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Kids Room Decor

Kids Room Decor

Interior design for children's rooms

Since you sometimes have to stop yourself from letting your kids take over the entire house, we’ve picked 8 effortless new ways you can keep your interior aesthetics updated with advice from Décor Aid designers on the best interior decorating ideas of children’s rooms to find. When it comes to decorating kids rooms, keeping what you love and committed to how you decorated your home doesn’t have to be a challenge. As with any life changing change, it comes down to fine-tuning the details to make them work when thinking about kids room interiors.

Where do you show this collection of precious Jaime Hayón figurines that you have hunted since working with Lladró without your children frightening you when they are around? How to make it stylish and hide all these toys quickly?

When rethinking the decor of the nursery, you shouldn’t compromise on style because it all depends on how you approach it. Don’t think of kid’s bedroom interiors as a limiting challenge, but rather as a fun, approachable task to get your creative juices flowing. From children’s room ideas for small rooms to inspiration in these rooms – we have everything for you. After all, getting them on the right aesthetic path at any early age with a smart, well-considered interior design for kids’ room can be both fun and inspiring in the years to come.


Child friendly decor

Take a cue from the old school furnishing stores with clear museum gel. I bet you’ve never heard of it, but if art galleries and museums are using it for lighter, easier-to-tumble pieces, so should you. Although the name is a bit of an exaggeration, get the point.

When it comes to fragile parts that are lightweight, there is no need to store your favorite crystal vase or decorative plate. An inexpensive glass is fully removable, reusable, clear, and non-toxic, and can easily secure hundreds of parts. It’s not about hiding what you’ve put into your child’s room decorating ideas, it’s about being careful. And you can still show off your favorite finds while keeping the few decorative items you added to your kid’s room decor safe and in place.

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CREATE sources of distraction

Child friendly decor

Instead of letting your kids comb through your treasured record collection, work on creating functional, attractive, and stimulating areas throughout your house so they can focus on having fun without putting you on alert. When it comes to your child’s room decor, the more creative you are in making them happy while keeping an eye on their zones, the more you will appreciate every room in your home.

Think about your own childhood when you realize your child’s room decorating ideas – what worked? What was missing? What could have made your wildest dreams come true – and take it from there.

Imagine a small room upgrading the tipi while doubling as a secret reading nook and hiding place, or mid-century modern-inspired cell phones and dollhouses to come up with the best ideas for decorating children’s rooms. And since the offspring of Generation x & y inspire the children’s market, the options for the interior design of children’s rooms are implemented better than ever and enable really exciting and unusual conceptual twists in the furnishing of children’s playrooms.

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Child friendly decor

When our designers think of interior design for children’s rooms for our customers, they often use the playful appeal of colorful children’s toys as a starting point to bring bold, expressive fabrications and accessories into your home. Look for durable, easy-to-clean seating alternatives when planning your kid’s room interior and any necessary updates that you will most likely need to make throughout your home.

A genius hack is the introduction of outdoor fabrics as they can withstand spills of all kinds, are quick-wipe, and come in unique colors and prints. In order to keep this antique Persian carpet that has been in your family for generations, we recommend that you keep it at a young age and replace it with a rubberized floor covering that resembles a flat weave and can be easily wiped clean.

The same goes for space requirements – protect your hardwood floors and carpets by looking for inexpensive alternatives to protect every room in your home and visually harmonize it with your child’s room decoration – so there is no big eyesore for children.

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Child friendly decor

Since you essentially want every room in your home to be visually uniform, the interior design elements of your kid’s room should be incorporated wherever they make sense in your home. Bold children’s toys are sure to conflict with your monochrome dream interior. In every room in your home, add clues to items from your kid’s interior decor – both for convenience and to keep everything from looking random, especially in smaller homes.

Just like the core elements of your child’s room decorating ideas, think of how to keep it all together but with a free mind, of course.

Tie it all together by giving the eye numerous aspects to focus on in any room by adding unexpectedly bold and expressive prints and patterns on all possible scales to make the eye jump from area to area without standing up to let in what might otherwise stand out. Take on what you love about your child’s room decor wherever you can so everyone is happy and welcome.

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Child friendly decor

For a recent project in Long Island, our designer Mandy M. presented an ingenious vignette of moveable stools in the cave so that lots of toys can be quickly stowed away and out of sight for entertainment while they work as a footrest and functional table. This way, the endless mountain of toys oozing out of your kid’s room decor can be easily hidden the next time you have an unexpected visitor.

Another great and often overlooked option for decorating kids rooms is to add a traditional trunk or storage box as these also serve as usable surfaces and come in a variety of sizes and styles to add to those pesky, twisted and mangled, yet popular toys hide.

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Child friendly decor

You’ve probably never met a kid whose favorite color scheme is black, white, and gray, or who prefers minimalism, right? When you think about the core elements that go into the interior of a child’s room, think about kindness, care, protection and safety – reassuring, comfort that essentially evokes the essentials. Take advantage of this new era for your family home to invite visual games with the unexpected. If you have a passion for mid-century modernism, or you love collecting mod pieces and pop art from the 60s, you can still indulge yourself even if you think about ideas for decorating kids rooms. After all, which interior design for children’s rooms would not be complete without expressive art?

The styling trick is to find different points of interest in each room to visually tie what you would normally throw for a curveball without putting too much emphasis on too many childish aspects of your child’s room decor in your common areas to inject. This juxtaposition between what you love and what to work around might be challenging, but it can also inspire you to be more inventive while incorporating elements from your child’s room decor that you may not be considering Before thinking about interior design for kids, drew bedrooms.

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Don’t turn your back on fine art

Child friendly decor

Let their young minds find inspiration in the nifty, cherished works of art that you have collected over the years to appreciate the history around them and what it means to you. As you add elevated art to your space, learn the importance of tall, stimulating design by placing objets d’art throughout your home, not just the living room. Even better if you can incorporate powerful pieces from your collection into the interior of your child’s room.

This also allows you to include shots of bold colors and prints that anyone of any age can find joyful and stimulating, and an inexpensive way to add essential decor elements when thinking of kids room ideas on a budget. Since children tend to prefer and absorb visually stimulating landmarks, works of art and sculptures are sure to enliven the interior of your kid’s room, make them playful and thought provoking, and teach them to engage with art and culture. For instant conversation starters and to bolster the young ego, put your own artwork in meaningful frames when thinking about ideas for decorating children’s rooms.

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Child friendly decor

Teach them the beauty of good design from a young age when thinking about ideas for decorating children’s rooms that can nourish them throughout their lives. While you don’t want to create an environment that is limited to just beautiful things, there is a surefire way to forego glaring toys without overly dominating what is going on in your home and your child’s room interior.

A quick look at most of the online mid-level nursery interior design retailers shows that you are sure to find a wide variety of beautifully made natural wood toys that are both educational and enjoyable to look at. The same is true for books, as children’s book design these days often includes contemporary artwork and layouts, making them a great starting point for developing the interior of your kid’s room.

As with any interior design project, your child’s room décor ideas take time to get a well-judged, well-placed appearance and small compromises to keep everyone happy.

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