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Best Interior Designers Westchester Ny

Best Interior Designers Westchester Ny

Westchester best interior designers interior decorating aid

For your next project, consider these Westchester interior designers …

Elissa Grayer interior design

Westchester best interior designers interior designers grayer

Elissa Grayer Interior Design is an award-winning, high-end, full-service design firm based in Rye, NY. Elissa Grayer has been in the business since 2001, planning, designing, and project management of apartments, homes, and vacation rentals in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida. She strives to create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect each and every customer in an elegant and comfortable way.

Elissa shares the belief that creating a home should be a partnership between the designer and the homeowner. She believes in training her clients, exposing them to the many custom options in the design world, and helping them make choices for their home that fit their budget and lifestyle.

Decor aid

Westchester best interior designers interior decorating aid

Décor Aid modernizes the ancient art of interior design. As one of the leading interior design firms in the country, Décor Aid is transforming the industry by making luxury design effortless and accessible.

During your free personal consultation, your designer will help you define your needs and provide guidance on how to move forward with a detailed quote with no minimum order quantity. Our world-class team of interior designers have been selected from among the most respected companies in the country and bring an unprecedented level of expertise and personalization to each project.

Customers get full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive retail discounts, which are up to 50% off the retail price. These cost savings often exceed our design fees.

Décor Aid’s incredible renovations have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Magazine, and others.

Barbara S. Horowitz design and decoration

Westchester Best Interior Designers Interior Designers Horowitz

As a designer, it is Barbara Horowitz’s true ability to create quiet spaces where her clients can feel cared for and recovered from their very busy and sometimes difficult lives. Barbara’s passion for design not only draws inspiration from her clients every time, it also leads her around the world for inspiration and opportunity to redefine her vision.

Barbara has designed a variety of projects from elegant urban homes to casual weekend getaways and innovative public spaces such as restaurants, schools, corporate offices and synagogues.

BHS Design has been featured in publications across the state of Tri-State such as the New York Times, Westchester Magazine, and Long Island Newsday.

Barbara Sternau interior design

Westchester Best Interior Designers Interior Designers Sternau

Barbara is a home designer with 25 years of experience. Her passion is to work with her clients to create beautiful interiors that enhance their lifestyle and reflect their personal tastes. Whether you’re planning a move, renovation, or renovation project, Barbara will help you define your style, manage your project, and design a home that is unique to you.

Barbara Sternau is a graduate of the FIT Interior Design program and a professional member of ASID. She has been working in full-service home design for 19 years. Sternau defines her style as versatile, traditional design, but she sums up her approach in three words: color, comfort and creativity. If you want to see how this works out indoors, check out their store, The Design Shop.

Karen Houghton Interiors

Westchester Best Interior Designers Interior Designers Houghton

Karen Houghton Interiors has provided sophisticated interior design and homely homes to clients that meet the needs and personalities of their family for more than twenty years.

KHI’s design studio is located in Nyack, NY, where Karen and her staff work on projects ranging from large-scale projects like designing an entire house to specific tasks like creating exceptional window treatments. You approach all projects with creativity and enthusiasm!

KHI is known for the creative and thoughtful handling of textiles and high-quality furniture and is committed to the principle of interior design: “A room must be right for its time, its place and for the people who live in it.”

DeBear Designs

Westchester best interior designers interior designers debear

DeBear Designs is a full service boutique design firm with an extensive residential portfolio. Carol DeBear, founder of the company, specializes in luxury living spaces and sustainable corporate space design.

DeBear Designs has experience in styles ranging from traditional American to modern to modern with contemporary influences and works to reveal each client’s unique style. This can be in the form of custom-made furniture, upholstery or window treatments through Carol’s exclusive industry contacts. Carol’s interiors are luxurious spaces that appeal to the eye with fine details and soothe the mind with balanced design elements.

Gregory Allan Cramer

Westchester Best Interior Designers Interior Designers Cramer

Since 1986 Gregory Allan Cramer & Company, Inc. has created residential and commercial space for a wide range of clients. From rustic chic to ultra-modern minimalism, our team is well equipped for all phases of the interior design and decoration process, regardless of size, style, scope, budget or location.

Every project starts with a thorough consultation to determine the style, needs and wants of our clients. Our talented team will then develop a comprehensive and bespoke plan that, if approved, will result in a beautiful, dynamic and livable space.

With the expert guidance of our team, all of our clients achieve maximum impact on their design projects without maximizing costs.

In addition to the more traditional design work, our team can also consult, specify, install, update, and fix any required (and constantly changing) technology, whether it’s a state of the art home theater or full surround sound system. a wireless home office or an advanced home security system.

The team at Gregory Allan Cramer & Co., Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service, commitment and business transparency to ensure a successful collaboration.

Jacqueline Cutler

Westchester's best interior designer interior designer cutler

Jacqueline Cutler believes that a house should look like those who call it home. She specializes in high quality interiors that reflect and enhance the lifestyle of her customers. Her team carefully listens to the needs and dreams of their customers and translates them into interiors that exude sophistication, style, elegance, warmth and comfort. Some projects start with a room while others involve the entire residence or space.

Good design means knowing when to stop; do not exaggerate or overwhelm, but rather make the customer’s personality shine. After all, it’s all about the mix, not the matching. Cutler designs beautiful interiors that provide a backdrop for our customers to fully enjoy the art of their life.

Susan Marocco Interiors

Westchester best interior designers interior designers Morocco

Susan Marocco Interiors designs elegant, distinctive and comfortable interiors. Our inspiration comes from listening; By merging skills and experience with customers who want and need to develop customer solutions that reflect their tastes and lifestyle.

Susan Marocco Interiors is a full service interior design company with professional staff from ASID – American Society of Interior Designers. who have the training and expertise to plan, plan, execute and manage your interior design project from concept to completion.

Jane Bell interior design

Westchester best interior designers interior designers bell

Jane Bell Interior Design offers creativity and guidance for all aspects of a design project. Jane will help you develop your style and create a timeless interior that reflects you for new home design, renovations, updates or staging. With particular care for the budget, Jane offers various services including: initial concept development, floor plans and built-in design, purchasing and selection of furniture, fabrics and carpets, window treatment design, development of a color palette, and recommendation and supervision of all trades.