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Office Furniture Ideas

Office Furniture Ideas

modern office furniture ideas

Regardless of whether your office space is large or small, home or commercial, there is no reason why it should not be designed to be inspiring perfection. Of course, office furniture plays a vital role in the design of your office – every office space has its necessary evils – you can’t get away with no desk space, storage space and a comfortable day. Still, office furniture ideas don’t have to be boring. You can come up with some stunning office designs with a little ingenuity and instinct.

Don’t let practicality surpass your sense of style and invite innovative office furniture and bold design into your workspace. But how do you get the right appearance you ask? To help you, Décor Aid interior designers have weighed their attitudes to get the most out of the space you have to work with.

Bring in playful art

artistic office furniture ideas

When it comes to playful and infinitely inspiring ideas for office furniture, you can bring your office and conference areas to life immediately with bold and vibrant art. Go for oversized pieces to really accentuate the space and keep the theme of the pieces off the subject for a really unexpected feel.

Keep it symmetrical

symmetrical office furniture ideas

Whether you’re decorating a small or a large room, when it comes to office furniture ideas and placements that won’t distract or disrupt the flow of traffic in the room, stick to a symmetrical layout.

This will make it easier for you to tie everything together and keep everything tidier as each element has a purpose and its own space for it.

Natural wood

rustic wood office furniture ideas

Natural wood is easy to comfort, making it perfect for office furniture. And since the retro-inspired style is still in trend right now, you shouldn’t have a problem sourcing office furniture made of natural wood with an elegant design. Choose a desk and storage unit with a ’70s feel that use the classic medium brown shade in your office space for the warmth you need.

Combine wooden furniture with a thick woven rug, vintage chairs for guests, or a statement piece of art to tie the entire space together.

Light wood and black  

rustic wood mix office furniture ideas

If you want to create a modern office space where you can relax while working, a desk made of light natural wood with sleek black legs and accents makes for a timeless and chic direction. You can combine a look like this with the rest of your home (if you are designing a home office) or you can go for a broad Scandinavian feel when decorating a large, commercial office.

Office furniture with natural materials that have been made modern offer a nice contrast in color and material and are also timeless. And since there are so many colors and design schemes here, this style of office furniture goes well together – the possibilities are endless.

Storage wall

Storage wall office furniture ideas

If you have limited storage space in your office, a storage wall is a great way to provide you with plenty of extra storage space in an unobtrusive and attractive way. Just as you might have a wall-to-wall bookcase in a living room, your office should have wall-to-wall storage.

This gives you plenty of space for storing stationery and files as well as space for other decorative details such as plants, sculptures and books. If you have a home office, this is one of the best office furniture ideas for your office to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home. Best of all, when it comes to office furniture that is needed, a simple set of shelves or unit shouldn’t cost a small fortune as you can find them easily and cheaply.

Personal lockers

personal storage office furniture ideas

Personal lockers make fun office furniture ideas for storage and are great for keeping daily clutter like coats and umbrellas out of sight. You can also use them to store stationery and other office supplies, or use them as intended. Sleek and sturdy lockers with a minimalist design look great in a modern office, and their universal appeal to cool office furniture ideas cannot be denied.

Choose lockers in a contrasting color to brighten up your office space, or choose white to keep the look sleek and timeless. You can also keep an eye out for retro-inspired or vintage school lockers in thrift stores so you don’t have to spend too much to bring in something completely unique. Storage cabinets not only provide a private area for storing necessities, they also make for a fun and retro addition that will add the much-needed energy to your office space design.

All-white workstation

white workstation office furniture ideas

If you like a straightforward and straightforward workspace, a pure white workstation is for you. Choose office furniture that is 100% white and paint the surrounding walls white too. Install a white floating shelf and let the color come from the files and objects you store here, whether they are plants, files or stationery.

A simple work area like this one with a straightforward modern office furniture design allows you to focus on your work without being distracted by everything around you. If holding an all-white office station seems too much of a hassle, choose a watery, almost colorless gray, as it is easier to keep clean for a neat feel.

Bold, unexpected office chair

Accent chair office furniture ideas

If you want to bring some energy and character along with the feel of your office furniture, then leave that ordinary black chair that you all too often see as part of executive office suites and replace it with something much more interesting and engaging. Be bold and playful and choose a desk chair with an impressive color and silhouette – think of muted saffron, green, pink or orange tones.

Modern office furniture doesn’t have to be boring and cool office furniture ideas like a stylized office chair make your room more pleasant every day. Use the color of the upholstery of your newly installed chair as a space-defining starting point to  bring your space together in harmony. And remember that when it comes to office furniture ideas, style may be key, but comfort is key. So don’t leave either of the two together, as both are vital to creating a smart, yet stylish workspace.

Comfortable sofas

comfortable sofa office furniture ideas

It goes without saying that every office space needs its own area where you can relax and enjoy a little downtime while talking to each other. The need for comfortable conversation areas applies regardless of whether it is a home office or a commercial one. You need to be able to change the scene and allow your mind to switch off and change the direction of your thoughts. There is no better office furniture solution than a range of comfortable, modern and trendy sofas.

Here you can relax and read a book, sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee, or stretch out and rest. Opt for a sofa with loads of comfy pillows and add a coffee table and rug so you can really relax in this room and make it feel complete. However, make sure you bring a sofa that is easy to clean and that will protect it from future stains and spills, so the area stays pristine and looks less inhabited.

Vintage desks + work tables

Vintage desk office furniture ideas

If you’re on a budget but looking for quality construction and lasting style, consider a selection of vintage office tables and furniture to get the most out of your budget. An antique desk decked out with traditional green banker lamps will be a feature of what is usually considered a boring piece of office furniture.

Don’t be afraid to install a large piece of furniture like a large vintage conference table – let it take up some space and plan the rest of your office decor around it. While modern office furniture design requires consistency between furniture, when it comes to achieving a warm and layered look, you can’t beat the feel of traditional pieces temporarily designed alongside modern furniture. Also, vintage scores are often much cheaper than new ones and will make your office space more unique.

Slim monochrome

monochrome office design ideas

For a calming office space, let the stylized yet institutional flair of art galleries and museums inspire you. Office space doesn’t need to be filled with bright and colorful office furniture to create an interesting space. Modern office furniture design can be sleek and sleek with minimal design, giving you a practical and stylish work space that feels timeless. But when it comes to office furniture ideas, we don’t mean monochrome colors just for the sake of purity. After all, it would be nearly impossible and quite challenging to boot.Instead, stick to one main anchor color, which takes up about 80% of the space for consistency, and combine it with up to three complementary colors like standard black, gray, and blue.

Choose dark furniture in black or graphite to highlight a monochrome office space. Paint the walls white or light gray to contrast with the dark office furniture you brought and keep your space filled with practical necessities more than anything. And since this is a work environment we’re considering, there’s no need to fill your office space with fussy decorative items that serve no other purpose than to be attractive. Keep the look simple and economical for the ultimate office decor setup that is easy to organize and doesn’t feel tired just a few years later.

Picture bar

Picture Rail Office Furniture Ideas

It should go without saying, but our interior designers often have floors when they walk into a large office and see that the walls are almost empty. Don’t leave the walls of your office dull, dull and dull. Art has a place in every office space and your own office should be no exception. Use art for inspiration, room-defining color, and a distraction when you have to look away from your computer screen from time to time. Beautify your surroundings by displaying selected works of art on a narrow picture rail so that you don’t mark the wall with holes.

The great thing about installing your selected art on an accessible screen track is that you can easily move it around and add new pieces as the seasons and trends change.  Picture rails are a brilliant idea to keep your office art from getting tired and make it one of our coolest office furniture ideas. Remember that when choosing art, there is almost no one who can find motivational quotes and texts. Even more so, it reads as being made up. So be sure to stick to real works of art and leave out these quotes.  

Wild creativity

creative office furniture ideas

When it comes to creative workspaces, even the smallest details can make a big difference in your daily mood and productivity. If your office space is a place where you need to be fluidly creative, it should be conceived as a space that is infinitely inspiring and where the appearance of the room gives free rein to your creativity. Choose innovative office furniture that allows easy movement and, in addition to being beautifully designed, also serves two purposes.

From whiteboards and cork boards to put your ideas on and pin your inspiration to the blackboard paint to give extra space for sketching and writing notes in and out of meetings, these basics can improve everyday work life. The possibilities for creation are endless in an office environment that is intelligently implemented to effortlessly do what is needed. You just have to be smart with your office furniture ideas. As you work on creative projects, you can think about what to expect from your office space. This will help you improve the process and really define what you need out of the room to get the most out of it to your advantage .

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