Best Bedroom Colors

Best Bedroom Colors

best bedroom colors 2019

Color trends for 2019 are bold; Any of the colors on this list are sure to have an impact. 2019 seems to be the year that upscale color is all about and where better to do that than in your bedroom – where you spend a lot of time.

After researching the bedroom colors that are popular for 2019, we’ve compiled a comprehensive breakdown of our interior designers’ favorite color ranges. Whether earthy brown speaks to you or relaxing pastel colors stand out, here are the best bedroom colors to consider for 2019 and beyond.

Where do you start when you want to redesign your room with fresh bedroom colors? To help you out, here is a quick crash course that will make updating your bedroom colors with ease:

Explore options –

When it comes to upgrading your home, from a simple room update to a major overhaul, consider carefully the options and explain what you like and what you don’t. After that, it’s time to decide what to keep committed to as bedrooms are often the last areas in a home that people consider room freshening as they are often neglected.

Think about what you currently dislike –

Has the current color scheme of your bedroom unsatisfied you since you last tried to upgrade the room? Or do you find that the current hues inside are not inspiring or catch light in the wrong way? Be sure to write down a list of pros and cons to the new colors that you are considering to upgrade the room with confidence.

Put budget aside –

And stick with it! Whenever you’re planning to upgrade a room in your home, a carefully considered budget will help you define the interior design process while avoiding getting into debt.

Make a solid plan –

After you have completed your bedroom color choices and established a substantial budget, create a fail-safe approach to bringing your vision to life and understanding all of the tasks, aspects, and elements required to transform it.

Free source –

Now that you have a final understanding of which direction you are going, how much it will cost, and how to get there, it’s fun now. When shopping for new furniture and accessories, use the colors of your bedroom as an essential base for guidance to achieve a layered look that feels complete and beautifully designed.

Best bedroom colors for opulence

modern bedroom colors ideas 2019

If you were hoping for something dramatic with bedroom colors in 2019, then you’re in luck. Some of the best colors we’ve seen are extravagant, opulent, and instantly dramatic. For the best colors in the master bedroom, the following bedroom colors are sure to inspire.

There is something earthy and refreshing about these trendy bedroom colors despite their darker nature, which, in addition to their size, gives them a calming spirit. And when it comes to rich, luscious bedroom colors,  the key here is running with them, as they are no fun to approach with a low-key attitude.

See them as indispensable avenues to instant everyday elegance and celebrate them by pairing them with high-gloss, glamorous furniture and accessories that are equally opulent through hand carvings, exquisite materials, reflective surfaces and metallic gold and silver details.

Forest green

green bedroom colors

Forest green bedroom colors have something relaxing and great about them at the same time. An earthy color, a forest green make you feel like you are in the heart of nature, while the bold and effective tone creates an opulent feeling.

This color goes well with so many other colors on this list that the color combination options are endless.

Mustard yellow

yellow bedroom colors

A deep yellow immediately feels unique and unexpected, adding an energetic glow to your bedroom. It’s powerful and confident when it comes to bedroom colors, and it comes to life with white furniture.

Don’t hesitate to use other opulent colors for a really extravagant bedroom. And when it comes to opulent bedroom colors that aren’t for the timid, take a step with a maximalist direction just to bring out the invigorating spirit of a bold hue like mustard yellow.

Refreshing green blue

ocean blue bedroom colors

Blues like this are both botanical and elegant, with hints of green. They have real depth and are comforting and brave at the same time.

They look amazing accompanied by dark wood furniture and are nicely complemented by peach pinks and other soft colors in the pink range. Finish with gold and bronze to highlight the opulent nature of this dramatic color. And since this is one of the most suitable gender-neutral bedroom colors in this guide, you can approach it almost as if it were neutral, as this is an important shade that pairs well with just about any range of bedroom colors.

Dark purple

purple bedroom colors

There is nothing more regal than a plush purple. It can look stunning alongside related hues and can be easily styled with metallics and dark woods.

The rich color of such a deep purple will add a touch of opulence to your bedroom and make it one of the best colors for a bedroom that will add a touch of glamor.

Best bedroom colors for relaxation

relaxing bedroom colors

Your bedroom should be a relaxing place and a place to check out at the end of a busy day. If you want to transform your bedroom into a zen room that encourages tranquility, these bedroom colors are a smart option. And when it comes to calming bedroom colors, the added benefit is that your bedroom will immediately appear larger, brighter and most importantly, more expensive.

Not quite pastel colors (but not too far from pastel colors) are the best colors for a bedroom that you want to consider a luxurious oasis.

Gray green

gray-green bedroom colors

A gray-green is a relaxing color for bedrooms because of its uncomplicated feel and deep tones. Gray-green are soft bedroom colors with a masculine edge that can help create a stunning and relaxing atmosphere.

Combine it with light woods, white and earth tones. It also works well with cinnamon and earth tones, as well as darker and lighter natural colors for bedrooms. Since sometimes the best bedroom colors have a timeless look, gray green is also a gender-neutral option that goes well with any color to create a thoroughly modern feel.

cloudy blue

light blue bedroom colors

A misty blue has the brightness and brightness you need from a relaxing color, but without the abrasiveness of pure white.

It’s a soft color but with a sharp edge that is reminiscent of the sea and a light mist on a clear morning. Plus, it’s a great shade for a home that has an offshore design direction.

Pale neutral pink

light pink bedroom colors

Pink is known for its relaxing properties and as one of the best colors for bedroom colors. A soft pink is perfect for a bedroom and, with its earthy characteristics, is a great option if you are considering relaxing colors.

Sandy Pink looks great with white bedroom furniture and light and dark wood furniture and surfaces. Pale pinks in bedroom colors also help make your bedroom look and feel more expansive, expensive, and ultimately timeless, with a cute, sophisticated spirit.

Gray lilac

gray purple bedroom colors

Grays are still trending in 2019, this time with hybrid iterations. A gray lilac is perfect for a relaxing room – it’s bright, which means that you won’t feel cocooned in your bedroom, but not so bright that it’s tough and bright.

It’s refreshing and soft and the best color for a bedroom with white furniture and bedding.

Best bedroom colors for strong brightness

bright bedroom colors

If you are bored with neutral bedroom colors and are looking for the best colors for a bedroom with a little more vibrancy, there are several clever alternatives you should consider. Timeless neutrals are always in vogue, but if you can’t stand the thought of more beige, these sunnier colors might be just the thing.

They all have a natural hue that only adds to their appeal as the best bedroom colors to brighten and energize your most used space. These colors also express a completely modern and current spirit, and also work well when contrasted with more capricious, darker elements to make an unexpected statement.

Lemon yellow

relaxing bedroom colors

A powdery lemon yellow is a great way to brighten up your bedroom so that it feels like the sun is always falling. Stick to a muted, watery yellow as you should avoid anything that is too acidic and abrasive. 

Soft apricot

Apricot bedroom colors

Apricot tones are gorgeous and make for surprisingly flexible bedroom colors. They have a lot of depth and work well with a variety of other tones and hues, from earthy colors to more opulent tones.

Dark wood, light wood, and white furniture go well with a soft apricot, as well as colored glass and gold accessories. And while bedroom colors in an apricot row tend to evoke autumnal times, our interior designers recommend combining them with a mixture of bold and lighter elements so that the color appears rich and timeless.

Muted red

red bedroom colors

A muted, moody red is a great alternative to oversaturated, darker colors. It has an earthy brown tone, which makes it a pretty lush color full of added depth. That said, it is sure to add depth to your bedroom while also making it appear more moody, larger, and generally more adult.

One of the more classic on-trend bedroom colors, shades of red, add enviable strength to a bedroom, said to bring luck and are so rare that your bedroom colors will remain enviable and memorable for years. Just make sure that adding a fresh coat of paint should be done professionally as red paint can tend to look streaked and watery.

Sunset pink

dusty pink bedroom colors

The calming, elegant and soft tones of a dusty pink evoke a wonderfully calming and luxurious color that can sometimes be unexpected. Keep it versatile and pair it with a traditional rug, lots of wall art and lots of stylish decorative items.

Best bedroom colors for extra earthiness

earthy bedroom colors

Some of the best colors for bedrooms are the ones with the most earthy tones that dictate their design style. You’ll never say brown is boring again once you’ve worked with these colors. Not only are they natural and earthy, but they are also bold and impactful with enormous depth.

Subtle neutrals feel uninspiring for 2019. Instead, take advantage of the bold colors of the master bedroom to redesign your most personal space with extra energy.


Apricot bedroom colors

A shade of cinnamon is a vibrant take on traditional brown and neutral bedroom colors. It adds a touch of fire and warmth to an accent wall or bedding, while also giving you the relaxing feeling you get from more earthy, natural tones.

Dark brown

Brown bedroom colors

For an authentic feeling outdoors, combine dark brown with light and dark green accessories and furniture. Dark brown accents are sure to add depth to your bedroom without overwhelming it, while keeping your room grounded and cozy.

Use it sparingly so that it really sings against the other bedroom colors you have in mind.  


Tone bedroom colors

If you want a stunning and dramatic natural hue, clay is the best color for a bedroom to add extra depth. Tone is a splash of orange, away from brown, and we love the vibrancy that undertone brings to any room.

This would be the perfect color for a space inspired by nature that combines the design with a beautiful earthiness. 

Interesting ways to paint a bedroom

Make it unique with these engaging bedroom color ideas that are sure to spark visual interest in one of your most frequently used spaces.

Color your doors

best bedroom colors 2019 doors

If your bedroom is small and all the walls are being painted, it could seem even smaller. So why not add a graphic punch by painting your doors?

That way, you can get hits in a unique color without having to choose.

Look at the ceiling

best bedroom colors 2019 ceiling

Often overlooked and often viewed as the fifth wall of a room, make your ceiling look taller than it really is by painting it a unique color or creating panels or a pattern to really make it sing.

In fact, black and white stripes are great for making a room as large as possible without being too distracting.

An accent wall

best bedroom colors 2019 accent wall

Another little bedroom painting hack you can use to bring in color is a room-defining accent wall. By creating a meaningful accent wall, you add more visual depth to the room.

Painted panels

best bedroom colors 2019 panels

Give your bedroom a feeling of strength by painting the upper part a moody color. This will make your bedroom look bigger and much more interesting again.

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