Keep House Plants Alive In Winter

Keep House Plants Alive In Winter

Keep plants away from heating slots

We love our plants. Not only do they act as a wonderful decoration, they also purify and purify the air in our houses and apartments. But winter is coming, and chances are your plants aren’t designed to withstand freezing temperatures. If you want your precious green friends to survive until spring, follow our nine steps to keep your plants alive during the winter season.

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Move plants closer to windows but not too close

Plants Window Winter Photosynthesis Winter

As the days gradually shorten, your plants will receive less natural sunlight. To take advantage of the available sunlight, move your plants closer to a window. But don’t move them too close. If your windows are frozen over, make sure your plants are clear of the glass so they don’t freeze too.

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Clean your windows

clean window plants photosynthesis winter

And if your plants are closer to the windows, be sure to keep the windows clean to let in as much light as possible. The extra light will help you and your plants stay healthy and happy until the weather warms up.

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Dust off your plants

Wash dust plants in winter

Show your plants a little DC and wash off their dirty leaves with a damp washcloth. Not only do they look better, but they can also absorb light more efficiently, which is especially important this time of year.

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Add artificial light

artificial light bulb winter plants

When it’s getting dark, place an artificial lightbulb over any indoor plants that show signs of winter clothing. It will keep them alive longer and hopefully brighten your day too.

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Keep your home warm

Plant temperature warm winter

If you still need a reason to turn up the heat, your plants will last longer in warmer weather. Most plants prefer a daytime temperature between 65 ° F and 75 ° F and a nighttime temperature between 60 ° F and 65 ° F. Anything below 50 ° F and your plants will begin to suffer.

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Maintain the humidity

Plant moisture winter

The ideal humidity for plants is between 40% and 50%. If you live in a colder climate, winter humidity is likely around 10%, which means you need to make up for this. Although it is often said that misting a plant can make up for a lack of moisture, the best way to keep your plants moist is to use a humidifier. Leave a humidifier on while you are away so you can return to a room with healthy and beautiful plants.

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Keep plants away from drafts or heating vents

Plant temperature clumps drafts heating slots winter

In addition to keeping the plants at the correct temperature, you should also make sure they are not blasted by inconsistent or extreme temperatures. It is important to keep your plants away from cold drafts or heating vents, especially in winter.

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Get new planters

Concrete planter plants winter

Okay, maybe this one isn’t really helping your green little friends. But if you bought your plants during the warmer months, you may have placed them in pots that reflect the warmer times. As winter approaches, consider upgrading your planters to something more seasonally appropriate. Concrete planters are a personal favorite of ours.

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Water your plants less

Water plants less winter

A common misconception about plants is that additional watering can make up for less sunlight and lower humidity. But don’t make this mistake. While you should still be diligent about other aspects of plant life, if you skip a pour or two, you can rest assured that they will be fine.

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