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Sconce Lighting Design Ideas

Sconce Lighting Design Ideas

Sconce lighting fixtures are the ones that are attached to and support the walls. These luminaires are usually covered on all sides and have an opening at the top, which means that the light is dispersed from the top. They are known for keeping dull lights, usually low-powered lights, and are not suitable for bright lighting needs. They get their names from the traditional lighting fixtures in ancient times, which were known for holding torches. Because they are attached to the wall, they could be used in any place in a house except the kitchen. Here are the places where you could fit them in a house.

Living room

Sconce lighting fixtures are good for living rooms, if you prefer low light there. Many places are known to use them in combination with central chandeliers and choose either one or both of them.


The lighting fixture is perfect for bedrooms, especially for people who do not prefer their bedrooms to be lit. This allows you to maintain a romantic setting in the bedroom.


Another place where sconce lighting fixtures are perfect to use is the bathrooms. The agencies in the bathrooms are known for having light especially for them, so all you need is this type of lighting to throw some light. The sconce fixtures are perfect for that and you can also ensure a reduced power consumption.


The ideal setting to fix one of these lighting fixtures seems to be outdoors. Whether it is a balcony or the garden area, the lighting fixtures are suitable for these places.