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Double Duty Furniture Ideas

Double Duty Furniture Ideas

At some point in our lives we will all or have lived in a challenging little space, but how can you get the most out of space without sacrificing stunning style? With some of these double furniture ideas that are often overlooked, you too can instantly make a huge difference in making your daily life even better while being cleverly kept everything out of sight.

Multi-level side tables

Double Duty Furniture Ideas tiered console table

From tiered consoles and coffee tables to those hidden above drawers or cabinet doors, you can’t go wrong using that extra space underneath to store what you don’t regularly need. And if you stick to open shelves, you can also create decorative display vignettes that you wouldn’t have had room for otherwise.

Bed with storage space underneath

Duplication furniture ideas storage bed

Keep your bedroom tidier on a regular basis by taking advantage of this dead space under your bed by creating drawers or adding extra storage so that everything has its own space. That way you know exactly what’s there without guessing.

Convertible sofas

Double Duty Furniture Ideas Convertible Seating

Though convertible sofa beds have come a long way in terms of comfort and style, D├ęcor Aid interior designers prefer more timeless, investment-worthy pieces that are consistently easier to enjoy, such as an option that can be fully reclined or extended with little effort.

Nesting tables

Furniture ideas with a double duty

Double-duty furniture ideas often require furniture that is easy to move around without being intrusive, and small nesting tables are that and a lot more. Don’t be fooled by their small scale – they can help punctuate a small space and are great for adding extra surface space if needed.

Vintage storage case

double duty furniture ideas storage case

Over the years dozens of customers have added Louis Vuitton steam cases to their most wanted lists, and while they are the ultimate storage solution, their unjustifiable cost should have a double guess as to why they are in a small, challenging space in the first place.

Instead, opt for a more minimalist feel with a brushed stainless steel option, which helps better combat everyday wear and tear while getting the job on point.

A handy bar cart on wheels

double duty furniture ideas bar cart

A dedicated and well-designed bar cart will add a sense of everyday elegance to any room, but even better if it sits on casters so you can easily move it around for dinner parties when needed.

Ottoman storage

Double duty furniture ideas stool

If you’re looking to add smart storage solutions to a small house that don’t cost a fortune and won’t be wasted moving to a larger house, stools are a fail-safe route. And if you don’t clutter your compartments with too many parts, they can also be easily moved to create conversation areas while entertaining.

A ladder shelf

Double Duty Furniture Ideas Ladder Shelves

Not only is a storage ladder a great place to store your favorite books (if you’re not in your bathroom like upstairs), it is also a chic and practical way to display treasured collectibles, plants, and even bedding without taking up too much floor space to claim. Plus, it can be easily folded up if you need extra space.

Architecture ideas for small spaces

Architecturally speaking, these additions may be more of a treat, but they are definitely worth the small investment.

Overhead racks

Ideas for double furniture for bathrooms

One of the most forgotten dead spaces in any home when it comes to installing handy floating shelving is where people often least expect it – right above them. Instead of wasting that precious space over a door, take advantage of it with some handy shelves to store items you don’t always need like extra bedding and linens.

Space-saving pocket doors

double duty furniture ideas pocket doors

It’s almost mind-boggling to think how much better everyday life would be if the tens of thousands of New York apartments in the market were fitted with decent pocket doors. Pocket doors are worth installing and saving valuable space while avoiding traffic flow problems.

Accommodation of fixtures

Double duty furniture ideas for furniture

While we’re not suggesting that you spend a small fortune installing custom built-in internals, custom furniture with space-saving storage space that you can take with you makes all the more sense. And if you’re moving into a larger space, you shouldn’t have any problems sharing your custom units as long as they’re designed to be timeless.

Transformable extras

Double Duty Furniture Ideas Convertible Details

Duplicate furniture ideas that highlight brilliant design are unbeatable, and this custom-made wall unit with a hidden breakfast nook with hidden stools has to be one of the most stylish and inspiring we’ve seen lately. It simply rotates and folds over, freeing up space when not in use.

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