Expensive Home Look

Expensive Home Look

Gray living room sofa

Buying a room full of expensive furniture and accessories does not guarantee that it will look elegant and high quality. And designing a space on a tight budget doesn’t mean it looks cheap. To achieve a rich, sophisticated look it is necessary to add key pieces and apply some styling tricks instead. Read our designer tips to create an expensive look no matter your budget.

1. Eliminate interference.

Before doing anything else, clean up and clean up unnecessary items. There are certainly exceptions to the rule, but in general less is more. For example, it looks more conscious and thoughtful to display some special pieces like a vase and a sculptural object than to cover the surface of your coffee table with a pile of tchotchkes.

2. Add compartments

Instead of displaying books, items, or flower arrangements directly on a console or coffee table, Style them in a tray. Whether acrylic, metallic or glass – trays provide a more sophisticated look.

3. Get a luscious blanket.

Even if you don’t have a high-end sofa, the piece will instantly lift if you put a luxurious blanket over it. Think of faux fur, cashmere, a heavy knit with a contrasting texture. The toss doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to look and feel rich.

4. Hang up the curtains.

Flanking your windows with a series of curtains will make them look bigger and the space will look more polished and sumptuous. Just make sure the curtains extend from the floor to the ceiling – curtains that only cover the window have the opposite of their intended effect.

5. Keep the frames consistent.

If you’re hanging a gallery wall or a series of pictures, the use of matching frames – like white wood or silver – creates an upscale look. And if you are matting the frames, make sure to choose the same color for them too.

6. Go beyond simple pillows.

A quick and easy way to make your sofa look more elegant is to add some luxurious pillows. Instead of looking for simple, solid cotton fabrics, look for tailor-made details, high-quality fabrics and details like embroidery. Also, change the sizes and shapes so they aren’t all exactly the same, like a larger square pillow with a low rectangular pillow.

7. Update your lampshades.

You don’t have to buy all of the new lamps to get a high-end effect, but you may want to replace the shades. Replacing tapered lampshades for bright, clear drumshades will make your space look fresh and modern, and if you keep a consistent style it will look clean and consistent. For extra, rich detail, add an end cap to the top of your lamps.

8. Rethink lighting.

If the only source of light in your room is a ceiling lamp, you are sabotaging your space. Instead, layer your lighting. Try options like a pair of matching lamps on a console table or flanking your sofa, sconces or ceiling lights to highlight art, a floor lamp next to an armchair, and an eye-catching chandelier. No matter what you choose, be sure to illuminate your room with warm, layered light from different heights and angles.