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Cape Cod Home Ideas

Cape Cod Home Ideas

Cape Cod Home Ideas

A Cape Cod house style and its coastal features make it probably one of the most interesting and unique architectural designs born in America. A long history of modern design updates, Cape Cod designed homes were abandoned by British colonists as they traveled to the “New World” in search of freedom and new opportunities. This practical living style was in vogue for several centuries and eventually became the preferred living style for many Americans.

The style remains on trend in 2019 as architectural research has shown that the Cape Cod living style is still the preferred choice for architectural design for many homeowners in North America. But what makes the style so feasible and what are some of Cape Cod’s timeless home decor?

A traditional Cape Cod home is usually characterized by a dimensional and rectangular footprint that is demonstrated on a gable roof. Developed for efficient construction and easy heating, this historic living style is still the first choice of many design enthusiasts in the country thanks to its lingering appeal.

The interior designers at Décor Aid have revealed the history of Cape Cod’s living style as it looks in a modern design setting, and we’re going to share some C.Monkey cod home ideas as well as tips on how to transform your home into an unforgettable Cape Cod home.

The story of the Cape Cod house

modern Cape Cod home ideas

In fact, it was the Puritan carpenters who originally brought the Cape Cod style to America. Back then, the climate was much harsher and more challenging, and Americans struggled with it in both summer and winter. Hence, they had to choose a design style that was durable and protective of the tough elements outdoors.

Early Cape Cod homes were built of wood soaked in pine or oak and clapboard or clapboard for a structural shell to withstand all types of weather conditions. Cape Cod homes were also characterized by low ceilings and fireplace doors that provided the warmth residents needed in bad weather. The name “Cape Cod” was coined during the historic 1800 visit of Rev. Timothy Dwight IV, President of Yale University, to the city of Cape Cod.

Over time, the Cape Cod living style became a popular choice with many Americans, and it gradually transformed from simply planned structures to larger apartment buildings. These additions added space to a contemporary Cape Cod home without detracting from the adorable charm of the design style. Even in the past few decades, there have been various variations of Cape Cod’s home decor style, and of course that continues to this day.

Cape Cod house ideas

timeless Cape Cod home ideas

No doubt you love every aspect of the design of a typical Cape Cod home and you want to bring this C to itMonkey Cod House Design Ideas in your own home. The good news is that you can convert your home into an ideal Cape Cod home without breaking the bank, and it doesn’t have to be from scratch.

With the right methods, hacks, and tips, you can start your own Cape Cod transformation. Whether you need inspiration for a refreshing version of C.Ape Cod House interior design ideas If you want the exterior of your home to evoke that charming Cape Cod home feel, the tips below are sure to inspire and help you.

Cape Cod House Exterior Ideas

Cape Cod Home Ideas Exterior

Since the typical Cape Cod homes are typically small, you may need to practically think about the external appearance of your home when upgrading, as appearance often works with limited living space. Use natural shingles for your roof as these can transform the look of your home into one with a tried and true Cape Cod feel. Keep in mind that in the past, Cape Cod homes worked more symmetrically and were shaped by dormer windows, which are also a modern design feature today.

Depending on the size of your home or structure, you may need to add up to four dormer windows for an authentic look. Install roller shutters on your Cape Cod home whether you really need them or will be using them. Shutters were a key feature of many Cape Cod homes in the past and continue to look timeless to this day. And they can be closed and opened outside depending on the weather.

For the exterior, you can paint your shutters with timeless colors as these don’t limit your design but improve the appearance. A Cape Cod exterior is not complete without a white picket fence. Regardless of where you live, a white picket fence should be a must have for your Cape Cod home as it represents a definitive signature of the architectural design style. And add a stylish touch to your landscape that will inspire your guests as they enjoy the view from your lawn.

Add as much wildflowers as possible to the yard of your Cape Cod to add an idyllic feel to its exterior. At the beginning of the last century, Cape Cod was characterized by beautiful gardens with little space left for a large lawn. Instead, they were a haven for butterflies and other beautiful creatures. If you want to enrich your C.Monkey Cod House Exterior Ideas If you want to transform your home into a low-key and classy one, you can also consider outdoor roses and ivy.

Cape Cod house interior design ideas

Cape Cod Home Ideas Living Room

If you thought this wood was reserved only for the exterior of a typical Cape Cod home and nowhere else, then you were wrong. In fact, you may need to think about the best materials to use when creating a Cape Cod home, as there is often a classic hardwood floor right inside a Cape Cod home. Hardwood floors in a Cape Cod home have been on trend since the timeless design style began, so consider them for your own setting.

When it comes to house colors in Cape Cod, it’s common to find calming pastel colors in many Cape Cod homes, regardless of the era in which they were built. When the Cape Cod design style first became fashionable, many of the rooms of the period were small and their ceilings were low – which made them difficult to deal with.

When it comes to furniture from Cape Cod, in addition to pretty pastel tones, sage green and a particularly subtle buttery yellow characterize the furniture of a classic house in Cape Cod. So remember to introduce these colors into your C.Ape Cod home renovation ideas.

And when it comes to small spaces and the beauty of pastel colors, also choose shades that capture as much natural light as possible and diffuse natural light around the house for a brighter look that also makes any room appear bigger and brighter . When your home starts to evoke that Look of a typical beach house, you can change the look of your home by bringing in the perfect one charming Cape Cod beach house decoration ideas.

Even if your Cape Cod exterior has a plain, subtle look, nothing should stop you from creating a sophisticated look on the inside. With little effort and the right Cape Cod living ideas like these, you can create a defining effect in your Cape Cod interior. Consider built-in shelving to be a must in your living room when renovating your home to create a Cape Cod look and feel. Built-in bookcases are great for making use of dead wall space, and provide more space for decorations to display valuable collectibles.

To keep the look subtle and keep the eye moving, your shelves should be the same color as your wall color to reflect the perfect sense of timeless elegance and consistency.

Cape Cod bedroom home ideas

If you love the look of beadboard or shiplap, which are whitewashed wood panels, then consider how best to incorporate them into your kitchen. White wood paneling impresses C.Monkey Cod Home Kitchen Ideas So you can give your home an idyllic feeling of calm. A beautifully tinted modern kitchen cabinet in combination with a beadboard can instantly change the overall look of your kitchen.

And while they’re more of a modern twist on house layouts, open plan living spaces can give your Cape Cad home the updated facelift it needs. Your living room can either be airy or enclosed, but it should have an open design to channel the Cape Cod family design environment that was trending centuries ago.

Bring your Cape Cod living ideas up to date with layered lighting throughout your home. Replace harsh and standard clinical lighting in your home with something new and exciting with a statement like an oversized pendant light.

Many Cape Cod homes have one or two dormer windows (a window that protrudes vertically from a sloping roof) that alter the height of the structure. Take advantage of this space to create a luxurious bedroom with the coziest corner. Add a chair or two and a table to keep it cozy and comfortable. So it’s a place where you can relax and read all day.

Cape Cod style homes are not new in terms of architectural features, they have been around for centuries and they have now been updated and redefined to reflect a more sophisticated feel that will never go out of style. These Cape Cod home decor ideas will surely help you recreate the classic design style with both your home decor and the overall look of your home.

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