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Tab Top Curtain Design Ideas

Tab Top Curtain Design Ideas

  1. Cut of the right size fabric

The first and the most critical step in creating your own blinds guarantees that they are the perfect size for your window. When cutting the material, make sure they are about twice the size of the window. Make sure you have adjusted and added extra loft on both sides and at the bottom of the curtains.

  1. Check the size of the tabs

Fold the fabric over the curtain rod and pin it to check the size of your tabs. Make sure the top edge hangs about 3-4 inches below the curtain bar. To the measured length of the tab when it is stuck, add an inch to replace the seam.

  1. Create the tabs

Most tabs are about 2 inches wide but you can do your whatever width you prefer. Cut five to seven pieces of material regardless of the width you prefer. Sew long edges together and always turn right side up. If you have plenty of material you can play with the distance and add more tabs.

  1. Finish the edges

Sew the edges of your tab curtain. To create a clean edge, fold over twice and sew a clean edge on both sides

  1. Attach the tabs

What is a tab curtain without the tabs? After finishing the edges, it is time to sew the tabs at any distance, depending on how many you have done. These are very simple steps that allow you to make as many curtains as you like.