Wednesday , 6 December 2023
Mirror Wall

Mirror Wall

Furnishings have always been associated with commercial and public buildings or luxury homes. In the last 10 years, the interior is also considered for private apartments and houses. One of the decorative ideas that has rapidly increased is to integrate a mirror wall. One usually finds a mirror wall usually in lounges, where they are a necessity, but adding them to a house gives a unique, smart and neat look. The common idea of ​​laying the mirror on the wall size is to ensure the reflection of the entire space, which gives the feeling of a large house.

Let's quickly look at how to incorporate them into a house.

Bathroom – One of the best places to add a mirror wall to a house is the bathroom. Here it is also necessary given that they can also be used as a place to dress. In terms of maintenance, this is an extra incentive, as the mirror wall has less maintenance compared to others and one can forget about the fungus problem.

Bedroom – The room that is equal to bathroom in the form of the best place to add a mirror wall. Most of the arguments for the bathroom apply here as well, with the addition of the smart and stylish view that the mirror wall gives to the bedroom.

Living Room – This is one of the most difficult rooms to add a mirror wall. The best way to use them is to add them as a separation to collect the living and the dining rooms are together. On the other hand, use them to separate or "hide" the open kitchen of the house. The reflection of the entire room space on the mirror wall gives a spacious appearance to the living room.