Living Room Organization

Living Room Organization

chic storage living room organization

The first step in freeing up space and freeing up your most frequently used common area is to consider the best ideas for organizing living spaces so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable in a stylish and well-assessed space.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to organize a small living room while making the most of the space, or just want to reduce the clutter that has accumulated, these clever home organizing ideas are sure to help you create a surefire system create, that will be hard to beat. To help you on your path to freeing up space, Décor Aid’s interior designers have put together a handy guide that covers the top living space organization hacks so you don’t have to spend too much time searching your space every day.

Rethink the zoning of the living room

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Of course, if there is too much visual going on in one area, your living room will feel cluttered and claustrophobic, even if it’s not smaller. The easy way to avoid this is to rethink the zoning of the areas in your living room.

By zoning we mean the division of your living room into different “zones”, which are determined by the use. This could mean changing your living room organization so that the space is divided into a TV area, a kids’ area, and a reading area – whatever you think best suits your lifestyle and how you want to use the space to your advantage. That said, it doesn’t have to be an obvious separation, instead it could be as simple as grouping chairs around a table to create a well-judged “zone” for entertainment and style.

Dual purpose coffee table

70's retro living room remodel ideas

Coffee tables can take up a lot of space, and that means less storage space, since most don’t have one. So think about how you can effectively combine the two aspects.

A coffee table with drawers or hidden shelves underneath allows you to keep many items out of sight without another storage unit taking up space elsewhere in the room (a great way to organize small living rooms). You can also opt for a coffee table with shelves that can be used to store books and magazines that are easy to reach for. And when it comes to dual-use smart coffee tables, we love how the unique mid-century modern trio above is beautifully designed and easy to move around when needed.

Storage baskets

Wire basket living room organization

A stylish storage basket is a smarter alternative to a traditional storage basket and provides additional home organization benefits that a simple basket simply cannot provide.

Storage baskets can look messy (you can always see the clutter in them) and your space can still look disorganized. On the contrary, storage baskets have a lid so that everything inside is out of sight and no unsightly mess is visible. They can also be stacked to create a side table that can accommodate a plant, lamp, or just your morning coffee – one of our favorite living space organization tips, which in turn serves a dual purpose. However, if you want to avoid blocking the visual space you need in a small living room, these cord storage baskets do just that, while still providing you with plenty of extra storage space for pillows and throws.

Built-in shelves

Bedroom shelves decoration ideas

If you have a niche in your living room, don’t let that space go to waste. A niche is the perfect place for built-in shelving, which is a simple and stylish solution for organizing living spaces.

In the built-in shelves, you can decoratively add additional basket, photos, books and anything that brings the room together with valuable personal memorabilia. But if a built-in shelf isn’t in your budget or you just don’t have the space you need, you can also inexpensively add some classic wall shelves that also conveniently take up less space and style them in a style that suits your home works.

Create tidy surfaces

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The less clutter you have, the fewer living room organization hacks you will need. If you can keep your surfaces free from everyday necessities that create a random look, keeping your living room clean, tidy, and organized becomes less of a mundane.

Have a day off and be inconsiderate with your editing; If you don’t like something, don’t keep it out of sentimentality. And if you don’t need it, why keep it? Limit each surface to a few appealing elements and soon your living room will be a much quieter and cleaner space where you know where everything is when needed. Such living room ideas are simple but effective. You just have to be strict with the reality of what you should really keep.

Bring clutter containers

stylish basket living room organization

If regularly keeping your living room tidy and organized is too much work, or if you’re short on time, our interior designers recommend that you go for routes that hide what you don’t always want to see.

Have a container ready in your living room in which you can dispose of all your clutter in an emergency, e.g. B. when guests unexpectedly drop by – and a beautifully designed storage basket is ideal for this. Before your guests come by, you can put your clutter container away and it will look like a generally tidy and well-organized person. This is one of the smartest home organization hacks solutions that will help you make a better impression right away.

Spend 5 Minutes Organizing Every Morning

Budget-friendly furnishing ideas

5 minutes a day doesn’t seem like much, but when it comes to creating clutter and a tidy living room, 5 minutes a day is all you really need. If you let the clutter take over, it will be much harder to get back in charge of your living room with ease.

However, if you only spend a few minutes a day tidying up your house, you can regain control without having to spend a lot of time at once after things have piled up. Rummage around your living room and remove anything that should be kept where it really belongs by putting them back in their appropriate cabinets and drawers throughout the day, or better yet, right after use. You could even set a timer and see if you can beat yesterday’s time. Call it a free mini workout if you will, but why not make living room organization a fun challenge while you’re at it?

Skip the coffee table

Coffee table alternative living room organization

This may sound like a stretch, as coffee tables are just as standard for a living room design as a stylish sofa. Coffee tables can also end up as sloppy garbage dumps – covered with books, papers, toys and dishes.

Getting rid of your coffee table instantly resolves this problem, which makes your room less cluttered and makes it a stricter (but more effective) tactic when trying to organize a small living room. You think you will miss it, but you will be surprised how quickly you change your habits and forget you even had one. Side tables are a great alternative here as they are much smaller and therefore become less cluttered. Jumping on a coffee table will make your room bigger. However, if you really feel lost without one, our skilled interior designers were quick to suggest going for a smaller coffee table that would allow you to move around the room with ease.

Vertical storage

vertical living room organization

When it comes to space-saving living room ideas that don’t need to cost a small fortune, shelves that run vertically up a wall can help create a chic visual impact and provide additional storage space for items you want to decorate.

Invest in floating shelves for extra storage space as well as visual play and depth. Floating shelves make a great hack as they add space to your living room as they don’t take up floor space and look stylish and on trend too. Matching your walls and shelves can add even more space to your living room – another great living space organization hack that has been made simple and elegant.

Dresser instead of TV stand

Chest of drawers as a console living room organization

TV stands traditionally do not offer much storage space. When it comes to organizing living spaces, you also want to make sure that your device is smartly hiding items that you don’t want to see all the time.

A great way to get around this is to swap out your TV stand for a neat dresser to accentuate the room while adding visual strength. A dresser offers a lot more storage space than a TV stand and is great for stowing all sorts of things, including technical devices and the like. Choose a dresser with a mix of drawers and cabinets so that you can store a variety of different things, and make sure you get one with shelves if you have game consoles that you need easy access.

Petite nesting tables

chic nesting living room organization

Another classic tip for organizing living spaces that is often overlooked in small spaces. Nesting tables have come back in vogue over the years, but they are still a clever invention that will save you a ton of required space.

When it comes to smart ideas for organizing living spaces, nesting tables are great because you can’t cover them with unwanted clutter and they can be quickly moved around the room if necessary. You can be outside when you need them and out of sight when you don’t need them.

A bookcase instead of a side table

Bookshelf living room organization

End tables are not tools for great living space organization ideas because their size and purpose make them not ideal for storage. One way to get around this is to choose a completely different piece of furniture as a side table (e.g. a short bookcase).

This gives you four times as much storage space as before. This clever furniture repurposing is one of our top tips for organizing living spaces as it sometimes pays to think outside the box when you think of clever storage solutions that don’t lack great design.

Storage Ottoman

stylish ottoman living room organization

We love a multifunctional piece of furniture and a storage stool is one of the cheapest of them all. You can store all kinds in it, from children’s toys to books, magazines and general items that create a mess on a daily basis, put your feet up after a busy day, use them as extra seating, or turn them into a coffee table with the help of a tray – that’s living room organization at its finest.

Plus, they’re great for adding pops of color and patterns to even the simplest living spaces.

Storage ladder

stylish head living room organization

A handy ladder-like bookshelf can make for a clever storage hack – lots of things can be stored on a ladder, from plants to books. We especially love the idea of ​​using a ladder to store your cozy blankets and throws (ideal if you don’t have space for an ottoman).

And best of all, they also provide an affordable and timeless solution when it comes to thoughtful tips on how to organize living spaces, as they look so charming and unexpected.

Wall shelves

Book art display living room wall decor ideas

If you have nowhere to stash your books, records, and magazines, installing narrow-edged wall shelves can help you keep them while you display their beautiful envelopes.

They are also a smart and effective way to organize a small living room as they don’t take up space while remaining visually appealing. Plus, when you are able to curate and arrange everything in a well-executed way, they make inspirational decorative extras too. And you can turn everything off when the seasons change to quickly freshen up the living room, which shouldn’t take more than half an hour – if that is the case.

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