Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Montauk Home Redesign

Montauk Home Redesign

Montauk Vacation Home Media Corner

Montauk Vacation Home Media Corner

In this well-known holiday home in Montauk, “luxurious, affordable design” lives on, a principle that was implemented by the design company Décor Aid.

Montauk vacation home living room

As it stands, you’d expect a lot of wood furniture and busy patterns inside, but instead you can find a contemporary and stylish interior upgrade that impresses with its black and white color scheme.

Montauk Cottage Kitchen

Crisp and sharp, the interior design creates a generous canvas for eye-catching decorative accents and bright details.

Montauk vacation rental bedroom

Natural light filling the property’s numerous windows enhances the cool, airy look. And the modern tall windows that lead to the back yard offer views of green and red.

Montauk vacation home coffee table

The unified approach likely helped cut some costs.

Montauk Cottage Sink

In every room there are all the same materials, which creates an elegant, minimalist appearance. Gray wooden floorboards add a new dimension to the white walls with black details.

Montauk vacation home bathroom

You can see how the focus on decor and smaller furniture adds to the clean space.

Montauk Vacation Home Master Bathroom

Unique pieces alternate with classic modernist shapes and designs. New elements of interior design are rare, but a black stair frame underlines the design perfectly.

Montauk cottage bedside table

Each room is so simple and yet each has its own accents that give it character.

Montauk cottage fireplace

It’s not easy to create an interior design that is both luxurious and affordable, but it shows that it’s not impossible.

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