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Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Cheap Home Decor Ideas

cheap home decor ideas

When you need quick fixes and affordable decor to make your home look and feel more luxurious but with few clues, these notes, chosen by interior designers at Décor Aid, will inspire you. Take advantage of these clever, inexpensive living ideas to get the most out of your home for the least amount of money.

When it comes to affordable living ideas, sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity. Whether you are running out of cash or need a quick fix before a renovation, these home decor tricks are sure to inspire you.

A fresh coat of paint

cheap home decor ideas fresh wall paint

A simple trick for home decor, but one of the most effective is getting a coat of paint. Adding a layer of fresh paint to your home will make it feel new and it doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive either. Pick a clean, fresh color (off the shelf is always cheaper than customizing) and update your walls. White is often the cheapest color and which home doesn’t look good in white?

It might not be your dream decor, but it will make a world of difference when updating your home for sale or just looking to freshen up your space. Such furnishing tricks will brighten up your home without the high price tag.

Different door colors

cheap home decor ideas door color

Doors are often forgotten when it comes to inexpensive living ideas. Changing the color of your doors can make a huge difference to your space, and changing the color in this way has a big impact as well. If you have light walls, you may want to choose a contrasting dark color for your doors, such as B. a shiny dark blue or even a black.

If you like a softer and more neutral color palette, paint your doors a muted beige shade or perhaps a blush. Painting your doors a different color gives your home a unique asset – something different. Who said that affordable home decor should be predictable?


cheap home decor ideas upcycling furniture

Upcycling is all the rage right now and is a great way to upgrade your home decor without the expense of new, expensive furniture. A fresh coat of paint, some varnish or a touch of furniture wax updates a piece of furniture in no time at a fraction of the price of a brand new item. Of course, when it comes to home decor, furniture makes a huge difference. So if you can fill your home with great novelties, your place will be unrecognizable in no time.

The great thing about upcycling is that you don’t waste anything and you create pieces that are 100% unique and personal to you.   

Real estate sales

cheap home decor ideas real estate sales

Real estate sales are a great way to find some great deals. Often times, when people get rid of a household full of furniture and fixtures, they find a bargain price. Just make sure you don’t get into the hustle and bustle and run away with wild furniture that you don’t need in your home.

Take the time to grab your tape measure to make sure everything you are about to buy will fit in your space. Property sales are a great way to find inexpensive home living ideas and you will have a blast going through them.

Chair rail

cheap home decor ideas chair rail molding

A chair rail gives any room a distinctive upgrade, especially if you have plain walls and want to do something to add a bit of character to your room. Chair rails are a great, inexpensive home decor solution, they’re inexpensive to purchase and not too difficult to install yourself, which further reduces costs. You can even buy moldings that you can glue directly to the wall, saving you the hassle of a hammer and nails.

Paint over and under the chair rail with different shades of the same color to make your room even more impactful – this is one of the most effective of our inexpensive living ideas that will make your room look infinitely impressive.

Feature lighting

cheap home decor ideas statement lighting

Installing feature lighting is great for low cost home decor ideas as you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great effect from a statement lighting. We’re pretty sure you’ll be surprised how little you need to spend to make a big impact on feature lighting.

The lighting can completely change a room. So when it comes to cheap home decorating tips, this one is one of the most effective. Choose a large, powerful light that brightens up the room, or choose interesting pendant lights to create the necessary depth and warmth in a room.

Vintage store finds

cheap home decor ideas vintage furniture

You will be amazed at what you can find in a vintage or thrift store when you want to update the look of your home. Cheap NYC home decor is easy when you find the best thrift stores. From mirrors to art and home decor to furniture, thrift stores are full of great finds if you are ready to go through the trouble and look for them.

Make sure you browse regularly as the inventory is constantly changing and you don’t want to miss any good finds. There are tons of well-made finds out there to bring your home up to date on a budget – thrift and thrift stores offer the ultimate cheap tips for decorating your home in unique ways.

Paint your ceiling

cheap home decor ideas painted ceiling

Everyone forgets the ceiling, including leading architects. Counted as the 5 th wall, it shouldn’t be disregarded, leaving a dull shadow of a fad painted white – do something else and use this (one of our most popular home decor tricks) and paint your ceiling a different color. Definitely keep the rest of your room a plain color but make a real impact with this overhead cheap home decor.

Pick a color or paint graphic panels that will match the rest of a room, but don’t be afraid to go for something bold and bright. As you know, a fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable home decor ideas (especially if you’re into home improvement), and your home will feel like a completely different room.

DIY artwork

cheap home decor ideas DIY artwork

A great way to update the spirit of your home decor is with expressive artwork. However, works of art can be notoriously expensive, costing a small fortune for just a few simple pieces. A quick fix for the cost of artwork is to turn artwork into cheap home decor by creating it yourself. Look throughout your house for inspirational pieces that could make for stunning art – think of prints and posters you’ve piled up, draw covers, pages from books or magazines, children’s artwork, or dry flowers, press and frame them.

You can get picture frames from discount stores for next to nothing and frame your artwork in an interesting mix of frames. Another cheap home decor trick is to paint mismatched frames so they’re all the same color to give your artwork a sleeker, more uniform look.

Decorative display shelves

cheap home decor ideas shelves

Affordable and easy-to-install shelves can be picked up at virtually any homeware and hardware store at very little cost, making them a great, low-cost home accessory solution. Affordable home decor that makes the most of wasted vertical space is no better than shelving. Install various shelves to create the desired effect in your home, from long shelves to the wall to display your precious possessions, to boxes. Shelves to display books on staggered shelves to create a special feature.

You might not think that extra storage space and extra shelves would make for a stunning and affordable home decor add-on, but the results will really speak for themselves.

Curtain panels from floor to ceiling

cheap home decor ideas floor to ceiling curtains

You can easily have attractive and affordable window treatments anywhere, but even better if you opt for full-length dramatic panels that let in as much natural light as possible.

And if you want to make a small room look bigger, consider expanding the width of your windows for a statement faux look that makes you feel like you have a luxurious wall of windows that you know you have been twice considered if you opt for darker panels that also cover the walls on each side.

View your treasured collections

cheap home decor ideas display collections

Most of the time everyone has a valuable collection in their home that speaks volumes about their lifestyle and passions. And when it comes to cheap home decor routes, why not use yours to make your home feel even more complete?

When it comes to affordable home decor, nothing beats add-ons that you are truly passionate about and proud of showing off.

Wall coverings

cheap home decor ideas wall coverings

Thanks to innovative new printing techniques, wallpapers and covers have come a long way and look even more inspiring.

Best of all, they can completely remodel a room with ease as they have become more DIY-friendly when it comes to installing them too. Just make sure you choose a print or pattern that you will be happy with for years to come and that will not affect the resale value of your home.

Plants and flowers

cheap home decor ideas plants and flowers

If you’re looking for cheap home decor, there’s nothing like invigorating plants and fresh flowers. Plants are one of the most affordable and easiest to get decorative extras, and you can style them in endless ways.

Not only that, houseplants can do double duty as they also help purify the air of everyday toxins and pollutants that no one should live with in their home.


cheap home decor ideas mirror

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again by the end of time. You can’t go wrong with mirrors when it comes to energizing a house or room.

You can easily source uniquely designed room-defining mirrors in a variety of affordable sizes to add a sense of exhilarating everyday glamor to a room. In addition, they instantly make a room appear larger, look brighter and give it a luxurious, expensive feel.

Transitional styling

cheap home decor ideas transitional furniture

Since sourcing cheap home decor often leads to a wild mix of different interior design styles, you should opt for transitional mixes in interior design to effortlessly tie everything together.

The key to making everything feel consistent is to stick to at least two of the same elements in an area so that the overall picture doesn’t seem random.

A clean, layered look

cheap home decor ideas layered styling

Remember, no home can be properly decorated overnight, as affordable home decorating requires just as much problem solving and patience as any interior design project. Take your time and enjoy fine-tuning the experience to reflect your tastes and lifestyle. So you won’t regret hurrying up to complete the job with decor that doesn’t inspire you.

Instead, take a slow, well-judged, multi-faceted route characterized by minimal mind while getting your job done. The living room shown above should serve as a crucial guide in how to take it slow, and in no rush to reach a conclusion. Everything feels right together and you can tell immediately that it didn’t happen all at once.


cheap home decor ideas give me downs

When it comes to cheap living ideas, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the biggest short cut of all – looking for hand-me-downs from friends and relatives.

After all, you know that they come from a good home and have been well cared for and that thanks to good build quality they have stood the test of time. In fact, you might just be surprised at what you come across – from cherished antiques with a unique feel to delightfully appealing mid-century modern decor items.

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