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Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

stunning bedroom wall art ideas

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, but they are often neglected when it comes to well-appraised furnishings and art. This probably has something to do with the fact that guests aren’t spending time in your bedroom other than a short walk (it’s not a room that guests will be spending time in), just because it’s a lesser-seen space. doesn’t mean you should forego inspirational bedroom wall art entirely.

Sure, your bedroom is a personal space to relax in after a long day, but you should spend as much time looking at and perfecting your bedroom wall decor as you would in any other room in your home. Don’t let your bedroom become a bare-walled box. From stunning wall sculptures to vintage tapestries, here are some of the best examples of bedroom wall art for a modern home.

Add an ornate mirror

inspirational bedroom wall art ideas

While a mirror may not make a newsworthy addition to a bedroom, when it comes to adding personality to any room, choosing a one-of-a-kind mirror can make all the difference.

Bring your bedroom to life with a seductive mirror that features a unique finish, silhouette, or size. Even better is the fact that you can easily source affordable mirrors that are unique to outlet stores and thrift stores and don’t cost a fortune. Along with the fact that they also naturally help make your bedroom appear larger, brighter and more luxurious.

Bring a tapestry

Tapestry bedroom wall art ideas

When it comes to unique bedroom wall art that will keep the space warm and inviting, there is nothing quite like the look of an authentic antique tapestry.

And just like with ornate mirrors, a striking tapestry with historical roots can be easier to obtain than you think, and they’re even better when you think about how unusual it is to see one in a modern home today.

Oversized art

oversized bedroom wall art ideas

If you have a sprawling bedroom where the white walls are daunting thinking about covering them, consider large-format artwork as a savior to energize the space.

Even if the space is large enough, our interior designers recommend going for just one or two large pieces of art so that the space feels complete so they don’t compete with each other or be visually distracting.

A wall of curtains

Curtains bedroom wall art ideas

If you’re looking for bedroom wall art ideas for a small space, especially a room with shorter ceilings, a floor-to-ceiling wall of curtain panels can create the drama you want while also making a much larger, larger room appear.

To get the look, take a cue from the bedroom shown above and choose a contrasting set of curtain panels to keep the eye moving while injecting saturated colors into the room. For an even richer effect, consider layering the panels on top of each other (even if they don’t actually cover a window) so that the eye isn’t fooled that your bedroom is much larger than it really is.

Floral wall coverings

Flower bedroom wall art ideas

Wallpaper has come a long way since it last became popular in the late 90s. The days when it felt quaint and ultra-sugar-sweet are long gone as today’s styles call for modern graphics and color combinations.

Even better is the fact that numerous wallpaper manufacturers come up with designs that can really help define a space while evoking a sense of natural, organic beauty thanks to the delightful display of flora and fauna. Create a dramatic accent wall behind your bed with paneling that feels timelessly appealing and charming.

A treasured trophy piece

Trophy piece bedroom wall art ideas

Whether or not it is a faux that has been collected by you or not, even a single piece of trophy-inspired bedroom wall art will add an exciting feel to your space and give it a unique feel.

Just make sure yours are properly assembled as they can be heavy and you don’t want to risk injury from a fall.

A Chinese screen

Chinese screen bedroom wall art ideas

Add the exotic feel of a far away atmosphere to your bedroom by using a vintage Chinese screen or room divider as bedroom wall art.

Most of the time, these screens offer a lot of beautiful inlay work and fascinating scenes from nature and everyday life.

Make a statement behind your bed


For a memorable display of bedroom wall art, you can add an extra large piece to the wall behind your bed to make the most of the space you need to work with as this area is usually left empty. Art on this scale looks amazing and will instantly transform your bedroom from boring to beautiful. A large piece of art also acts almost like a headboard and draws your attention to it as soon as you step into the room.

Because a piece like this is so big, you don’t have to go with bold colors, patterns, or motifs to create an impact. You can choose something fairly simple and straightforward while still getting the effect you want and not risking getting bored too quickly. No matter how you choose your bedroom wall art ideas, we know the end result will make an incredible statement. And since art can be an expensive investment, make it more practical by considering a mirror that is less expansive, easier to source, and less valuable.

A graphic ombre wall

Ombre bedroom wall art ideas

If cost is a concern for you and you’re looking for cheap bedroom wall art, a DIY ombre wall art creation project is a delightfully refreshing alternative. This is a project that you can easily do yourself without costing too much, and that will turn any wall into an artful feature.

Choose 3 shades of the same color. one dark, one light and one in the middle. Mix your sunglasses on your wall to create an ombre effect behind your bed or anywhere. And for really dramatic results, the best way to see the effect is with the lightest color at the bottom to keep the eye moving and create more depth.

Image bars  

Picture bar bedroom wall art ideas

We love that the picture bar is back in style, and we like the clever new ways we use it at home. Bedroom wall art displayed on a ledge will add a cozy and comfortable feel to your bedroom, while your bedroom wall art ideas will be presented in an unexpectedly relaxed way.

There’s no better way to show everyone which parts are most important to you than with a picture bar. You also have the added benefit of using a picture bar to create extra shelves so you can display other decorative accessories and objects in the center of your art. Even better is the fact that you don’t have to install art directly on your walls so you can play around with the placement and easily swap out the pieces.

Line it up


Be warned; The ever popular gallery wall now faces tough competition. While we love the look of a gallery wall (and we don’t think anyone will soon forget this style), it’s good to mistake it a little for the unexpected. In this case, confusing it means rearranging your bedroom wall decor in a symmetrical line.

Select works of art of the same size and shape and arrange them in a horizontal or vertical line along your wall. The simplicity means it is perfect for bedroom wall art, regardless of the design style of the decor, to make your space feel relaxed – as opposed to the random feel a gallery wall can sometimes create.

Assemble a wall sculpture

Wall sculpture bedroom wall art ideas

Bedroom wall art ideas aren’t limited to just paintings and pictures – there’s plenty of room for more sculptural pieces. Sculptural pieces work well to be placed over a bed to make a stunning statement with everyone asking where you found yours.

The sculpture is different from the expected traditional artwork, adding a modern bedroom wall art feel to your space. Let yourself be inspired by sculptures of the bare form to an antler to something more abstract from the wall decoration of your bedroom, whatever interests you.

Vintage posters

Vintage movie poster bedroom wall art ideas

Vintage posters are a cool and playful alternative to paintings and drawings. If you’re a movie buff, get yourself some old school movie posters that show your favorite movies on the walls of your bedroom.

Vintage posters are colorful and fun. They are a welcome change from bedroom wall art, which is often more monochrome and reserved to create space for relaxation. T hey’ll, in turn, let you be bold, expressive, and fun with your bedroom wall art ideas.

A monochrome gallery wall

Monochrome Gallery Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

If you love the look and style of a gallery wall but want to make your bedroom space as subtle and calming as possible, create a stunning gallery wall in monochrome and tonal hues. Customize the colors of your art and walls (the easiest way to achieve this is with a white, gray, and black color palette) so that your artwork becomes part of the room and blends in seamlessly.

If you allow your walls and artwork to become one, your space will feel as relaxing as possible, and convey a sense of deliberate luxury bedroom wall art without being visually loud.  

Needlepoint artwork

Nursery wall art ideas

If you want bedroom wall art that feels warmer, cozier, and more artisanal, then needle graphics are a wonderful throwback. Needle point pieces give your work of art an unmistakably cute yet soft edge while offering something different from the norm.

Pick up a traditional vintage piece at an antique shop or try your own design with needlepoint artwork if you’re feeling smart and creative. In the end, you will be proud to share your own handmade creation.

Hidden art

Kids bedroom wall art ideas

If you don’t have a lot of wall space to hang larger works of art, save space on the wall and arrange small works of art in your room. This is a fun way to display your bedroom wall art as it feels almost invisible.

This way, your bedroom wall decor will be non-invasive and will not take anything away from the relaxing element of your space – you can see your collection continuously as the eye moves. And if you want to make better use of the wall area you have to work with, shadow boxes and floating shelves are also perfect alternatives for displaying art when you want to create an artfully relaxing little space. 

Minimalist + modern

Minimal bedroom wall art ideas

If you want to make your art as calm as possible, go for a piece of minimalist, modern art. Pieces like this are usually created in a limited color palette and are perfect for placement in a room with a simple, straightforward, and clean design.

Bedroom wall decor like line drawings is a great example of this style where the piece is simple, clean and interesting at the same time – what more could you want from modern bedroom wall art?

Fashion illustration drawings

Fashion illustration bedroom wall art ideas

Fashion drawings make for great, expressive wall art in the bedroom. If you’re into fashion and design, simply admire the elegance of a flowing watercolor or drawing, or just looking for bedroom wall art ideas with a feminine touch, fashion illustrations are a good direction.

Elegant, graceful, and stunning, they will add much-needed vibrancy to your bedroom walls. Hang a vertical line of fashion drawings on one wall and create a gallery of style in your bedroom.

A trio of prints

Triptych bedroom wall art ideas

A triptych of prints that have a uniform theme will ensure that the wall decoration of your bedroom is calming, but at the same time it adds liveliness. Have them all framed in the same style frame and let the differences between each print on your bedroom wall speak for itself.

Prints like this have a certain elegance, so your space will put together and inspire perfectly every day.

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