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Interior Design Stylefeng Shui Style

Feng Shui bedroom ideas

Feng Shui is not just a way of arranging your furniture. Balancing your home for life-enhancing harmony is a whole philosophy. Whether you want an uplifting, eclectic, traditional or temporary update where it matters most, Feng Shui bedroom ideas are sure to bring a sense of calm to your everyday life. To get you started on your blissful journey, we share important rules for designing the Feng Shui house so that you can easily create your own zen oasis.

From feng shui bedroom ideas that will work throughout your home to the right decor elements to complete the look, here are the best feng shui style decorating ideas for your home that you need to know.

Essential Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

Feng Shui bedroom ideas

  • A balanced bed (platforms are best)
  • Keep doors closed
  • Have a nightstand on each side for symmetry
  • Avoid aligning your bed directly with your door
  • A solid headboard
  • Natural and organic bed linen and linens

Create an electronic free space

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas Guide

When thinking about feng shui bedroom ideas, it should be a no-brainer that electronics are a big no as they are distracting and create an environment that is far from peaceful. Turn off a TV and exercise machine, and avoid leaving your phone on your bedside table.

Air quality is the key

inspiring feng shui bedroom ideas

Keep the air in your feng shui bedroom fresh and full of oxygen by opening the windows and bringing in an air purifier. And since home feng shui ideas require careful use of pollutants, use essential oils as opposed to toxic fragrances because they have enriching healing properties.

Feng Shui bedroom colors

Try Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

Use soothing hues to create a harmonious balance of feng shui energy in any room to increase the flow of energy and opt for nudes and skin tones.

Proportion matters

Feng Shui bedroom ideas furniture

When most people think of feng shui bedroom ideas, they think of an optimal furniture layout. And while layout is certainly an important factor when it comes to decorating ideas for Feng Shui, Feng Shui starts with appropriate pieces of furniture. Keep the scale of each piece in sync for proper balance and visual harmony.

Seating is the key

Feng Shui bedroom ideas for decorating

Once you have adequate pieces of furniture, it’s time to start planning your layout. In each room, place the largest pieces of furniture first, then work your way down to the smallest. When thinking about feng shui bedroom ideas, the first thing to do is place your bed. Ideally, your bed should be against the wall farthest from the entrance. And don’t put your bed directly against the wall. If you place it a few inches away from the wall, your room will appear a little larger and refreshingly open.

Bed placement theories

Feng Shui bedroom ideas bed placement

Again, when you think of feng shui bedroom ideas, the placement of your bed is key. Place your headboard against the wall opposite the door. So when you sit in bed you should look towards the door. And while it can be tempting to place your bed in a corner, center it on the wall since Feng Shui decorating ideas require free spaces and a gentle flow.

Feng Shui Flow

Feng Shui bedroom ideas for better energy

Once you’ve laid out your larger pieces, it’s time to select and place the smaller pieces. As you are placing your smaller pieces of furniture to master feng shui decorating ideas, think about how you will move around your bedroom and arrange your furniture so that you don’t disturb natural walkways.

Pro tip: Make sure your seating isn’t spread out too widely. Feng Shui decorating ideas require that the furniture layout encourage conversation.

Debugging is a must

Feng Shui bedroom ideas for inspiration

No matter how expensive your furniture is, no matter how well your bedroom is designed, house plans in the Feng Shui style aim at a mindful approach to everyday life and do not work to your advantage everywhere. There is no real trick to disappoint feng shui bedroom ideas. Just get rid of as much stuff as you can take.

Play with a variety of shapes

Smart Feng Shui bedroom ideas

The decoration ideas for Feng Shui are all about balance. This goes for every aspect of your home, including feng shui bedroom ideas. But one balance that is often overlooked is a balance of form. So if you have a square table and recliner, consider design elements that are a little curvy and organic.

Complete the look

stylish feng shui bedroom ideas

Plants, flowers, and objects with natural motifs are great ways to complete Feng Shui bedroom ideas. Just make sure the plants you are adding are as far from your bed as possible.

Bring In Art

Art feng shui bedroom ideas

Use art to your advantage to express feelings and energy and to use expression creatively, as so-called imperceptible details play an important role in your daily well-being. Make sure you are connected to the art you are bringing to the message to ensure you find it nutritious, uplifting and enriching. The best works of art to consider for feng shui bedroom ideas should evoke feelings of love, happy relationships, body healing, and intimacy.

Feng Shui lighting

beneficial Feng Shui bedroom ideas

Smart Feng Shui style design requires multiple levels of lighting in each room, and dimmers are the most effective way to achieve this. Remember that good lighting is an essential nutrient and one of the most powerful manifestations of energy. Candles are also needed as they can easily create an intimate, warm, and healing atmosphere – just make sure they are toxin free.

Feng Shui bedroom ideas for every room

As important as a Feng Shui bedroom, kitchens and bathrooms are included in the often referred to as “Feng Shui Trinity”, as they are equally important for your health and wellbeing.

  • Feng Shui Bathroom Design: Although bathrooms have a bad rap when it comes to smart feng shui design, it only takes a minimal amount of effort to update the energy of your bathroom. Push away bad energy by placing a mirror outside your bathroom door and bring in calming elements similar to what you would find in a spa.
  • Good feng shui kitchen design usually signals wealth and prosperity, and there are endless ways to add and maintain the energy of the room without the need for a “should”. So be exploratory and add parts that you love and use frequently, with the freedom to change things up for better flow and keep the space neat and organized.