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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is one of the ways you can restore the glory of your kitchen, and it is a cheap and simple project that can be done in a few weeks. All that is needed to refinish a kitchen cabinet is the right tools and adventurous attitude to transform your old kitchen into a spectacular exhibition space that someone will love. Here’s a simple guide to doing it.

Remove hardware

The first move to refining kitchen cabinets should remove all hardware with a drill or screwdriver. If you plan to reuse the drawers or hinges, keep them in a zippered bag with a note indicating where each fits.

Clean the cabinet

Use a solution of trisodium phosphate, thoroughly clean the surfaces of the cabinet to be painted to slightly etch the surfaces. This should be done with rubber gloves on. Then rinse the surfaces thoroughly with a sponge and the surface a few times to dry. Screw the surfaces with 150 grit coarse sandpaper and vacuum to remove dust. Mask surfaces around boxes with paint strips.

Start with primer

Coat the surface with primer. If painting with a color other than white, the primer may be colored to suit the overcoat.


Now the doors, edges and one side paint. Paint the box faces and other doors and sides and allow them to dry overnight. Sand the surface lightly with a 220 grit coarse sandpaper and dust the surface then apply another coat.

Replace pull and hinge

Replace the pull and hinge with new ones or use the old ones if you are going to use them. Before the screwdriver pulls from the inside, create pilot holes.

Attach the doors

Get the doors placed in the right opening direction. Screw the upper hinges followed by the lower hinges.