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Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Contemporary Living Room Ideas

contemporary living room ideas

Since public areas such as your living room, dining room, and kitchen are often the most frequently seen rooms in your home by guests, the appearance of these rooms is critical to making a positive first impression. In fact, consider your living room as the center of attraction and focus of any guest who comes through and it has to be as attractive as possible. Apart from that, it also has to be functional and comfortable as everyone will spend a lot of time on it. And interior designers at Décor Aid know how difficult it can be to get contemporary living room ideas right . So let’s break down what it takes to inspire you.

Here’s our take on the 15 best contemporary living room ideas to consider to effortlessly refresh your ideas no matter how much living space you’re working with.

Skip a sofa

contemporary living room ideas for tables

Since modern, contemporary living room ideas require a rethink, consider redesigning your living room from scratch to make it even more unique. Think about ways to make your living room unique instead of using the expected chairs and sofas on a coffee table.

How about hopping on a sofa? This is an especially clever idea for a small living room because sofas can be bulky and take up a lot of space at the same time. Instead, put group seating together to keep the conversation going while creating a classy clubhouse feel. Or you can opt for a backless bench instead of a couch or an elegant chaise longue in order to relax the overall impression in your mind.

Stage everything around the floor

contemporary living room ideas carpets

Ask any interior design where to start decorating a room in your home and it is more than likely that you will start flooring right away.

Use a large area rug to tie a room together and consider it a decorative starting point to guide you through channeling modern contemporary living room ideas. Take the living room shown above. Without this graphic extra large cream colored rug it would look cold and incomplete, and if it were too small the scale would look and feel wrong. And if you have a carpet or floor that you don’t want to cover, just clean or rework it to make it look new.

Curved furniture

contemporary living room ideas furniture

Though out of fashion since the late 1960s, curved furniture has made a comeback in recent years when it comes to updated contemporary living room ideas and will remain timelessly appealing for years to come.

Let them add a relaxed yet contracted spirit to your living room that is much easier on the eye than rigid silhouettes.

Keep it symmetrical

contemporary living room ideas furniture placement

If you keep the furniture placement symmetrical, while taking into account the best contemporary living room ideas, you will find it much easier to make the entire space tidier every day.

The simple symmetry allows the eye to move around a room without being distracted and your living room feels a bit more formal and better judged. That is, too symmetrical and your living room might turn out to be too rigid. Make elbows here and there to create a natural flow that is far from tense.

Experiment with throw pillows

interesting contemporary living room ideas

Pillows and blankets are the easiest and most comfortable way to add some seasonal refreshment to your living room, especially if you are bored with the look of your modern interior. If so, consider remodeling your living room with affordable decorative pillows.

Printed and patterned pillows are a great source to draw the eye and inspire when it comes to contemporary living room ideas . Adding two or three pillows on a sofa can bring out the subtle design features of your living room and can easily be swapped out seasonally.

Make the most of your floor space

contemporary living room ideas 2019

Neutral staples and white walls can help you get the most out of your living space, especially if you want it to appear bigger than it really is. Trust us, the best contemporary living room ideas of 2019 cannot do without this factor.

When you have classic pieces like a sofa and coffee table, an object can create a splash of colorful energy that can range from accent furniture, artwork, or flowers. This is a striking and unique direction for all the modern ideas for the design of living spaces on a budget in draw consideration .

Redefine neutral

Color palette for contemporary living room ideas

Redefining and maximizing neutral options in your living room will highlight the uniqueness and versatility of your decor. All you need is a simple mix of a frame, a classic rug, a light wood paneled wall, and a dark sofa.

However, if you love neutral tones but are increasingly interested in lighter shades, consider darker neutrals like navy, forest green, or dusty rose sofa as an alternative to a neutral sofa. These neutrals give you a subtle mix of colors to work with, but not too much to be seen as overly colorful.

Go for bold wallpapers

contemporary living room ideas wallpaper

Think of living wallpaper as a classic trend that will never go out of style as long as you go for a timeless print. Choose a classic chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper that lets you bring in any decor style and art at will for the ultimate in layered juxtapositions.

Don’t be afraid of a statement print, because they can define the room and remain trendy, contemporary living room ideas for 2019 . Create an accent wall for the depth you need and paint the rest of your living room a different color that enhances the aesthetic beauty of your living space. Your walls will thank you if they could talk.

Know your home

contemporary living room ideas for the home

You should consider the type of house you live in and its design style before you start decorating your living room. For example, let’s say you’re looking for contemporary ideas for a contemporary living room and you live in a beach house. Your living room design is of course different from that of an urban industrial loft.

If you love the exotic look of tropical homes and want to combine their culture and aesthetics in your living room, you can add an item that stands out as a statement piece to keep the theme going. That said, if you’re undecided, there’s nothing like the rich and varied feeling of a transitional mix of furniture and elements without looking random or poorly planned. That way, you don’t have to be tied to just one design style. 

Statement lighting

contemporary living room ideas lighting

The stylish, contemporary room decoration allows you to add everyday glamor without making a statement too loud in your living room. The eye-catching lighting goes perfectly with metallic elements, frames and a metal-based coffee table.

Dramatic lighting is also ideal for living rooms on a relatively small scale with no more than two sofas, a window, and a coffee table. Adding a ceiling light that is visually not too loud is all you need to get the most out of your living space while adding a drama of conversation.

Make use of modern art

contemporary living room ideas art

Don’t underestimate the space-defining power of wall art in any living room. A contemporary living room design is well embodied with classic wall art that makes a powerful statement.

You should explore the countless possibilities of wall design if you want to make an unforgettable statement in your living room. Art not only does a great job of changing the aesthetic feel of your space, it also allows you to add color, print, texture and, most importantly, personality to your living room.

Your fireplace plays a role

contemporary living room ideas fireplace decor

Have you thought about adding striking backsplashes behind your fireplace and mantelpiece in the living room? They are not just intended for the kitchen. Graphic tiles on your fireplace give your living room a colorful mix, an individual touch and an unforgettable aesthetic beauty.

This is especially true if you opt for neutral or white and black geometric tiles. If you have an older fireplace in your living room, consider turning it into a nifty and updated modern fireplace with back splashes that create an endlessly elegant look. Mirrors and metallics are also great for keeping the eye on your fireplace while capturing and reflecting light. 

Choose comfortable seating

contemporary living room ideas seating

Choosing sofas can be challenging as they represent a higher investment and can really create or destroy a space. So what does it take to find the right sofa for your living room? Everything is true to scale. Too big and your living room will feel cramped, too small and it will feel inadequate.

Remember, in addition to having an attractive living room, you also need a conducive and calming one. Choose sofas that are soft and comfortable in sturdy and easy-to-clean materials. The materials don’t have to be ultra-luxurious, but they do need to be cleanable and well-built so that you can relax on them all day without feeling uncomfortable or damaged by time wear and tear.

Promote conversations

Conversation areas for contemporary living room ideas

If you regularly greet guests in your living room, choose a living room layout that encourages comfortable seating while also encouraging conversation. There are a variety of sofa seating that you can set up in a modern living room, such as a sofa bed. B. Semicircular seating, closed seating, in-house seating, etc. to create conversation areas.

Circular sofas are a unique option, but you can opt for sectional sofas if you can’t find one in your budget. All in all, the trick to creating fascinating conversation areas is to simply find seats that are level across the board while angling everything so that everyone faces each other. 

Gallery wall decoration

contemporary living room ideas gallery wall

Going all the way with a gallery wall is a great way to revitalize the energy in your living room. This is one of the contemporary living room ideas 2019 that is totally affordable and easy to create too . A gallery wall (regardless of what it represents) is a clear statement in every living room.

When talking about personal details, it is worth considering what is valuable to you. It could be your family and friends’ pictures, treasured art prints, or even found items.

Don’t forget the fig leaf tree

contemporary living room ideas plants

The fig leaf tree is likely a winner when it comes to beautiful indoor tree options. It can brighten up darker features in your living room and bring the beauty of your living room to life with a sense of the natural and organic.

By now, you should know that unexpected and eye-catching  contemporary living room ideas are the way to go this season. And best of all, you can find inspiration to suit your taste almost anywhere, even something like your favorite lipstick, tie, or movie scene every day. Be playful and experiment with a number of bold options to get the most out of a wide variety of furniture and decorations at the same time.

If you get carried away with too many different options, it’s best to find a handful of decorative notes that you love the most and keep them on while you remodel your living room. In this case, contemporary room ideas for you may mean opting for a single element or feature and only working with one color to really define the room while keeping it precise and well appraised.

Whether you want to decorate your living room from scratch or do a simple remodeling project, use these timeless,  modern living room ideas to your advantage so you can stay inspired and enjoy them for years.

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