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Net Curtain Design Ideas

Net Curtain Design Ideas

History and Types of Net Curtains:

Net curtains are semi-transparent and translucent window curtains that are usually made with a masked fabric. They are also known as clean curtains. The material used to make them has a clear and crystalline quality to it. It's perfect for use when you want sunlight to flow in through your window while allowing privacy. They do not have good insulation power, so they are best used with a regular curtain. They were introduced in the 18th century and were originally made of silk slip. But these days, mesh curtains are made of polyester. There are various types of net curtains such as Voile, Cafe and Jardiniere net curtains. The dummy curtains are woven and are sold in different colors. It has the same purpose as a typical net curtain and is made of cotton. The cafeteria's curtains are used to cover the lower half of the window. It is used in kitchen rooms and the rod used is placed within the frame of the window. The Jardineiere net curtain is full-length curtains and is curved.

Measurement for net curtains:

To calculate the drop length, measure from the top of the window to the exact point where you want the curtain to end. The curtains usually come in regular drop sizes. This gives you a true and fair view of how much mesh you need to buy. The fullness required is twice as large as the measurement of the window width.