Saturday , 2 December 2023
Get Your Mudroom Right

Get Your Mudroom Right

yellow rain boots

The first rainy day in autumn made us think about how we can best prepare for the coming weather. It can be as small as an umbrella stand and a glorified folding chair (or whatever you want to frame it), but a dirt room is an essential space in a functional home during the cooler, wetter months we will endure. We’ve rounded up some things to consider when designing your personal mud room / area, as well as some beautiful projects that we admire. Read through the DIYs and let us know if we’ve missed anything.

Keep these points in mind:

– Determine the space

– Fight wet floors

– hang things up

– Add seats

– Integrate storage

– Do it in style

Hanging rack in the entrance area

Hanging frame entrance area design

Determine space – A hanging frame creates a floor under the coats for boots and scarves with shawls via Sweet Harmonie.

Umbrella stand entrance area decor

gray wall entrance design

Minimalistic entrance decor

minimalist design of the apartment entrance

Classic apartment foyer

urban apartment foyer design

Stone Boot Tray

Hiking shoes stone bowl storage idea

Baking tray boot tray

Baking tray shoe rack storage idea

Zinc boot tray

Zinc Boot Tray Mudroom Decor

Boot box

Boot box storage idea

Grass Boot Tray

yellow rubber rain boots

Graphic accent wall in the foyer

hanging closet pattern wallpaper hallway design

Wood decor in the foyer

Wood curtain rod mudroom decor

Bench in the entrance area

white bench mudroom design

Gallery wall in the foyer

orange front door gallery wall entrance

Mudroom storage ideas

Vintage bin shoe storage idea

Storage unit in the entrance area

white Ikea storage unit hallway design

Vintage hallway design

Vintage map art hallway design

Wall art in the entrance area

London signage wall art

Vintage bench in the entrance

Vintage gymnastics vault bench

Wooden bench seat in the entrance area

Wooden bench art exhibition on shelves

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