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What Is A Credenza

What Is A Credenza

What is a sideboard?

When it comes to defining different furniture styles over time, it can get a little twisted and tricky. And a sideboard, most commonly referred to as a sideboard, server, or buffet, can be just that. Even established interior designers and exhibition visitors use these terms interchangeably to describe this distinctive piece of furniture. Many do not know what a sideboard, its use or application really means in a typical office or home setting.

Simply put, a sideboard is a term used to describe a closed cabinet used for office supplies, paper storage, and everyday household items. It is almost the height of a desk or counter and has a long flat surface and usually enough space for storage underneath. And today mostly a modern sideboard also has a stable for more functionality and storage space. To help you better understand a sideboard’s history and appeal, let’s examine its roots in the home furnishings world and some of the best styles of the year for your home or office, according to the designers at Décor Aid.


Sideboard history

The sideboard is derived from the Latin word “credentials” which means “belief” or “trust” and symbolizes “credibility” or “credibility”. However, this may not make sense until we dig deeper into the purpose of a sideboard. In the 16th century it was common for servants to test food and drinks for poison before serving them to guests. Such an act was called a “sideboard”. The term was later used to describe the space in which the practice took place.

And later it was used to describe the piece of furniture that carried the food being tested. Such pieces of furniture in the 16th century featured a table covered with a piece of cloth over the surface. With time and things changing, the design of a sideboard has been updated and transformed, taking on a different architectural form with decorative details and a hutch (most commonly called a storage box).

Does a modern sideboard differ from a sideboard or buffet?

Sideboard against sideboard

As already mentioned, many people use the terms sideboard, console and buffet interchangeably, especially furniture makers or joiners. To be honest, there are notable differences between these different types of furniture dating back centuries, but such differences are now being overlooked.

The crucial difference, which can no longer be swept under the carpet and is still relevant today, is the placement in a room. A buffet or sideboard is usually part of a restaurant in fun areas. However, a sideboard usually refers to a piece of furniture used in a den, study, or office.

The buffet

Sideboard buffet

A buffet is similar to a sideboard, but has built-in storage space underneath. It has larger cupboard space and shorter legs compared to a desk and sideboard. As a result, it appears to sit lower on the floor than a sideboard and dresser. This is why a buffet is also known as a sideboard.

When it is placed in the dining room it is called a buffet, and when it is in the living room it is called a sideboard. The buffet is ideal for serving food and drinks in a casual atmosphere or when you want to entertain younger guests as they have a smaller surface area. A buffet allows guests to conveniently serve themselves and is great for storing plates, drinking glasses, cutlery, and bedding in one place.


Storage cabinet

What exactly is a sideboard and what makes it different? Modern sideboards have longer legs than a typical sideboard. They come in a range of designs and styles to meet the design needs of modern decor enthusiasts. And most modern sideboards have a very sleek design with plenty of storage space under the surface. They are most commonly used in the living room and serve as a great place to set up an entertainment center. Sideboards, however, are a type of cheap sideboard that requires little or no sophisticated design.

This means that they are also ideal as convertible multi-purpose furniture, as they are taller and slimmer and can serve as an additional surface in almost any room in a house.

The characteristics of a sideboard

A modern sideboard is usually low and long in shape with plenty of boot space. The surface is similar to that of a standard table and they have short legs that resemble the general silhouette of most cabinet and drawer units. It’s a great piece of furniture as it can be used for office and home storage while providing a work area and hiding the interior in style.

What is a sideboard used for?

unique modern sideboard

Many people are banning the use of sideboard furniture in office settings. In reality, a chic and unique sideboard can also be useful at home. In many private homes, an all-white sideboard is usually preferred because of the uniquely minimal aesthetic beauty it can exude. A sideboard is most commonly used in the dining room of a home to store and display dishes, glasses, and other items that are used for events, serve food, and entertain guests for a visit. The large and wide storage space below the surface is also suitable in any room where items need to be stored that don’t always need to be left out, or in items that don’t fit anywhere else.

In an office, this important piece of furniture is often used as extra storage to stay stationary and organize files and papers that are often used in an office. The drawers and cabinets provide additional workspace for filing and organizing documents according to the category to which they belong. Hence, the office can be tidied up and kept in good condition every day as everything has a dedicated space that is easy to manage. Make a sideboard a really versatile piece of furniture to consider for any room.

What are the advantages of the sideboard?

The main advantage of sideboard furniture is the stylish way that it provides additional storage space in the home and office, as well as the fact that it is a little more unique and seen less often. Because they’re deep and you need more storage space, you can always install floating shelves above them to do just that without spending a small fortune.

In the house

Used sideboard and ideas

The flat surface, clean edges, smooth lines, sleek silhouette and the fact that a sideboard can easily be attached to any wall make it an ideal TV stand in the living room of a house or the perfect place to display valuable collectibles and decorative items exhibit extras. You can also take advantage of the large storage space or cabinet area a sideboard provides below to store things like books, CDs, tapes, and a DVD collection, as well as remotes and pretty much anything else that you don’t always need out but need close enough.

In most living spaces, a desk and sideboard are also often used to display sound systems to keep the party going while also serving as the focal point and meeting point in the room.

In the dining room a modern sideboard can be used to store and display a range of dishes, serving vessels, glasses and utensils for serving food and beverages. If you’re having a party, use your dining room sideboard to organize and store plates, napkins, and other essentials as needed. Put it near where the food and drink will be served so that you don’t frequently pick up items from your kitchen.

If you have items that just don’t seem to fit or are always flying around due to their light weight, carefully arrange them inside your sideboard furniture in smart storage bins to keep everything organized .

In general, a modern sideboard ensures that your living room stays tidy and organized in style. And again, this is a great way to keep items you don’t use often out of sight.

In the office

modern office sideboard

Not surprisingly, a modern sideboard is just as functional in the office as it is at home. Aside from the fact that it can double as a desk or additional workspace, it also provides more workspace, especially when you’re working on a large project with stacked books and papers. The usefulness of meetings cannot be emphasized enough either. It can be used to organize reports, handouts, and other files for easy access and coordination, and you can conveniently place it next to a conference room (even better if you have roles that make it easy to move around the office can).

An office sideboard also helps you rid other furniture of files and paperwork that can keep falling and messing up entire office space. Stylishly decorate your sideboard with flowers, lamps and other personal details to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your office building while ensuring that it remains unique to you.

Another unique way it is commonly used in modern office decorations is to use it to decorate the front office space or lobby. You can lay magazines, newspapers, and other articles on the sleek, flat top so visitors who walk into your business premises can read them while they wait for their turn on a schedule.

A sideboard is a beautiful piece of furniture that serves incredible purposes. Whether at home or in the office, there is no end to the ways in which you can customize this important piece of furniture to suit your daily needs. As you use it, remember to appreciate its unique origins and note some of these incredibly chic favorites from our interior designers, as illustrated below.

Hervé Van Der Straeten border console

herve van der straeten credenza

The borderline console of the multimedia artist, jeweler and furniture designer as well as the selection of extraordinary avant-garde furniture make the Hervé Van Der Straeten line of the same name one of the most unique and unforgettable of all.

In fact, his furniture is so exaggerated out of the world that it can bring a room to life on its own. Just imagine how many conversations his Borderline Unit will inspire in your home or office in the years to come.

Kelly Wearstler Almont Credenza

Kelly Wearstler sideboard

Our company is another infinitely impressive furniture and interior design company that keeps breaking news on Kelly Wearstler’s latest additions to her label thanks to her unexpectedly bold, provocative, and exaggerated Art Deco interpretation.

Take your Almont sideboard, for example. The unusual silhouette, oversized size and visually interesting checkerboard design will fascinate everyone as soon as they walk into a room. Whether it’s as practical as a hand mirror or something special like a decorative accent piece, expect from Wearstler a piece to shine with effortlessly cool appeal.

Fendi Casa Symi Sideboard

fendi sideboard

With a two-tone color scheme and unexpected end cabinets, the Symi sideboard by Fendi Casa brings with it a robust minimal spirit that vaguely alludes to the decadence of interior design in the 1970s.

It’s also slightly smaller than our other favorite sideboards featured here, which makes it perfect for small living rooms.

Armani Casa Julian Sideboard

Armani sideboard

Another unexpected silhouette that a traditional sideboard takes on is Armani Casa and the design bureau’s Julian model, with extendable arms perfect for additional guests.

And its attractive design and uncomplicated details make it look timeless for future generations.

Ligne Roset Cineline Sideboard

Ligne Roset sideboard

When it comes to minimal white furniture with a nod to Scandinavian minimalism, it can be difficult to bring in pieces that are still unique in design.

Thanks to the Ligne Roset Cineline sideboard with the side-by-side front, you get both the practicality of exposed cutlery drawers and bed linen in combination with a part with cabinet cladding that offers just the right amount of attractive asymmetry.

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