Interior Design Updates

Interior Design Updates

Whether you live in a cold region or not, there will be a moment when you will get stuck inside thanks to the uncompromising weather that should be used to your advantage. And with temperatures expected to be a minus 40 degrees in the Midwest this week, we asked the interior designers at D├ęcor Aid for helpful interior updates that you should try out if it’s just too cold outside.

Here are some inspiring ideas to make the most of your indoor time this winter – from a fresh accent wall to a tidy event for the whole family.

Show your plants a little more TLC

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Since they can sometimes be neglected, now is a good time to care for and clean your plants. If you have the time and the tools you need, upgrade them to larger pots so they can keep growing.

Make sure your plants move a little closer to the windows and keep them away from drafts and heating vents so they stay alive all winter.

Wash your pillows

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Another neglected necessity in many households is pillows that are not cared for often enough. If you’ve invested in quality pillows instead of replacing them, why not wash them?

That way, you can be sure that you’ve got them rid of dust mites, allergens, and debris. And if you’re not sure it’s time to swap them out completely, test them out by folding them in half. If they don’t bounce back, they’re not worth cleaning and storing.

Update storage solutions

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From your kitchen to your bedroom, now is a good time to freshen up your storage solutions for a more organized home. Plus, you never know what forgotten parts you might come across that you can actually use right now.

Re-edit everything

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If the placement of something has bothered you for a while, it’s also a good time to survey your home and see what to do while considering what decorative cues work.

This also helps in tidying up and tidying up your home in a more methodical way.

Move parts

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After spending more time indoors than usual, you are bound to feel a little crazy and tired of your surroundings. Use this feeling to your advantage and reconsider your existing furniture placements.

Perhaps a cherished chair could work better elsewhere, or perhaps this table would serve you better in your study. Use this time to discover new perspectives on your home decor and get a quick room freshening up that won’t cost you a penny.

Frame and hang these prints

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We’ve seen it over and over, even in our own homes – unframed prints that have been tucked away for almost no good reason. Stop hesitating and bring your home to life with freshly framed prints that you held back during assembly.

And when it comes to getting to those interior design updates that you’ve postponed, if you’re stuck indoors with no other options, why not use the time to your advantage and give it a try?

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