Luxury Living Room Ideas

Luxury Living Room Ideas

Luxury living room design ideas

Since there’s something to be said about a well-reviewed, well-appointed, raised living room or common room, we’re looking for easy-to-use practices to enhance one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. However, luxury living room interiors are not always about investing in the most expensive things.

It is definitely possible to make your living room look more luxurious without spending a fortune. As a central feature of your home and often the first thing visitors see, your living room should reflect your own tastes and personality. Our interior designers at Décor Aid are here to come up with home design ideas that can help make your space look more luxurious, even on a budget – right now.

Introduce unexpected textiles

Luxury living room ideas

An easy way to change the look of your living room is to decorate it with interesting textiles via colorful vintage rugs, rugs, throw pillows, pillows and more. And you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on great looking fabrics. Search flea markets and vintage stores to find out if you can buy an antique Turkish rug that sells at a bargain price or used vintage rugs that are still in great condition.

When choosing a main fabric like a statement rug, make sure that the overall look and color scheme of your interior design are coordinated. Opt for pieces with an unusual and interesting print. In this way, the unusual design of the textiles gives your room a unique element and makes it appear more personal and luxurious. You can also add coziness to your living room by adding a vibrant textured throw over a sofa or chair.

Bring sculptural extras

luxurious interior of the living room

To make your room look more luxurious, consider adding structural elements to your living room interior. Instead of the usual circular shapes or straight lines, look for furniture with an unexpected silhouette or for pieces with interesting shapes or design qualities. Think of shape as a key element in the luxurious interior design of living spaces as it can have a profound effect on the subconscious. Therefore, integrate interesting sculptural objects in your living room, even in small doses.

The interior designers at Décor Aid recommend that you measure your living room. If you only notice straight lines and square edges, consider adding rounded and organic sculptures to your living room. They also recommend avoiding a careful approach to experimenting with interesting shapes in general, as they also create the visual interest of the eye to focus on any idea of ​​a luxury living room.

When you think of sculptural shapes, the options are endless, from rounded chairs to circular pendant lights and abstract art objects. The possibilities are endless.

Hide your TV

Luxury living room interior design

Search a catalog or website of today’s luxury living rooms and you will quickly find that most of the time they have little to no equipment – including televisions. For starters, even the smallest flat panel displays are a waste of design property when turned off, and second, while they may be essential, there’s no denying that they’re a thorn in the side. If you don’t like the idea of ​​removing your TV, try to at least disguise it, as nothing detracts from the feeling of sophistication in a living room than having a massive TV with centralized equipment.

Use clever methods to hide your TV from mirrored doors that can help hide it and from sliding wall paneling. However, if your budget is insufficient, you can visually minimize your TV’s presence by developing an art arrangement or gallery wall around it. This does not make your television disappear completely, but it can be seamlessly integrated into the artwork behind it and distracts the eye. Make sure to not only hide your TV, but also hide the pesky wires and cables that could make your living room look drastically sloppy.

Opt for a large-format wall decor

modern living room interior design art

Hanging large format wall decorations is one of the best living space design ideas to make your space look luxurious, especially if you are on a budget or have challenges adding conversations with decorative extras. For this luxury living room interior design keyword, the best approach is to create a focal point that will add a wow factor to your living room by hanging an oversized piece of expressive and beautifully framed art. There are tons of oversized wall art pieces that will suit even the lowest budget, adding value to any room and adding a sense of simple sophistication.

When looking for oversized wall art, our interior designers recommend looking for pieces with a chic and impactful design that will turn heads and start conversations. To save money on this luxurious living room idea, keep an eye on the local bazaars, flea markets, and thrift stores. Look for great works of art that are selling at very reasonable prices. If you are artistic enough, you can create your own one of a kind oversized painting. This is also a great way to add your own personality to your living room interior.

Play with mixes

eclectic interior of the living room

It’s fun to play with juxtapositions of texture, color, and shape to get the effect you want for your space. If you’ve done it well, mixing different materials and textures is one of the best living space design ideas to make your space look elegant and sophisticated. Try mixing glass, wood, leather and metals together with a variety of textiles and other decorative items to create a dynamic and inviting look for your living space.

Although a layered and thoughtful mix of textures can make your interiors look luxurious, you should be careful when incorporating various dynamic elements into your living room interior. Make sure to carefully select each piece and material with a machined eye, trying to make each piece work together and complement each other’s color and design. Otherwise, your living room could look messy, which completely defeats the purpose of creating a luxurious interior design for the living room. For example, you can combine the softness of velvet upholstery with the grainy earthy texture of a wooden coffee table. By playing textures against each other, you create a sense of depth in your interior design that creates a brilliantly crafted, varied mix.

Show heirlooms

how to decorate a modern living room

Nothing gives a room a sense of luxury than a beautiful, rare antique. These finds often have a patina that cannot be restored by any modern furniture manufacturer even in your favorite furniture store. And again, this is another item that you don’t really have to spend a fortune on this interior design idea. A simple, effective trick is to search a used or discount store for items that look like you picked them up at a vintage store in Paris.

Large home accessories like oversized mirrors and bulky lamps are great, but a few small accessories will do as well. If you are patient enough, you should be able to find small antique boxes, vintage wall sconces, and antique picture frames at vintage hangouts. According to our experienced interior designers, anything that exudes vintage flair should work wonders. So keep an eye out for these flea markets as you may find something to incorporate into your luxurious living room interior design.

Keep it simple

Interior of the Scandinavian living room

Remember that a crowded and well-equipped living space is far from luxurious. When it comes to home design ideas, the last thing you want is to find a space that looks messy and disorganized. So try to simplify everything when decorating your space.

Downsize your decor and remove unnecessary items while you carefully edit. Keep those pieces that have sentimental value or that evoke special memories. And remember that a well-organized and simplified living space is what makes a luxurious interior of the living room.

Update your lighting

modern living room decor lighting ideas

Add a sense of lightness with a variety of lighting fixtures and candles that add different tones of light to a room for the ultimate in luxury living room design ideas.

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