. Exposing the mechanical workings of these lights is one way to add a rustic feel to your living room. At the heart of rustic industrial living room decor is the raw, impure appeal of keeping things natural.

Combine modern details with old elements

modern rustic industrial house

The beauty of a modern industrial living room is the ability to mix contemporary design with older inspired decorative elements. For example, you can hang modern devices such as flat screen TVs in your living room wall. You can also display your modern television on an open shelf made of wrought iron and wood. Pendant lights that use filament lighting with Edison-style lightbulbs with rustic metals can also help add a rustic feel to your modern industrial living room.

Show your artistic flair through expressive works of art

modern industrial rustic design

Another way to bring the industrial living room ideas into your home is to decorate them with artwork that expresses your creative flair. Murals, bold graphics, as well as painting bold symbols in an exposed wall are great ways to add an instant accent to your living room wall. You can develop your own artwork from the ideas you can find around you, such as: B. literary numbers and letters, symbols, murals and more. Even abstract painting can help turn your boring living room wall into a great work of art. In keeping with rustic industrial living room art, make sure there is a contemporary element – for example, an ultra-slim, modern frame to start with.

Add DIY elements to create illusions

how to decorate modern rustic industrial

For homeowners who aren’t lucky enough to have concrete floors and exposed brick walls, you can rely on your DIY skills to create a rustic industrial living room. In fact, more and more home improvement enthusiasts are visiting their local home improvement centers for inspiration from industrial living room ideas that they can apply in their own home. Check out some faux finish techniques and once you are comfortable with power tools, consider building your own industrial living room decor. You can also create your own lighting fixtures and some other handicrafts that work well for rustic industrial houses.

Consider reusing and reusing materials

rustic industrial interior design

You don’t really have to spend a ton of money to come up with a rustic industrial interior design. There are many ways to reuse, recycle, and reuse materials in your home to create the rustic feel in your living room. For example, if you are thinking of renovating your home, our interior designers recommend using reclaimed wood and metals for the renovation. You can also use components recycled from old warehouses, barns, and older buildings that were recently demolished.

There are now wooden yards that specialize in reclaimed wood and other architectural elements. You might want to visit them for an expertly curated rustic industrial living room decor. Look for materials that you can still recycle to renovate your living room, such as: B. Railway sleepers that you can attach to your ceiling. Using recycled materials for your industrial living room ideas is also a great way to save money. Therefore, it is perfect if you are renovating on a budget.

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