Decluttering Tips

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Now that “spark of joy” has become a popular buzzword thanks to Mari Kondo, we’re looking for tips for your home that require a little common sense and practicality to master.

From room to room, discover which D├ęcor Aid interior designers find the best ways to make the most of the space you have to work with.

For your entry

Tips for clearing the entrance

Discover what is in the area. Since daily life can be hectic and people tend to fall and walk into their entrances, sift what is already sitting there, who knows how long? From random buttons to the phone charger you’ve been looking for, you never know what you will come across that shouldn’t be there at all.

Create a designated landing area – keep the area from a handy end table to a pretty sideboard tidy and place whatever should be there. And skip open shelves as it is best to stay hidden here.

Bring storage space – think of covered baskets, elegant hooks and collecting trays to store the essentials.

In your living room

Tips for suppressing interference in the living room

Bring Stylish Storage – The best way to keep things tidy on a regular basis is to use as many attractive storage solutions as possible to keep everything out of sight.

Organize every aspect – For a well-considered feeling, comb through everything in your living room and explore what can and should stay.

Edit + Repeat – Instantly update the look of your living room with a thorough edit and move things around to make the space feel new.

In the dining room

Tips for debugging in the dining room

Create Dining and Serving Stations – Bring a sideboard or buffet that you can use to store dishes while also serving as a surface for displaying decorations and food.

If your dining room is a multipurpose area – If you are using your dining room as a work station, consider how you can effectively remodel the space if necessary, e.g. B. with new storage functions and places where you can stow your work.

Tips for interference suppression for your kitchen

Tips for eliminating interference in the kitchen

Clear counter and pantry clutter – again; edit, sort and repeat. From letting go of long-expired food to creating a system to make it easy to find everything you need. Good sorting in your closets and pantry will produce helpful results. And if it doesn’t have to be on your counter, find a suitable place for it.

Edit your cookware and tools – your kitchen likely has a trash drawer full of weird gadgets and tools that you may have only used once. If you don’t see yourself again, let go of her.

Streamlined Source Storage – Since nothing is more inspiring than a trip to the container store, browse merchandise for as many stylish storage options as possible that will come in handy in your home.

In your bedroom

Tips for debugging the bedroom

Update Table Tops – From your dresser to your bedside tables, go through what’s up and think about what’s important each day, what’s purely decorative, and what can go. This, in turn, can make prepping and tidying up a lot easier.

Zone by Use – Editing and decrypting group similar items together for better tracking and easy access when needed.

Edit Your Closet – To better keep track of the clothes you have, go through your closet each season, rethinking what is worth keeping and what to let go of to make better use of your closet while avoiding what you should go for.

No More Wire Hangers – Opt for wooden hangers instead for a more adult look that will also help your clothes age better. And sort everything by color and time of year so that you can easily get ready in the morning.

Bring Valet Parking – A cute valet parking or a designated area to store the day’s clothes will help keep everything off the floor.

Tips for eliminating interference in the bathroom

Tips for debugging the bathroom

Rethink Toiletries – Create more space by combing through toiletries and throwing away what you really don’t need or use. And move the more attractively packaged products forward.

Bring new, intelligent storage solutions with you – From room to room, nothing beats attractive storage solutions to cleverly hide what does not always have to be outside. You also always know where everything is.

Clean Up Those Switches and Cabinets – After you’ve let go of what you don’t need and put in new storage units, keep these switches neat and tidy to create the feeling of a luxurious getaway where you can relax.

Study or home office

Study tips for suppressing interference

New File Sorters – Know where everything is when you need it by properly organizing all of your documents in file containers that keep everything out of sight.

Catchall Trays – Again, there’s nothing nicer than a fancy tray for keys, loose change, and random things like paper clips and other things when it comes to things you would normally put in a trash drawer.

Editing Furniture – Since most people create home offices with furniture from other rooms, as well as hand-me-downs and used finds, investigate what works and what is there for no particular reason. Ultimately, having a better-looking workspace will help you stay inspired and more productive.

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