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Fireplace Ideas

Fireplace Ideas

modern fireplace ideas

Whether you live in Aspen or California, the calming effects of a cozy fireplace that holds everyone in your home together while providing warmth and a joyful spirit cannot be denied. And as the seasons progress, we look at more than 25 brilliant fireplace ideas that can help you bring in pleasant warmth while adding beautiful, practical fireplace design ideas to the value of your home.

To inspire you, we asked our decorators and home renovation experts how to find the best fireplace designs for your home for the ultimate life-enhancing additions. Trust us, these stylish fireplace ideas are sure to inspire you to light a fire, grab a blanket, and get cozy.

And who says the beauty of a fireplace should only be enjoyed in the colder months? We serve hot fireplace ideas that will add a stylish touch to your home all year round.


Mirror fireplace ideas

When it comes to fireplace design ideas that are sure to add instant glamor and extra warmth, a mirror wrapped fireplace is a dramatic and affordable option. That said, if one is still outside your price range, make a classic statement by placing a substantial, well-designed, one-of-a-kind mirror over your mantelpiece for added elegance.

take position

Fireplace ideas make a statement

When it comes to meaningful fireplace ideas, think outside the box with consideration of placement, silhouette, and scale. Note that the room shown here has a color palette that soothes everything, but the chimney shape adds a playful sophisticated touch.

Log memory

Storage fireplace ideas

For space-saving, space-saving fireplace ideas, consider how to store the tools and equipment you need in an attractive way to add even the slightest rustic flair to any room. We like how the room shown here offers plenty of storage space for logs and gives the room a graphic kick.

Understated and minimal

minimal fireplace ideas

Regardless of whether your home is minimal or not, there is something to be said about a simple facade to keep eyes on your new addition rather than its specifics. If you’re looking for brick fireplace ideas that are minimal, you can paint them tonally for an elegant update.

Central placement

Placement of fireplace ideas

Centrally placed fireplace ideas are great for almost any room, even better if you can place furniture for simple conversation areas that will keep guests warm and cozy.

Scandinavian simplicity

Scandinavian fireplace ideas

Get inspiration from Scandinavian design for light and airy fireplace decor ideas. Go tonal and keep it white as you wrap sheepskin rugs and mid-century modern furniture around it to complete the look.

Cabin feeling

Cabinet feel fireplace design ideas

Perfect for brick fireplace ideas. A rustic ambience gives nature and the organic a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

Slim and contemporary

contemporary fireplace ideas

Perfect for almost every home, elegantly stylized fireplace ideas will never go out of style and will hardly need to be updated in the future as they give a room a timeless, sophisticated look. However, if your current fireplace is more different from the classic or the ornate, bring some minimal fireplace decor to tone down the effect of a more intricate fireplace.


increased fireplace design ideas

Raised fireplaces are a more modern approach to fireplace design ideas and are great if you have young children or want to save space so you can easily place furniture underneath.

Elaborate and classic

classic fireplace design ideas

The most timeless of all fireplace decor ideas: if you keep things classic, you can’t go wrong. Even better if your home has a more transitional style.


Tile fireplace design ideas

A more graphic and vibrant approach to fireplace ideas, tiles add a visual impact to a room while allowing for colors, patterns, and play.


Marble fireplace ideas

Another timeless approach to fireplace design: use the organic veins and blemishes of marble to your advantage for an extra visual kick.


rustic stone fireplace ideas

Looking for savvy stone fireplace ideas? Get creative with stone fireplace ideas and opt for oversized stones placed in unique and unusual ways to really make a statement.

Brick can be painted

painted brick fireplace design ideas

Painting a brick fireplace is inexpensive and ideal for keeping your existing brick fireplace intact. Lifting a brick facelift takes little to no time.

A bubble chimney

floating fireplace ideas

Although evoking the spirit of modern design of the 60s and mid-century, floating foam fireplace design ideas always give off a unique and appealing energy and update any room with modern quirks.

Antique feeling

antique fireplace ideas

Another great option if you’re looking for fireplace ideas that either fit seamlessly into the transition design or serve as an elegant source of contrasts, you can’t go wrong with an antique-inspired fireplace as long as it looks well made.

Room divider

Room divider fireplace ideas

Using fireplace designs as room dividers is perfect for dividing up large, open-plan common areas. This is a great way to create intimate conversation areas while tying parts of the space together and keeping all sides warm.

Mid-century modern

Mid century modern fireplace design ideas

Mid-century modern design is one of the most enduring fireplace decorating ideas. It requires either stone or chestnut colored wood panels or a chic bubble option to harmonize the design style.


Ribbon fireplace ideas

The most modern of all fireplace ideas, narrow ribbon chimneys, give a room a bit of cool science fiction, always feel impeccably minimal and take up the least space.

Slim and seamless

slim fireplace ideas

For fireplace designs that blend in rather than inherit a room, take a seamless approach to construction and skip a mantelpiece and decorative elements entirely.


Design ideas for glass fireplaces

Glass-clad fireplaces take all eyes on the fire as they are visually appealing and stylish.


narrow fireplace design ideas

Tight options ensure perfect fireplace ideas in the smallest of spaces and give them an inviting decadence.


covered fireplace design ideas

With kids and animals in tow, covered fireplace ideas for your home can be essential to keep everyone safe and warm. You also avoid spreading your fireplace pit.


oversized fireplace design ideas

When you have ideas for a fireplace, play with size and proportions by going oversized to make a grand gesture if your space is large as a small fireplace may put it off.

Monochromatic fireplace

monochrome fireplace design ideas

Sound-colored fireplace ideas help integrate the feature into the environment to achieve a clean and subtle appearance without going out of style.

Gas fireplace

Gas fireplace ideas

Gas fireplace ideas are great when wood sourcing, lighting, and cleaning is too troublesome as they are much easier to work with, although they may be less cost effective.

Wood stove fireplace

Wood fireplace design ideas

If you’re looking for some charming old-school fireplace ideas, you can tell how cute a vintage-inspired wood-burning stove can look in any room, but even better when it’s in your kitchen.

Outdoor fireplace

Design ideas for outdoor fireplaces

If you’ve been gifted with a common area that opens into great outdoor space, consider fireplace ideas that work outdoors too. An outdoor fireplace gives your home the same value as an indoor fireplace, and it is great fun to create an outdoor fireplace decor for an idyllic, rustic atmosphere.

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