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Home Design Trends

Home Design Trends

Luxury living room design ideas

With every new year new trends and fashions in interior design are added that need to be considered and even reconsidered so that you can update your home with confidence and ease. Last year we saw a surge in customer inquiries for rose gold, subway tile, and exposed lighting as these were some of the top home decor trends of 2018.

But with a new year, new decoration patterns and ideas come along with stylish, timeless pieces for fresh accents of classic styles. And as our interior designers recently discovered, 2019 will bring some fantastic home design trends that need to be taken note of. Read on and watch out for these interior design trends that our seasoned designers believe will find their way into your home.

Handicraft devices

Design trends for artisanal fittings

As with custom orders, many interior designers have noticed a shift in lighting and have found that more of our clients are interested in facilities from local artists and small businesses to create unique environments.

Artisanal lights with a handcrafted feel personalize your home better and, like natural elements, help shift the focus of the eye in the room to create a calming and welcoming feeling.

Image via: Gabriel Scott

Natural elements

Design trends natural elements

If we move away from the tech-obsessed decor trends that dominated the design trends of 2018, in 2019 we are leaning towards fresh, natural materials like Stone, copper, concrete and granite.

These elements help to give an organic and calm ambience to any room while reflecting the world around your home. Get some ideas on how to do it Add natural elements to your urban residence Here.

Image via: South Shore Decorating

Velvet furniture

Velvet design trends

Believe it or not, velvet was considered old-fashioned and stuffy and is now seen as a luxurious and soothing manufacture. This multi-dimensional fabric has already attracted a lot of attention and has drawn numerous interior designers to take an interest in velvet decor as it will be one of the most sought-after trends in interior design in 2019.

Let yourself be inspired by the selection of our designers Velvet sofas consider.

Image via: French By Design

Floral pattern

Floral pattern design trends

This classic decoration trend has always been around, but for the coming year the flowers have been thoroughly refreshed and modernized. And you too will see flower patterns in a new light soon enough.

Decorators expect exaggerated proportions, playful scales and contrasting colors to refresh this timeless decor pattern.

Image via: DigsDigs

Copper accents

Copper design trends

Rose gold was one of the most watched decor trends in 2018, but in 2019 we’re expecting less rose gold and more copper accents, as well as a mix of other metals and surfaces.

With its red and orange tones and the overall earthy hue, copper offers a much-needed breath of fresh air for the new year. Don’t forget to read our guide Metallic objects in your home.

Image via: Michel Arnaud

Richer color palettes

Design trends colors

Although muted colors can help keep rooms from feeling overwhelming and visually heavy, our interior designers believe 2019 will be a year when bolder colors are preferred.

Richer hues throughout your home can make your muted and natural-colored furniture and decorative elements instantly reappear and feel new. Look for dramatic reds, flashy pinks, bold yellows, and lush greens.

Image via: Jonathan Alder

Brass decor

Brass design trends

2019 will be a year when we say goodbye to stainless steel, chrome, and polished nickel and welcome brass accents to our homes.

Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel accents and will add an everyday sense of elegance to even the simplest of spaces.

Image via: Interiorzine

Black and white decor

Black and white design trends

A really timeless design trend. Black and white furniture should be on your list of trends to incorporate into your home decor for 2019 and beyond.

The visual contrast of black and white gives a sense of balance and boldness to the feel of your home while you give it a graphic punch that is timeless. Do you need inspiration? Read our tips on decorating Black and white.

Millennial pink

millennial pink design trends

This trendy shade, which was a huge hit in 2018, is getting a lot of attention again thanks to its wonderfully modern feel.

We’ve already seen this pink hue find its way into home decor and fashion, but for 2019 be prepared to incorporate this hue in new creative and unique ways to easily add decorative accents, inventions and wallcovering to any room to update .

Image via: Style & Minimalism

Tonal reds

red color design trends

In the past few years we’ve seen interior designers and clients alike take an interest in cooler colors like blues and greens. We are therefore pleased that there will be warmer tones for the new year.

Tonal reds are a great way to add extra contrast while also creating the warmth you are sure to create Your home feels more inviting and stimulating.

Geometric pattern

geometric patterns design trends

Similar to floral designs and brass decor, the inclusion of geometric patterns is not a new trend. However, for the New Year, geometric patterns are expected to gain a dramatic presence. The colors are bolder with oversized patterns.

This is a trend that is becoming Help make a bold statement in each room. A chic and easy way to incorporate this pattern into your home decor is by adding geometric throws.

Image above: House of Turquoise

Concrete accents

concrete accents design trends

Some may wonder why concrete left the construction zone, but 2019 will be the year it enters many home cultures. A clean, clean look that’s easy to add to Concrete isn’t just for countertops.

Geometric concrete tile is growing in popularity, combining two of the hottest design trends of next year into one stylish piece.

Image via: Real Style New York

Vintage lighting

Vintage lighting design trends

A trend that will shock many when they return to the New Year. The vintage lights we expect will be less exposed lighting and more vintage followers Wall lamps2019 will be a year when trendy designs come together in harmony.

Image via: Pinterest

Bucket sink

Bucket sink design trends

Bucket Sink, also known as trough sink, is added to the list of vintage design trends that are expected to make a massive comeback over the next year.

These farmhouse-inspired pans are family-friendly and add personality and a touch of nostalgia to any kitchen or bathroom.

Image via: Pinterest

Burned yellow

burnt yellow design trends

This shade of yellow used to be considered too overwhelming and dramatic, but for the coming year, the bolder, the better. Yellow is a color that exudes happiness, confidence and joy.

Whether used in accents or statement pieces, burnt yellow will make your home feel comfortable in 2019. If you think this is a risky color, check out our designer guide yellow accents

Image via: Home Edit

70s chic

70s design trends

With many old design trends like velvet and geometric patterns coming back into vogue in 2019, our designers expect many allusions to the 1970s era. The chic ’70s decor consists of warm palettes, funky textures, and abstract silhouettes.

When you incorporate this trend into your home it will give everyone an amazing personality Living room or bedroom design.

Image via: Trend Scout

Agate wallpaper

Agate wallpaper design trends

Many seem to be staying away from wallpaper in general, but 2018 was a year when wallpaper was used in more households. 2019 won’t be any different, and it’s all in print.

Agate wallpapers make a splash in their pops of color, and their natural, uniformed lines and colors perfectly combine the bold and natural trends we expect for 2019.

Matt surfaces

matt furniture

From beauty products to bespoke automobiles, advances in technology have made matte finishes all the more enticing and practical. Compared to the dramatic effect that high-gloss surfaces create, matt surfaces give the furniture a more relaxed but futuristic look.

Take this sleek console brought to life by a sensational combination of yellow and periwinkle. In a more traditional color combination it would have turned out to be standard. And if it were given a gloss finish, it would turn out to be overly loud. Instead, thanks to its matt patina, it gives every room a calm feeling of dignity and grace and remains ultra-cool at the same time.

To achieve a similar effect, look for matte furniture with unexpected hues and silhouettes, or choose a classic design, if a piece is finished with a matte technique it will stay cool forever.

Four-poster beds

iron four-poster bed

Although they weren’t in vogue since the late ’80s, we’ve seen a steady increase in customers requesting updated settings for large four poster beds. It could be that hotel-inspired bedroom suites have been all the rage for the past decade, or it could very well be that people are looking for the ultimate calming oasis.

Either way, minimalist four-poster beds are available in an endless variety of options. And since they usually have a sleek silhouette and elements, they can now easily fit into almost any room without appearing obtrusive and unnecessary.

To get a job done in your bedroom, follow suit and get yourself a four poster bed that is calm and sleek to make sure it doesn’t take up too much space or ever go out of style.

Image via: Murals Wallpaper