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Interior Accent Pieces For Small Spaces

Interior Accent Pieces For Small Spaces

Accent pieces of area carpet

Every room in your home should have an item with a “wow” factor. But if you’re a city dweller who lives in a small apartment, you may find it difficult to find accent pieces that won’t take over your entire home. Our senior designers are on the cutting edge and have these tips for accent pieces that make a great statement in a small space.


Accent pieces of wallpaper

If you’re trying to add an accent to a dark or windowless room, consider a new wallpaper. The foyer in this Upper East Side apartment is a prime example. The golden geometric pattern makes the room look bright and fluorescent, although there is no window in sight.


Accent pieces mirror

If you’re trying to make a luxurious statement in your small space, consider adding a floor-length mirror. Not only does this open up the space, it also gives you the opportunity to choose a luxurious and opulent setting. The Art Deco mirror in this Upper East Side townhouse makes the foyer feel more spacious and creates a great entrance for this mid-century home.


Accent pieces of storage

Who says accent pieces can’t be functional? We love the solid teak console in this luxury Upper East Side apartment. Not only does this give this family of four extra storage space, it also adds a luxurious touch to their mid-century living room.

Area rug

Accent pieces of area carpet

If you’re trying to add a dramatic statement without taking up space, consider swapping out your rug. A high gloss option with a dramatic pattern like the ones we placed in this Upper East Side apartment is great for adding a great accent to your small space.

Sculptures as accent pieces

Accent pieces sculptures

Have you ever seen a sculpture in a museum or gallery and wondered how it could fit into your home? Sculptural objects are not only decorative, they are also great for rooms with an open layout. In this gleaming townhouse, we placed one of our customers’ sculptures, a red alligator, between the sitting area and the dining room. It distinguishes the two separate rooms and highlights the dramatic color of the artwork.


Accent pieces of lighting

Think vertically when placing accent pieces all over your home. The hanging lights in this TriBeCa loft are an incredible accent as they match the rustic-chic look of the room and have a breathtaking effect.

Custom made furniture

Accent pieces of custom bar stools

If you want to use an accent piece for the home, consider a custom-made piece of furniture. Custom-made parts can be shaped exactly to the specifications of your house and allow you to demonstrate your personal design style. In this penthouse in Central Park, we made these bar stools from Edelman leather and Pollack fabrics to measure.

Accent pieces ceiling

And when you run out of space to add an accent piece, it’s time to touch up your ceiling. At this Greenwich estate, we added a gold ceiling to the library. It brightens the room and adds a dramatic accent without taking up additional space.