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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

minimal teen bedroom ideas

While it may seem deceptively simple at first, it does more to make a minimal bedroom feel complete than you might think. While a neat, uncluttered, and modern spirit comes to mind when looking at a minimalist bedroom, the design style doesn’t stop there. Sure, clean finishes and simplicity are surefire symbols when it comes to minimalist bedroom decor, but you will find a lot more freedom than what is available.

Minimalism can provide you with a relaxing, timeless bedroom, as clutter can be surprisingly stressful, often subconsciously. If you want to clear up your space and create a bedroom that is a minimalist paradise, consider these minimalist bedroom design ideas, chosen by the interior designers at Décor Aid as a guide to get you started.

Cleverly hide what you can

minimalist bedroom ideas

When it comes to a minimalist bedroom, no matter how big or small, one of the most important design keys is to hide as much as possible so the area feels sleek and simple. And while many may like a TV in their bedrooms, minimalist decor is sure to detract from it.

And while this can be an expensive investment, smart built-in wardrobes also add value to your property if you’re looking to resell. For inspiration, check out how effortlessly cool the hidden bookcase looks in the bedroom shown above. Sure, everything on these shelves looks appealing to the eye at first, but the bedroom would feel completely different if its contents were always exposed.

Go for monochrome

monochrome minimalist bedroom ideas

Create a dynamic mood by decorating the room with one color. That way, you’ll find it easier to bring it all together, and your minimal bedroom will look brighter and bigger. The key here is to add texture and different shades of clay for the depth you need.

And just because we’re talking about minimal bedroom decor doesn’t mean you can only go with white, black, and gray. In fact, any hue will do as long as you keep the overall effect on the subtle side. Even if it’s a lively shade of red.

Bring low furniture

minimalist bedroom ideas furniture

When in doubt, choose low furniture to make your minimal bedroom feel more like a zen oasis as it is also great for practicing feng shui.

Low-lying furniture also helps even the smallest bedrooms achieve higher ceilings and more depth.

Keep the function key

minimalist bedroom ideas accessories

To achieve the right look, remember that a targeted accessory is essential. So bring parts that you really love and those that are multifunctional to justify their existence.

Go for quieter pieces

minimalist bedroom ideas furniture

When it comes to decorative extras in a minimal bedroom, simple and sophisticated black wire elements add a subtle but stylized touch to give the room an edge without visually cluttering it.

Coordinate your decorative accents

minimalist bedroom ideas color scheme

If you’re bringing in an accent color, stick to three pieces to keep the look consistent, like a blushing velvet bench with blushing velvet pillows to add dramatic flair and personality without overdoing it.

Keep your bed simple yet chic

minimalist bedroom ideas bedding

When it comes to a minimal bedroom, keep your linens simple yet lush. A normal powder-white duvet cover and a casual woolen throw will ensure that you can achieve a minimalist look with ease.

A simple four-poster bed

beautiful four-poster bed

It goes without saying that minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t fill your bedroom with luxury finds. So why not treat yourself to a stunning four-poster bed? A minimalist design means you have less on the walls and less on your surfaces. So a simple four poster bed is a great way to add visual interest and a dramatic focus to a minimalist bedroom.

To achieve the right look, consider chic four-poster bed options in matte charcoal, white, and wood, as well as black and glossy metallics for added glamor.

Floating bedside tables

floating nightstand in the city center

Bedside tables can take up a lot of space in a small bedroom. Floating bedside tables are a modern, space-saving alternative and will help you create the ultimate minimalist bedroom that will feel timeless for years.

You can also  opt for a pair of matching floating shelves and have them installed at a lower height next to your bed so you can use them as bedside tables. This is an affordable and easy to install idea for a minimal bedroom that also opens up the space. It’s much cheaper than a regular bedside table, so it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget.

All white, from floor to ceiling

White bedroom floor ideas 2019

A completely white bedroom is as minimalist as possible and timeless to boot. White as the main color scheme helps create the feeling of spaciousness in your minimalist bedroom. This makes it an essential option when considering the best minimalist bedroom ideas for small spaces. White floors, white walls, white furniture and white upholstered furniture can be effortlessly combined into the purest private sanctuaries.

You are at the height of relaxation in a completely white bedroom, as nothing can distract you. If you already have a room full of furniture that you don’t want to let go of, try your hand at upcycling and painting your furniture a matching shade of white – ideal when you need minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget.

Tonal Shades Of Gray

minimal bedroom makeover ideas

If you’re not a fan of stark whites, different shades of gray can be the answer to your minimalist bedroom design dilemmas. Soothing shades of gray make your bedroom feel simple, but you can also choose warmer tones and use different shades to add the style and definition you want.

Lighter grays also make your room feel spacious, and darker grays make the space feel more intimate. And for a layered feel, combine shades of gray around your bedroom and add texture for depth and a calming feel.

A touch of light blue

how to make bedroom design ideas look bigger

A light blue is a great gender-neutral color that you can use to your advantage to add depth to minimalist bedroom design ideas. It has a calming and refreshing effect and does not distract the eye from the minimalist space you have created.

However, our interior designers recommend not going overboard with a powdery blue – just use it as an accent color. Maybe as a simple geometric pattern on some bed linen? Or a soft shade for velvet upholstery? Let it pop up in small doses here and there, but never let it steal the show and take away from your minimalist bedroom decor.

Light and bright

traditional bedroom for interior design

Natural light can make or break a minimalist bedroom. When you work without natural light, even the simplest of minimalist bedroom designs can feel dark and drab. And for those who want to start their day in a dark bedroom – let in as much natural light as possible or fake it.

This can mean investing in a new window treatment, e.g. B. in venetian blinds or transparent curtains, which are lighter and allow more natural light to pass through. The lighter or more neutral the color of your blinds or curtains, the more light is filtered through. Therefore, choose treatments that are both light and colored.

A paneled accent wall inspired by a wooden chalet

Mid century modern bedroom interior design

A misconception that is often made about the minimalist style is that all walls must be optically painted white. White is certainly a great color for achieving a minimalist look, but it’s not the only option when it comes to creating a uniquely minimalist bedroom.

If you find that white is cold and uninspiring, there are plenty of other options – a wooden chalet-inspired cladding from mid-century modern design is one of them. One of the key aspects of minimalist design is simplicity. What could be simpler and more organic than a wood-paneled accent wall? It will keep your room warm and inviting while giving you the simplicity you would expect from your minimalist bedroom decor.

Nordic minimalism

Mid century modern bedroom interior design

Take a step away from the cold minimalism we are all familiar with and consider a warmer Scandinavian twist instead. Nordic minimalism tends to be more charming and involves more color than sterile minimalist bedroom design ideas often.

Pink and blue stand alongside warmer gray tones and the usual classic white tones. Demure patterns play a bigger role in Nordic minimalism as well, adding a cozier feel to your bedroom with a dose of personality that can be comforting, especially if you’re new to the many limitations of minimalism and want something that isn’t too aggressively Spartan is.

Clear white linen

Feng Shui bedroom ideas for decorating

It’s always tempting to choose linens with a fun pattern or something that looks traditional and luxurious, but a good quality set of white linens is all you need to create a perfectly equipped minimalist bedroom.

White bedding is easy on the eyes and soothing as it doesn’t attract and distract the eye like a loud pattern, and helps make your bedroom feel calm, relaxing, and no frills. A good set of white linens can be an investment, but when it comes to timeless, minimalist bedroom tips, they’re a great addition that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Slim legs

Furniture with slender legs and a slim silhouette is the epitome of a truly minimalist bedroom style. The slim legs allow you to see more space on the floor and on the wall and add to the spacious feel of your minimalist decor when you open up the room. Sleek furniture like this can have a huge impact on how big your space feels – the perfect minimalist bedroom ideas for small bedrooms.

Think of choosing furniture in lighter wood tones and neutral colors that will help expose as much floor and wall space as possible, especially when looking for a new desk and bedside tables as these can often be found in smaller scales in any bedroom design style – also the versatile and maximum for your next complete bedroom upgrade.

White wall art  

purple bedroom colors

If you want to bring fascinating art into your minimal bedroom, there are plenty of subtly chic additions that can be found relatively inexpensively to add the warmth needed to complete your minimalist bedroom. Art doesn’t always have to boast a riot of color that brightens up your wall and makes a bold, colorful statement. Art can be restrained and subdued in color and still offers the desired effect.

By bringing in predominantly white murals, be it a sketch, line drawing, vintage photo, painting, or even sculpture, you instantly give your minimal bedroom ideas the personality they need. In fact, you’d be surprised at how much minimal art is available that mainly focuses on using white while making your bedroom look bigger and brighter at the same time. And the bigger the scale, the better, when it comes to minimalist bedroom decor, there should only be one meaningful piece to focus on.

Ladder shelf

stylish head living room organization

Storing ladders is a great idea for a smaller, minimalist bedroom as they take up little space while also providing plenty of storage space. They also prevent annoying clutter from taking over your bedroom and offer you a practical storage place for tomorrow’s clothes (with valet functions), blankets and accessories such as scarves, belts and jewelry.

However, since ladder shelves give you little extra storage space to work with, there’s no risk of cluttering them with items, and the simple, straightforward design of a bookcase ladder is of course minimalist on its own. They only allow you to store a certain number of things on each surface that you need to keep your bedroom under control. This essentially makes ladder storage solutions one of the top tips for minimalist bedrooms.

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