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Kitchen Interior Design Trends

Kitchen Interior Design Trends

2019 kitchen trends

Last year we saw a revival of the all-white kitchens, stainless steel countertops, and granite countertops. However, 2018 seems to be developing into a year with completely different trends. Designers show that they are not afraid to add color, mixed metal fittings and new, innovative countertop materials to their kitchen. Our designers have compiled a list of the upcoming trends in interior design for kitchens. Read on and follow our kitchen interior design guide for a trendy kitchen for 2018.

More color in the kitchen

Kitchen interior design trends colorful kitchens

While all-white kitchens can add a sense of class and sophistication to your home, designers everywhere are predicting that 2018 will be the year kitchens get more color. Despite its charming properties, a completely white kitchen can appear cold, sterile and devoid of personality. If you’re trying something new or want to keep up with the latest trends in home design, go for warm, inviting hues like red, bold yellow, and earthy green.

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Wallpaper-like tile

2018 kitchen wallpapers kitchen interior design trends

Scalloped tile and subway tile have drawn the attention of designers and homeowners in recent years, and this year, wallpaper tile designs are emerging as a trend for tile kitchen interiors. These models come in a variety of patterns and colors and are a great way to add much-needed color and character to your home. At the same time, they are more durable than the actual wallpaper. They can wipe clean and offer functionality and style, a combination that is hard to find when considering how to pop your walls. These simple kitchen design tiles add extra flair to a backsplash or statement wall. Check out the magic in these wallpaper designs.

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Define kitchens in open floor plans

2018 kitchen floor plans interior design trends

Open floor plans are fantastic for opening up small kitchen spaces. Despite this plus, we’ve already seen a move away from open floor plans, and in rooms with them designers create a defined area that stands out from the rest of the living space. In an open floor plan, you can define your kitchen area by swapping out the floor, re-tiling the walls, or even adding half a wall unit. 2018 home design trends It’s about the kitchen of your home being more than just the place where the food is prepared. Read our expert advice on remodeling and defining your kitchen.

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Special chopping stations

Interior design trends of the kitchen chopping station 2018

There is nothing wrong with the average counter height. This is ideal for everyday meal preparation. However, if you prepare and cook for special occasions and more people than usual, the counter can be limited. So when the time comes to free up space in your kitchen, keep up with the latest trend in kitchen interior design and add your own chopping station to your kitchen. If you cover the chopping station with marble, you can easily integrate it into existing surfaces, be it as an addition or as a contrast. These special locations are typically lower than the other surfaces. However, our designers say this is not a rule other than making sure the height is correct and efficient for you.

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Antibacterial countertop

2018 kitchen antibacterial countertop interior design trends

2017 was a year in which many home cultures were inspired and integrated by new technologies. Although 2018 interiors are turning back to nature, technology is driving forward. One futuristic design trend that is expected to be huge this year is countertops made from antibacterial materials. Through a process called photocatalysis, Porcelanosa Grupo was able to create a countertop that not only eliminates bacteria on contact, but also purifies the air. Imagine! A counter that kills the bacteria while you prepare your family’s chicken meal. Be sure to look out for technologies that help make your kitchen cleaner and more efficient. As with most technology, we are sure that this will be something big.

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Dining tables in the kitchen

2018 dining table kitchen interior design trends

Kitchen islands are a simple kitchen design idea that can be used to add more counter space to the heart of your home. Despite their popularity, many homeowners and designers choose to place dining tables in a kitchen, especially those with limited seating. Compared to islands, a dining table makes dining more intimate and gives everyone a chance to disconnect from the conversation over dinner. How exciting can the conversation be when you are all looking in the same direction? Dining tables can still serve as counter space and are more welcoming to your guest.

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