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Interior Design Stylemodern Farmhouse Interior

Interior Design Stylemodern Farmhouse Interior

modern farmhouse interior

Country Eva Chic has come a long way since Eva Gabor landed Green Acres from living in a glamorous city. We bet you’ve seen elements of modern farmhouse interior design popping up in inspiration feeds and in local restaurants and pubs as the moves from rustic and sleek looks look right for today.

If you want to add a sense of warmth, personality, and character with a touch of minimalism, here are great, proven interior design practices that can help you add even a touch of interior design for farmhouses with a modern approach to home.

Why consider modern furnishing ideas for farmhouses?

modern interior design of the farmhouse

It could stem from a newfound enthusiasm for anything organic and farm fresh, a need to break away from reality in these heady times, or a general return to traditionalism in the world of interior design. Anyway, our customers just don’t seem to get enough. And for good reason as modern farmhouse design movement brings with it a relaxed mind that is warm and welcoming without a hint of pretension – and it’s easy to replicate itself.

What does modern farmhouse decor really mean?

Today’s take on modern farmhouse decorations is based on rustic country charm, peppered with warm minimalism and industrial elements that are somewhat similar to Scandinavian interior design . The modern farmhouse decor, which finds exactly the right balance between pastoral and refined furnishings, emphasizes comfort and informal living with contemporary sensibilities that reflect today’s times. Think functional, natural and yet sophisticated, rural and yet versatile and sophisticated as modern interior design features of farmhouses .

Although it is often surprising to hear the terms “modern” and “farmhouse” together at first, this union of design styles is more than current. If you want to maintain your own take on modern farmhouse decor, it’s always worth adding a new twist to rustic elements so that your home feels unique to you while remaining modern through and through.

And there are good reasons why so many of our clients from Los Angeles to Brooklyn fall for modern farmhouse style. The stylized approach to comfort and beautiful, simple design evoke a spirit that is warm and welcoming even when you are not far from a farm. That said, some design fans eschew the style altogether, mistaking it for a classic idyllic style when it is so much more.

Prove they’re wrong by mastering, updating, and implementing the modern design style of a farmhouse in your home, while achieving a heady balance between classic comfort and contemporary flair.

With the many ups and downs of modern farming life, it’s no wonder it all starts and ends with practicality. Modern farmhouse decor, while critical to any design style, is always focused on functionality and use.

And just like any other design style, planning is key. Before you begin any design project or update, it’s a good idea to carefully examine your space. Record every element and detail such as the flow through a room, the lighting, and the size and placement of the furniture. Think about what works and what doesn’t, and what alternatives to consider to simplify your top priority.

Remember that once you are ready to start the design process again, practicality and function should be your primary focus. This is where furniture and storage solutions for each room should be the focus, even before you introduce decorative elements.

How do I create a modern farmhouse interior? Please note the following:

Modern farmhouse decor

Furnishing ideas for farmhouses

Since today’s approach to modern farmhouse interiors is about a low key combination of strong minimalism and country chic elements, have fun and discover that this is a decor trend that celebrates freedom and individuality.

A modern farmhouse interior is all about a lively mix of old and new for a comfortable, calming atmosphere. Keep things interesting with unique finds, heirloom hand-me-downs, and ornate (not ornate) decorative add-ons. And mix epochs and elements with devotion so that the mix shines with seductive features and plays with texture.


Modern farmhouse interior in country style

Organic and natural materials form the basis for a modern farmhouse decor. Use a mix of industrial metals for a modern farm kitchen décor, offset by sleek white marble countertops and a large farm sink.

If you stick to simple sophistication, you can also bring in natural elements to highlight a truly modern farmhouse interior that is tailored for you. And to reproduce the everyday appeal of modern farmhouse décor, opt for matt surfaces and materials with a low gloss to get a feeling of well-considered yet casual, cool everyday glamor.

Use restraint

Interior foyer of the modern farmhouse

It’s all too easy to go overboard when it comes to realizing a modern interior design for farmhouses. Maybe it’s the freedom after decades of rigorous design practices or the fact that you are considering endless possibilities, but we’ve seen many exaggerated, regrettable, persistent, modern mishaps in farmhouse interior design.

Be careful and wonder what purpose something will have in your home and how it can improve it to avoid the pitfalls of being carried away. And edit, eliminate, and rethink everything in a room to make sure it feels effortless and is easy on the eye.


modern interior design style of farmhouse

Take a cue from clean Scandinavian design and stick to neutral, modern hues of the farmhouse to soothe the contrasts on a wild mix of decorative pieces.

Bright optical white highlights meaningful pieces and acts as a modern foundation for decorating farmhouses to tie everything together. Additionally, heavier farmhouse furniture can make a small space appear even smaller and cramped, while white walls along with lots of mirrors and reflective surfaces combat this.

Play with contrasts

modern bathroom in the farmhouse

Mix high and low, old and new for a rich, modern farmhouse interior that is reminiscent of pared-back, relaxed style and understated luxury. Since today’s modern farmhouse decor eschews old country elements like gingham, keep it cool with the classic mantra that less is more and edit it carefully.

That said, don’t be afraid to bring in challenging finds and interesting objects because all you need is a bit of creativity and smart placement to bring it all together without feeling clumsy. This way you ensure that your space remains as unique as you.

Use natural fibers

modern farmhouse decor

Since modern farmhouse design is about bringing nature into play, you should think of natural wood, linen and hemp fabrics and surfaces. However, we recommend avoiding lucite, plastic, and anything that is obviously unnatural as it confuses the eye and is inconsistent with the modern interior design of a farmhouse.

And try to source as many organic and handcrafted finds and features as possible to keep the theme going.

Look for unique lights

Guide to the interior design of a modern farmhouse

From weathered faucets to oversized pendant lights, there are tons of extras that you can use to highlight the beautiful modern farmhouse design. For the contemporary decor of country living rooms, our interior designers often recommend bringing rustic wall sconces and dramatic lighting fixtures as they will also help to add a sophisticated punch to one of your most frequently used rooms.

But if you don’t have enough budget or you are happy with the fixtures you already have, you can easily update the facades of drawers and cabinets with affordable and fresh pulls and fittings inspired by farmhouse decor.

Embrace imperfections

how to decorate a modern farmhouse

Since the modern farmhouse interior requires a mix of eras and a juxtaposition of contemporary minimalism and just a little bit of land, the modern farmhouse decor should introduce and celebrate unique one-offs that are irregular and slightly imperfect to add personality and charm to even the most basic Room.

That said, if you are limited with space, take a cue from small farmhouse interior design boards on Pinterest and keep imperfect decorative objects small as they will overwhelm a room and distract the eye.

Here is a selection of modern farmhouse interior decorating ideas to avoid:

Mason jars

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, enough with the reused mason jars as they are way too literal and common for a modern farmhouse interior. Instead, look for more traditional modern decor elements for country kitchens like copper pots, classic enameled metal plates, and an iron kettle.

Prop-like objects

Just because you want to add country chic elements to your home doesn’t mean you have to get over the top with props like tricycles, saxophones, and what would be more appropriate on a Friday at a local pub or TGI. The joy of modern farmhouse design should be to make it purposeful, sophisticated and modern.

Barn doors

Another modern farmhouse interior decorating trend that we’ve seen just enough of. Unless you live in a barn converted there is absolutely no reason to install one in a modern home. For one thing, they are childish, and most importantly, they become a costly trend that you get tired of quickly.

Vintage signage

Think of different alternatives for a modern farmhouse wall decor, unless the signage has a personal reference or something sentimental as signage is a bit on the land. Think pastoral and unexpected art objects that add a twist to your modern living room in the living room with unique conversation starters rather than simple signage that everyone has seen before.

The key to getting the most out of modern farmhouse interior design ideas is to keep them natural and not overwhelm your vision as you run the risk of getting too close to the subject and there is nothing more tiresome and frankly More obnoxious than a house that revolves around something is an obvious topic.

Shabby chic

While there is something to be said about the beauty of furniture and surfaces in need, there is also a point where it can be too much. If it looks like it’s on the last leg, leave it out as it won’t help make an elevated first impression and it will eventually need to be replaced.

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