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Carpet Trends

Carpet Trends

on trend carpet ideas 2019

With the carpet comes character, texture and undeniable warmth. Gone are the days of wall-to-wall carpets in a standard color that is only fresh for a few years – luckily the world of carpets has come a long way since then. Which pile is trending? Which colors? Which patterns? Which designs? Carpets are becoming an indispensable design rather than a simple necessity. Muted hues make subtle statements, along with artisanal carpet trends and of course the required fringe. To inspire your next home décor move, we reached out to Décor Aid decorators for information on the best carpet trends for 2019 and beyond. So you can bring every room in your home to life with inspiring design.

Gelato colors

Pastel carpet trends 2019

We’re not suggesting that you decorate a room in your home to look like a tub of Neapolitan ice cream, but some of these calming shades of ice cream are back in style. The unexpectedly fun colors you see in the ice cream parlor have been seen all over the latest design shows for good reason because they look timeless. Gelato-inspired tones are livelier and more expressive than pastel tones and provide a minimum yet playful interior accent.

The key here is to use the soft tones to your advantage as a base for visually heavier furniture, such as a black accented table or a lively sofa. But really the best part of this carpet trend? With colors this subtle, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your investment as they will never go out of style.

Luxurious entrances

Foyer Carpet Ideas 2019

It should go without saying that your entrance is the first impression people get when entering your home and that it should be designed to represent your best self. Mostly, however, the entrances are left with a boring selection of carpets in order to hide dirt brought in from outside. Put an end to it and bring along living rugs for the ultimate statement while you continue to work to ensure practicality.

After all, your entrance decor should be just as luxurious and decadent as the rest of your home and serve as a preview of what lies ahead. Don’t be afraid of brighter colors for your entrance area and don’t succumb to a commercial carpet just because you know it’s durable. But bring personality and allow yourself to bring some fun into your foyer as you pick up on the best carpet trends of 2019.

Geometric pattern

colorful carpet trends 2019

As timeless as they are, geometric patterns were revisited at the design shows thanks to fascinating new settings with carpeting. And while these aren’t exactly new carpet trends, geometric patterned carpets are a great alternative to solids and flowers.

Expect bold designs with a vibrant and colorful pattern that is a trend that is trending through carpeting trends. Dark carpets with a geometric pattern in a contrasting lighter color are the best options, but we also like the gold tones and pastel combinations that are becoming increasingly popular from season to season.

Ample carpet

earth-colored carpet trends 2019

When exploring carpet trends in 2019, it was surprising to find so many larger options available at different prices. Rugs that stretch across rooms over a wooden floor are sure to create a cozy and comfortable space (perfect for living room rugs). Large carpets are inviting and luxurious and add the highest level of luxury to your room.

A full size rug allows you to take a well thought out and thoughtful approach to decorating any space. Just make sure it doesn’t take up all of the space as you could run the risk of it appearing smaller than it is. Instead, let the room be well considered and balanced by keeping it at least three feet from the walls.

Earthy tones

minimal carpet trends 2019

Earth-tone carpets are a safe bet as they can be easily combined with any type of design style, from traditional to eclectic. They also go with a spirited retro feel. Rich and natural, terracotta hues, warm green, woody brown and deep blue add additional charm as well as autumnal orange, gold and muted red tones.

Earthy, natural tones make for smart carpet trends from living room carpets to bathroom carpets as they help make a room appear larger and brighter. Choose a rug or rug made from a natural material to compliment the earthy tone.

custom made

handmade carpet trends 2019

Yes, you could easily buy an off-the-shelf rug at a store, but a bespoke rug can make a huge difference in any room. If you opt for an exclusive, tailor-made carpet, it will be specially tailored to your room according to your specifications.

You can always tell when a rug doesn’t quite fit into the room and you’ve only selected the largest rug available, even though you know it’s not really enough. Instead, make a wise investment and have a bespoke rug made for your home that is sure to last a lifetime – you won’t regret it.

Courageous mix of colors

bright modern carpet ideas 2019

We can’t get enough of colorful carpets which is a good thing as they stay with us all year 2019. A vibrant mix of colors gives many of the best carpet trends with some carpets a heady feel to play with up to 15 different colors.

Jewel tones will still be going strong with the 2019 carpet trends. So embrace them and throw away a rug with more color than you usually want. How about a retro vibe with shades of brown, gold, and oranges in a vibrant pattern?


Fringed Carpet Trends 2019

We currently love all the retro-inspired vintage trends and the ’70s-inspired rugs with fringed rugs add an enviable eclectic feel to any room. Fringes on the edge of a carpet in a contrasting color give a room an unmistakably chic and vintage flair. By now you know that such small details can make all the difference.

A rug in a neutral color with contrasting fringes in a more vibrant color will add some interest to your floor space and is a great option for bedroom rugs. Even better, however, were the options that add even more visual interest through the fringe, such as the rug highlighted below. Even in a completely bare room, a carpet with fringes immediately creates a lively attitude to life and a visual appeal.

Low pile

chic carpet trends 2019

As warm minimalism continues to take the design world by storm, low pile carpets remain a major carpet trend as they make a subtle statement in any room. We don’t see a lot of deep pile or soft carpets as the best models available are most likely low pile and ultra slim.

Low pile carpets tend to be a little more durable than traditional deep pile carpets. Gone are the days of the traces of the vacuum cleaner and the unsightly traces of the furniture. Low pile rugs are also much easier to clean and maintain, so you can spend less time cleaning your bedroom rug and more time admiring it.

Wall art

framed carpet carpet trends 2019

If you thought carpets were only for the floor, then you thought wrong. Rugs can also become beautiful works of art, especially when you’ve achieved a delicate and highly collectable vintage-vintage rug that is too old-fashioned to be used as a flooring.

Of course, you should always choose a style that suits your design style, regardless of whether the carpet trends highlight geometric patterns, earth tones or bright colors, take an unexpected direction and show your cherished carpet as if it were a beautiful work of art.

Layer carpets

Bedroom layer carpets

If your space feels a little dull, uninspired, and incomplete, adding color and texture by overlaying carpets is a great way to bring your space to life while also getting the best carpet trends for 2019. Light-colored, patterned, and boldly layered carpets are sure to add a pop of color to any room, while something finer still brings in the impactful color and warmth you need.

Combine strong woven rugs for additional play of patterns and colors or a quieter diamond or stripe pattern for something finer. Texture is also a brilliant way to add depth to a room – a soft sheepskin rug is eye-catching and a large woven rug opens up a room and keeps it visually interesting.

Make a statement with layers of bold patterns and open up a room with a light but lush rug or beautify the room with vibrant flooring. The sky’s the limit when it comes to layering carpets, and whether you need to know how to layer carpets in living rooms or carpets in bedrooms or hallways, this is an easy carpet trend to master.

Outdoor carpets

Color scheme for outdoor decoration

Since outdoor furniture has come a long way since the return of minimalism, it was only a matter of time before designers considered what an outdoor rug could do. As with any area, outdoor rugs provide an undeniable feeling of comfort and warmth and can help tie your outdoor furniture together while serving as the foundation for the area.

And when it comes to outdoor carpet trends, our interior designers are more exploratory than beginners, suggesting challenging yourself with a seriously bold and decadent color, similar to the ocher carpet shown above. Here, the colors reflect the upholstery of the outdoor seating and channel the spirit of the great outdoors with a timeless, yet personality, saturated color.

Kilim rugs

best carpet trends 2019

Kilim rugs are perfect for channeling the cool Scandinavian decor and are known for their bold patterns. They’re often available in bright, upbeat hues, which makes them statement pieces and can help offset the chill of a pure white room with lightness. We love how the structural play shown above features adorable graphic shapes.

Whether you’re looking for the best carpet trends for your bedroom, dining area, office, or living room, kilim rugs are a great way to add a splash of vibrant color and visual interest to otherwise deliberately neutral spaces. And like many of the best carpet trends, they will never go out of style. However, make sure that the carpet you get has colors that you can live with for the long term because you don’t have to replace carpets as often as you would with a pillow or accessory, for example.

Striped carpets

2019 carpet trends

Alluding to the spirit of the ’60s Mod, striped carpet trends returned to the visual game to make a bold and substantial statement. Striped carpets go well with any design style, but are best suited to mid-century modern approaches as they perfectly reflect the mood of the era.

When it comes to short-lived carpet trends, striped carpets are sure to never go out of style and make a room appear more expansive than it is. Even more decadent when you use a striped rug as a juxtaposition for a brilliant mix of prints.

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