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Maximalism Interior Design

Maximalism Interior Design

If you want that feeling of maximalism in your home, it can be harder than you think. Sure, every piece you’ve piled up is beautiful, but how do you show it all together to reach its full potential? In order to accompany you on your way to creating an unapologetically maximalist interior and at the same time to understand the idea of ​​contrasts – between emptiness and abundance – we turned to the interior designers at Décor Aid for advice on how to properly design maximalism .

The best thing about a maximum look? The end result will be downright spectacular while forever chic, and not influenced by trends or fashions to create a timeless feel.


Foyer maximalism

When it comes to maximum entrance, be bold and embrace the wilder spirit of interior design while foregoing the concept of something warmer and more spiritual. Be resourceful with the key elements you bring in and create a visually playful and alluring mix of found objects, each with their own story to tell.

living room

maximalist living room ideas

When it comes to one of your most-used and most-viewed rooms in your home, take advantage of the freedom of maximalism by bringing in a variety of juxtapositions that ensure the room is judged well and out of this world.

Create a rich look by literally filling it to the brim with lots of meaningful furniture, each with a completely unique design, while together they create a gorgeous open-ended composition that you can continue to add to in the future. For once, maximalism is a bonafide design style that does not require very close editing.

dining room

Dining room maximalism

Add the formal feel of a dining room by bringing in stately decorative objects that will help you play with the scale to create a wonderful mix of textures and the unexpected.

Maximize your dining room with an oversized pendant light and a transitional mix of furniture that make it unique.


maximalist cuisine

While maximalism doesn’t seem to go well with practicality at first, when it comes to kitchens there is still a reasonable way to bring in the spirit of the design style. From impressive china to dramatic lighting features, little notes can play a role here and there in the World of Differences.

Create a rich, layered, and intriguing effect by simply piling it up while keeping an eye on balance.


Bedroom maximalism interior design

It goes without saying that a bedroom should feel like a private sanctuary. However, how can you add energy to the room without making it visually noisy? For a sense of grandeur, tell a story told through objects and art, and look for a key element that almost pushes the feeling over the edge.

This could be something as simple as flashing light, or something as important as a sprawling rug with a really extraordinary pattern, like the animal print pictured above.


maximum home office

Although a home office requires a gloomy feel so as not to distract you, a study only needs a space that defines art and decorative objects to bring it to life.

For maximum spirit, add impressive works of art, decorative add-ons full of personality, and sculptural elements to make them all the more unique to you.


Bathroom maximalism

When it comes to the intoxicating feeling of maximalism, even the smallest of rooms can be brought to life with the rich and expressive feel of the design concept. And all that is required for your bathroom is a rethink of wall treatments.

From a wild wallpaper to a high-gloss, unique bathroom color, be exploratory and go for courage. Just make sure it’s a color you’re happy to be committed to in the long run.

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