Living Room Interior Design Trends

Living Room Interior Design Trends

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2019

Whether you’re a beginner or a well-known design lover, exploring the best living room interior design trends for 2019 can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t been lucky enough to catch the latest design directions at the latest trade shows like ours explore team of interior designers. If you are looking for décor elements for your living room that take inspiration from the design trends of 2019, below we show you our curated shots so you can redesign your home with confidence.

Explore our highlights from the top living room decor trends to keep you updated and add brilliant new approaches to interior design that are sure to make your home unique to you. From the best sustainable design practices to sophisticated color schemes, here’s everything you need to know about key living room interior design trends to update any room in your home.


sustainable living room interior design trends 2019

With all eyes on the reality of climate change, sustainability may not be a fleeting design trend, but it is definitely the right guideline to consider for now and beyond. To get on board, think about where your furniture comes from, how it was made and what it is made of and what impact it has on the world around us.

The trends in interior design of living spaces are increasingly focusing on sustainability and thoughtful design practices and approaches – be it making furniture from recycled materials, recycling beloved items or sourcing more environmentally friendly materials more responsibly. To get on board the green movement, consider how you can incorporate misappropriated, organic, ethically sound and sustainably produced furniture into your  living room design to reduce your environmental impact.

Natural materials

natural materials living room interior design trends 2019

The ideas for interior design of living spaces that have been very trending in recent years continue to use natural materials and environmentally friendly materials to blame the quickly furnished trends of the early 2000s. After all, who says that a chest of drawers or a sofa should only last a few years before it has to be thrown away without it being recyclable?

This natural and organic approach ties in with the curves and earth tones we see in modern living room decor. From wood and natural stone to natural fabrics, there are natural materials everywhere that represent a welcome return to the possibilities of future heirlooms. Think of table frames made of raw wood with  natural stone slabs, carpets and furniture made of natural fibers. They are sure to add a natural feeling of beauty and patina to your living room and are also great for small living room ideas as they can turn green even in the smallest doses while still making all the difference.Note, however, that it pays to have a small percentage of synthetic fibers every time you make it, as these will last longer and are easier to clean.

Curved silhouettes

curved living room interior design trends 2019

After years of straight lines, the curves are trending across the house for 2019 and beyond. Gone are the rigid boxy lines of silhouettes that we’ve seen a lot in the past decade, and a few more.

Smooth curvature, wavy lines and soft edges are back in tune with the earth tones, natural materials and retro styles that are becoming increasingly popular. To get the look without having to work with full force, consider adding some curved side chairs with a unique silhouette, a rounded mirror here and there, or an organic light fixture with a more amorphous shape. 

High-gloss metallics

Metallic Living Room Interior Design Trends 2019

Since this is often a space that brings out the best in everyday glamor, it only makes sense to see high-gloss metallics and finishes that are heavily featured in the best living room interior design trends 2019. Rose gold has slipped off the radar for the time being and has been replaced by bronze, gold and chrome metallics. Metallics have the incredible ability to instantly add a touch of luxury to any room through wallpaper, furniture, home furnishings, mirrors and accessories.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate metallics into your living room decor is through furniture with metallic legs and decorative items that don’t give off a stubborn feel. Chairs, sofas, coffee tables and side tables instantly give any room a much more glamorous feel when they are equipped with reflective metal legs. Give your living room a little more extravagance. Plus, in general, the whole space becomes all the more luxurious and well-considered. 

Cue the earthy tones

neutral living room interior design trends 2019

With a nod to Scandinavian and hygge decor approaches, our interior designers noted a serious return to subtle earth tones to help you minimize the best home interior design trends. Think of muted fall colors with plenty of depth. Browns, oranges, reds and softer neutrals make intelligent additions to any design scheme.

They also noticed natural, but quietly capricious shades of blue and green, accompanied by terracotta and tones to create additional effect if desired. Warm, calming, and cozy by nature, these classic earth tones make a welcome alternative to the cooler color schemes we’ve seen ubiquitous in recent years.

70s inspired

70s inspired living room interior design trends 2019

Since fashion and interior design trends often go hand in hand stylistically, it only makes sense for us to see a return to the spirit of the 70s as a sense of relaxed glamor finds its way into living room interior design trends. The classic yellows, oranges and browns that we know and love from the 70s are back with a more contemporary twist and we see that they make retro-inspired furniture, colors and upholstered furniture look fresh again.

This style goes perfectly with the earthy hues that are becoming increasingly popular, as well as the natural materials that are increasingly trending. In addition, they are great for combining with the ever popular mid-century modern furniture, as well as for rustic decorations.

Velvet fabrications

Velvet living room interior design trends 2019

Velvet, velvet, velvet; we can’t get enough of it. Velvet is a trend we’ll be carrying with us from 2018 and we couldn’t be happier about it. There’s something so decadent about velvet and we don’t think there is any more luxurious upholstery fabric out there right now.

We love the classic jewel tones we’re used to velvet, but we’re so on board with the softer tones that we see more of in living room decor. From airy blues to soft pinks and greens, velvet is the go-to choice for 2019.

Retro flower blossoms

modern floral living room interior design trends 2019

Unexpected views of flowers were all the rage in living room design at the latest shows, and the more retro-inspired they were, the more visual interest they instantly added to a room. Think abstract floral prints with lots of flowers in surprising scales and fascinating patterns. The color scheme for these updated floral prints consisted mostly of muted pastels, with some metallic influences and embellishments adding a touch of everyday glamor. 

Whether wallpaper, upholstery or upholstered furniture – interesting flower blossoms are the perfect idyllic addition to any living room design. 

Geometric games

striped geometry living room interior design trends 2019

Geometric patterns and silhouettes are featured throughout 2019 living room design ideas. From hexagonal coffee tables and geometric wallpaper to geometric carpets, the geometry at the design shows created a sense of cool fascination and timeless aesthetics. The smart thing about geometric living room decor is that it can be as low-key or as decadent as you like.

You can combine geometric games in a small way with soft colors or white hexagonal bathroom tiles, or go bold and bright with a noisy carpet or wallpaper. We also love the gold accents we see through eye-catching geometric wallpaper and even bedding, so you can effortlessly blend multiple interior design trends together.  

Rattan extras

modern boho living room interior design trends 2019

The 2019 living room interior design trends welcomed the return of the natural rattan for a pronounced play with textures. Rattan brilliantly integrates many other living room decor trends that we see, from geometry to natural materials to sustainability.

The warm tones of rattan furniture go particularly well with the earthy color schemes we saw as well as the retro styles. Plus, they’re also great when contrasted with the warmer Nordic designs we see a lot of, as well as darker surfaces and embellishments.

Art deco cues

Art Deco Living Room Interior Design Trends 2019

Art Deco encompasses the trends of geometric designs and metallics in a timeless and extremely elegant way that no other design style could ever do. A list of living room design trends for 2019 would not be complete without a word on the aesthetic benefits of Art Deco-inspired design.

Chrome, gold, and glass, combined with deep jewel tones and geometric patterns, epitomize everything we know about the best of Art Deco design. As one of the most opulent, glamorous and impressive interior styles you can imagine, there is joy every day, even with the slightest hint of Art Deco design. Think of carved and inlaid woods, plush seats, glamorous silhouettes and high-gloss extras.

Hygge leanings

hygge Living Room Interior Design Trends 2019

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) helps make the winter cold all the warmer as it evokes a feeling of cozy comfort and wellbeing by enjoying the basic aspects of everyday life.

Think of warm minimalism with a nod to everyday, organic beauty paired with mid-century modern silhouettes and practically few patterns or colors. Instead, visual interest comes from playing with hues and different textures.

Terrazzo Everything

Terrazzo Living Room Interior Design Trends 2019

Terrazzo has topped all of our interior designers wish-lists for the past few seasons and for good reason. As we’ve also noted the flamboyant, bold climaxes of the beloved Memphis era return to fruition, this only makes sense for the playful qualities of terrazzo prints and materials that are vital to the design of the living room.

While it’s best to shy away from it, a room covered in terrazzo wallpaper, with small doses over throws, pillows, and even carpets, will help you stay on trend without investing too much interest in something so characterful .

Soothing ice cream colors

Pastel living room interior design trends 2019

This trend is more than comforting, and we love the idea that muted candy and pastel tones are trending in living room interior design trends for 2019 as an alternative to standard dove gray. Muted colors are more somber than your bolder options and add a warm, homely feel to your living room design.

Oranges, pinks, neutral, greens and even blues look just as incredible on living room walls, especially when paired with an overall design style to ensure consistency and keep the eye moving.

Subtle shades of blush

Blush tones Living Room Interior Design Trends 2019

Basic neutrals are just that – basic. But muted make-up tones and blush tones look much more refreshing. Don’t be shy with this color palette. Makeup colors are perfect for adding playful elements while having fun with sound games by using multiple colors of the same color side by side. A space like this will have a serious impact and is the epitome of a thoroughly contemporary take on the interior design of living spaces.

Despite all the colors, our tip for interior design is to keep it simple – because only one color makes designing a living room too easy, right? Pick 3 or 4 colors from a blushing color chart and repeat them throughout your room. The result is a wonderfully warm and inviting living room.

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