Modern Furniture Trends

Modern Furniture Trends

trendiest modern furniture 2019

If you are looking for inspiring modern furniture trends for 2019 fresh from a variety of interior design shows around the world, our Décor Aid team has shared their views on the future. From the best modern small apartment furniture to the cheapest furniture that you can use to instantly update your home, there are plenty of great decorating ideas out there.

With a view to these modern furniture ideas, discover new updates and routes to make your home feel both unique and trendy.

Killer curves

 modern furniture trends 2019

Gone are the days of tight silhouettes, sharp angles and razor-sharp edges. Modern furniture trends are all about inviting curves for a significantly warmer feeling. Imagine rounded, sleek chairs, soft curves on a modern sofa, and smooth and sleek edges on the beds, and basically just about any design element that you can add to your home.

Curves are another way to capture that relaxed feeling inspired by a desire to feel as natural as possible while boasting sensual lines and a graphic kick. Rounded modern furniture is also much more likely to be a worthwhile investment, as by rejecting rigid lines it not only looks stylish but also timeless. The key here is to keep the feeling down as much as possible, as something too curvy will be considered busy and you will eventually get tired before it is ever anywhere near a future heirloom.

Wingback beds

 modern furniture beds

The minimalist modern bed frames of the past have had their day, and emerging modern furniture trends require more ornate and interesting headboard options that are far more comfortable and cozy in design. the wingback bed.

Wingback beds hug your bed in a nurturing way, making your bedroom feel like the cozy hideaway it should be, while adding a touch of stylish design to you. They have a luxurious feeling and make a breathtaking statement. Opt for a velvet upholstered wingback bed to evoke modern, top-quality furniture trends that will last.  

Natural materials  

 modern furniture 2019

With our customers increasingly asking for natural, sustainable materials, it’s no surprise that untreated materials have been made for some of the hottest modern furniture trends of 2019. Natural materials instantly add a human touch and enviable texture, but in a more subtle and less obvious way – that’s exactly why our customers love them so much.

From natural stone to wood to natural materials, modern furniture trends in 2019 require a sense of high touch and are a far cry from the plastics that are often found at fast fashion furniture makers. The use of natural materials in modern home furniture allows you to create a calming and inviting design while giving you the essential feeling of enjoyment.

Retro feel

Retro inspired modern furniture

With retro-inspired designs and modern mid-century decor gaining momentum by 2019, the timeless appeal of modern furniture trends that pay homage to great design moments of the past cannot be denied. Channel the spirit of the 60s and 70s into the interior of your home for a statement that is slightly nostalgic yet remarkably current thanks to design updates that keep your home from looking like a relic museum.

Think of bold play of colors and patterns and the seductive feeling of familiarity, while remaining cozy, comfortable and stylistically collected. In today’s modern furniture trends, neutral colors like brown, beige and gray stand alongside strong greens, expressive reds and piquant oranges to create a breathtaking retro-style room. Remember, however, that while the colors are bolder, they don’t always have to be super bright. Imagine forest greens, burnt oranges, and bronzes for a contemporary statement that’s easy on the eye.Introduce lots of curves with sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and end tables that have a minimal or Scandinavian feel, and consider terrazzo and matte finishes as good choices to keep the look current. And when it comes to modern furniture for small apartments, 

High-gloss metallics

modern furniture materials

As we bid farewell to the recently beloved moment of the rose gold era, the return of modern mixed metal furniture trends makes for a welcome return. As rose gold is coming out and the return of classic gold, brass, and silver will take a moment, we see them being used in more interesting and intricate ways.

Today’s metal furniture looks more sculptural and is used to give otherwise timeless spaces an artistic and organic element – another step towards appreciating natural materials and their feel, which the best furniture trends of 2019 are adopting. Best of all, you can bring high-gloss finds into your home in even the smallest of doses for a quick room freshening that adds that extra sense of everyday glamor without costing a small fortune.

Blush tones

modern furniture colors

Consider soothing blushes for the new neutrals – soft pastels and makeup shades have been heavily emphasized in modern 2019 furniture trends instead of traditional beige and black and white neutrals. This is great because the reality is that blushes are a lot more fun and unexpected than beige. The choice of colors allows you more freedom to explore your design directions to create a truly unique home.

Blush and make-up tones go particularly well with grays, whites, and less simple neutrals. So, you’re sure to find that they go well with your current color scheme and modern furniture ideas. They are visually soft and plush and look good against bold statement tones that are also trendy at the moment. Blush hues make for great modern dining room chairs as they add a playful spirit to an otherwise uncomplicated space. Just look at how good they look in this stunning project we recently created. If the chairs were upholstered in standard colors, they would have a less dramatic and unforgettable impact.  

All-out Art Deco

modern furniture ideas 2019

With a nod to brilliant old world elegance and a penchant for everyday glamor, the return of Art Deco-inspired living style and decor makes for many welcome updates throughout your home. And it makes sense, as the return to the design era goes perfectly with the metals and geometric patterns that pop up when looking at modern furniture trends.

You won’t regret taking the spirit of a modern home to the next level with a mix of striking Art Deco style – imagine lots of glass, dark surfaces, shimmering metallics, bold symmetrical patterns, and extravagant colors. You can keep art deco elements to a minimum, or you can adopt the style and go all out with a space completely art deco inspired.

Organic forms

modern furniture art ideas

In addition to curved lines and rounded silhouettes, modern furniture trends evolve the decor from the rigidity of square and rectangular shapes for a more organic approach. We take inspiration from the natural elements of the world around us and see increasingly interesting shapes and styles that remind us of the more fluid and effortless elements in nature.

More asymmetry, smoother lines and more natural materials are used to create stunning furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Organically shaped coffee tables made from dark wood, glass, and gold metal are a particular favorite of our interior designers, as are comfortable chairs with smooth, flowing lines. Think of ambiguous silhouettes, artful touches, and loads of asymmetry. 

Geometric pattern

best 2019 modern furniture

You might wonder if it ever really went out of style, but the unexpected geometric patterns our interior designers discovered were downright fresh and inspiring. A renewed approach to geometry is reminiscent of the bold geometric prints and patterns of the Art Deco era and makes a great statement. They can be as obvious or as subtle as you like, with conversation start patterns livening up your furniture or a more relaxed pattern adding the much-needed texture.

Bright geometric patterns are also great for patio furniture as their bold and fun prints will brighten your outdoor space. But for the ultimate ideas for modern furniture, our interior designers recommend using an intoxicating mix of layered prints to unleash your full power to get a real room-defining statement. The trick with studied juxtapositions is to explore and experiment until the look feels just right. Even better if you are able to make modern furniture a little less fresh and sterile and more vibrant and full of personality.

Velvet upholstery

modern furniture velvet

We couldn’t get through a list highlighting the best modern furniture trends for 2019 without mentioning velvet, as its popularity has never seemed to wane since its return. Velvet is everywhere and for good reason; It’s luxurious, plush, bold and pretty much every style of chair or modern sofa looks all the more luxurious in silky velvet. From neutral and blushing tones to bolder jewel tones, velvet upholstered furniture gives any room a sophisticated allure. In addition, it is inexpensive to purchase, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Give every room a calming liveliness with a meaningful velvet sofa in a warm yet calming color or define the room with an atmospheric and cozy color like timeless gray or black, which serves as a visual anchor for the room. With just a quick first glance, velvet easily evokes a luxurious spirit. So if you want to create a sense of strength and warmth, velvet fabrications can create a regal feeling in any shape, from upholstered furniture to floor furniture, ceiling curtains to flocked wall coverings. 

old wood

modern wooden furniture

When it comes to sustainable interior design, one of the easiest approaches is to go for reclaimed and recycled materials to reduce your impact on the environment. One of the best things about using reclaimed wood furniture is that it has a charming story to tell, with each piece having its own story. In addition, they often have worn patina and fine signs of natural distress. The nature of this wood often means that it looks rougher and more hewn, which gives your furniture a comfortable and homely feel.

The team has reclaimed wood with berry tones and warm neutrals to give your home decor a soft and homely feel. With strength and character, we are currently seeing this in modern furniture trends. Think of a modern dining table with a large piece of wood and a unique shape to define the space. And for the perfect transitional mix, combine this natural wood top with a state-of-the-art metal base, which is flanked by modern dining room chairs that are characterized by a contemporary finish such as velvet or a textured silk knit. 

Pastel Scandinavian

modern Scandinavian furniture

Our interior designers turned away from the bright and bare modern Scandinavian furniture trends that we have seen for nearly a decade, and quickly noticed the heavy pastel colors that finished off modern 2019 furniture trends with a refreshing twist. That said, we’re not saying that light woods and shades of gray will go completely out of style as they will always be timeless. But instead of keeping the look subtle and calm, consider introducing calming tones that border on the feminine to make the design style much more unique.

Polished leather, earthenware, and soft natural materials; Soft blue tones and pastel pink, lilac and green also dominate this modern furniture trend. These tones are earthy, but not as rich or aggressive as an eclectic or bohemian design direction would require. Think about how you can bring in unexpectedly muted colors without creating a strong juxtaposition in a room. To do this successfully, consider adding pastel notes in the smallest dose, e.g. B. a new lampshade, a touch of water pink in a framed print that adorns a wall there, or use throws and pillows that you can easily swap out as the mood calls for. 

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